New Census Data for Colorado Congressional Districts.

The Census has released new data on congressional districts, including those in Colorado. The peeps at (warning: Google Doc)  Daily Kos put together a useful spreadsheet of the racial/ethnic makeup of our congressional districts.

Of particular interest to  me was Mike Coffman's Co-6 district, which as many of you might expect is one of the most diverse in Colorado. In fact, Co-6 has the second smallest white population of any district with only 62 percent of the population being white. Only the Denver-based Co-1 is less white. Co-6 has the largest African-American (9 percent) and Asian populations (6 percent) and a significant 20 percent Hispanic population.

Colorado progressives have of course been looking long and hard at Mike Coffman's much more swingy district and this new data gives us even more opportunity to target the diverse voters of his district. Coffman after all has been against immigration reform and immigrants generally, going as far as saying that we should get rid of birthright citizenship to stop those horrible "anchor" babies from becoming citizens.

Well, my bet is the CO-6 has quite a few of "birthright" citizens that would love to get the opportunity to vote against odious, extreme-right Mike Coffman. And now that we have this new data, we can better target them and make sure CO-6 is represented by someone who will fight for and not against them.

Anyway, take a look at the new data for Colorado. It's definitely some interesting stuff to look at for these upcoming elections.

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  1. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Political dork that I am, I immediately checked out the Kos spreadsheet.  FYI, it's not private, at least not automatically private.

    I was kind of shocked that my real name appeared at the top of the spreadsheet, as one of the "shared" users. If one is logged into google gmail, it pops up. There may be a privacy switch to turn this off. I think that this is true for most Google docs.

  2. vertigo700 says:

    Yeah..if you log out of your Google account, you show up as "Anonymous User XX."

  3. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    You know what's weird about the populations on that spreadsheet? No Latino/Hispanic statistics.

    White, Black, Asian, Hawaiian, Indian, other, 2 or more  (multiracial). Are Latinos included in "White"? In the article, you say that there is a 20% Hispanic population in Coffman's district, which sounds about right. But the data isn't in the spreadsheet for some reason.

    OK, I looked again, because the numbers in the first 22 columns didn't add to 100%. Now I see the "Hispanic" columns in the next set of columns – W to AL. Any particular reason it was set up that way? Seems confusing.

    • vertigo700 says:

      It's the way the census does it. According to the Census, Hispanics are an "ethnicity," not a race and therefore they can be from any race. So the "White" percentage is "white" minus anyone who claimed Hispanic ethnicity. This is always why I put down "mixed-race" and "Hispanic" when I do my census. I do not consider myself white nor do I easily fit in any other racial category. So mixed-race it is.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        In reality Hispanics aren't even an ethnicity. It's a group defined by a shared language. It's as if English speakers were declared a race or ethnicity. And we had to check whether we were "white" or "other" Anglos. But I do see that in practice many Spanish speaking groups of people do have shared interests.

  4. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    Dems and outside the box supporters need to make the anti-birthright material a big part of the anti-ads. People won't even know about it otherwise. Dems have a very bad habit of  assuming people pay attention and know this stuff. They don't. The GOP knows that and is happy to supply any created reality that suits their needs. CD6 isn't going to flip just because Coffman is a moron. He needs to be pummeled incessantly.

    • vertigo700 says:

      I agree completely. I would love to see CO-6 small businesspeople, veterans of our armed services and bright college students (maybe an Anchutz medical student if full white coat?) in an ad asking why Mike Coffman wants to make it so people like us can't be citizens?

      I think immigration and citizenship issues can definitely be a political winner if done in the right way.

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