Join me Friday in remembrance of Aurora victims: No More Names

POLS UPDATE: A Republican commenter reports that Rocky Mountain Gun Owners will protest at Friday's event memorializing Aurora shooting victims. We find comparisons being made to Westboro Baptist Church's infamous protests at soldier funerals to be, well, deplorably accurate. Original post follows.


(Promoted by Colorado Pols)

This Friday, concerned citizens from across America will join with the people of Aurora to remember the tragic mass shooting that shook our community one year ago. Victims of gun violence from Colorado and elsewhere, religious leaders, and activists will come together here in Aurora to remember the victims–and to take immediate steps to reduce gun violence nationwide.

Please join me at this important event: RSVP today.

Where: Smoky Hill Shelter
Cherry Creek State Park (East Entrance)
4201 S. Parker Road
Aurora, Colorado 80014

When: Friday, July 19th, please plan to arrive by 11:00AM.

Like so many families here in Aurora and across the nation, my family has been directly impacted by gun violence. My son, Javad Marshall-Fields, was murdered with a gun in 2005. I am proud of the common-sense legislation our state passed this year to reduce gun violence, and it's time that Colorado common sense prevail in the national debate over gun safety. At Friday's event, the names of gun violence victims will be read aloud from noon until after midnight: up until 12:38AM, exactly one year after the Aurora shooting.

Please join me at Friday's event to honor the victims of the tragic shootings last year in Aurora and Newtown, Connecticut–and every other victim of gun violence in America. Help us send a message to the country that it's time to take action to reduce gun violence nationwide as we've done in Colorado. It's time to stop adding names to the list of gun violence victims.

Please join us Friday.

Thank you,

Rep. Rhonda Fields
Colorado House of Representatives

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  1. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    I'll be there too, Rep. Fields!


    This Friday, July 19th, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, will be doing a rally in Aurora as a part of their nationwide “No More Names” gun control tour.

    Join us for a peaceful “counter-rally” with other gun rights supporters across the state to tell gun-grabber Bloomberg to keep his hands off of our Constitutional rights.

    Here are the details:

    Gun Rights Counter-Rally
    Friday, July 19th 12:00 p.m.
    Smoky Hill Shelter
    Cherry Creek State Park (East Entrance)
    4201 S. Parker Road
    Aurora, Colorado 80014

    For your information, there is a $9 fee per vehicle to get into the park, so please plan accordingly. There is free parking in a commercial area directly east of the park along Parker Road, but plan on wearing comfortable shoes if you plan on walking to Smoky Hill Shelter from there.

    Smoky Hill Shelter is located on the east side of the lake and south of the swim beach.

    Look for the RMGO Pinzgauer, and make sure to get one of our “I Will Not Comply” t-shirts too!

    The “No More Names” event will feature readers that read aloud a list of the names of individuals who were killed by firearms.

    If you have been following some of the news around this tour, then you know this is the same group that listed Tamerlan Tsarnev (the Boston Bomber) and Christopher Dorner (cop killer) as “victims” of gun violence.

    With that, join us on Friday to show Bloomberg that the majority of Coloradans support the Second Amendment, not his radical East Coast anti-gun agenda.

    For Freedom,


    Dudley Brown
    Executive Director

    • JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

      That's great, you despicable fuck! Do you want to explain how this is any different than Westboro Baptist Church?

      Fuck you. Fuck RMGO. You make me sick.

    • DavieDavie says:

      ArapaGOP — Don't forget your "James Holmes was only exercising his 2nd Amendment Rights" T-shirt

    • ClubTwitty says:

      Ohh, that dastardly Mayor Bloomberg!  Yeah, that'll turn out the suburban swing voter! 



    • Diogenesdemar says:

      Uhhhhhhhh … really???

      Hey ArapaGOP, when you get home from what you do this evening, please take several minutes to look everyone squarely in the eye that's seated around your dinner table, young and old, and explain to them, in fine detail, just exactly what you did here today for their "freedom"…  I'm sure they'll all be very proud of you…

    • OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:

      Nothing says remember the victims of a mass shooting like trumpeting your guns in front of the victims! 


    • kickshot says:

      RMGO is bringing a cow to the rally for all of you to ride?


      What fun!!!!

    • Arvadonian1Arvadonian1 says:

      Hey, ArapGOP, I was wondering why all of the gun rights groups have been so silent on the Zimmerman case.  Generally when an unarmed individual is shot and killed by someone you can count on the NRA and other groups to say that if the shooting victim had been armed they could have defended themselves…..  Why the silence?  Why haven't we heard that Trayvon should have been armed?  Should only white people have guns?

      • Curmudgeon says:

        I'm curious as to what they're actually protesting?

        The reading of the names? Should it have been a silent ceremony?

        Are they claiming Rep. Fields is lying about her son's death?

        Do they claim those people weren't killed with guns?

        Do they contend there shouldn't be a ceremony, or that these people should have died?


      • roccoprahn says:

        I fully agree with you. 100%.

        I also understand what I'm seeing play out on the national stage and locally.

        What the agop ilk  doesn't doesn't understand, what is filed under "unintended consequences", is the visceral reaction of the majority of Americans to the combination of the ghastly zimmerman verdict, the cavalier attitude of the gun rights demographic, the scorn they show to the victims of Newtown, Aurora, and Tuscon, et al, and how all those dynamics connect back to conservatives, teabaggers, and the repulican party in general.

        When an older white "get off my lawn" zany like agop posts the naive bluster he does, he betrays his sense of priveledge. His "view from the top". His scorn of those of color, as well as those with less than an extreme "I got mine, you go to hell" conservative mindset. shows that agop doesn't know he's the problem. His Misunderstanding of the 2nd Amendment, fueled by the alternative narrative put out by the NRA and RMGO,  his "first in line" mentality, his fear of all things different combine for a deadly frame of mind shared by people like zimmerman.

        He doesn't know  it, but he's the face of the repulican party to the American public. zimmerman, holmes, fox news, ted nugent, the tea party, Aurora, Newtown, the NRA, tancredo, brophy, and the republican party.

        All lumped together. They brought it on themselves.

      • BruceKrafft says:

        Well we haven't been silent (I myself have written a half-dozen posts on the Zimmerman DGU, many are available at but we rarely encourage juvenile thugs with a history of violence and drug abuse to arm themselves. As for only white people carrying, if that were the case then Zimmerman (described as mixed race; his father is white, his mother is Afro-Peruvian) would have been unarmed and defenseless against Martins vicious attach.

        • roccoprahn says:

          Question for ya, davey crockett.

          When do you think the slide went back on your idol zimmerman's Keltek 9?

          In the car, on that rainy night, waiting for someone or something?

          Or was it when he got out of the car, as he stalked the 17 year old?

          There's no external safety on that weapon. It's a double trigger pull activate. Was it possible to reach behind him, (if his story's true that the child had him down, kicking his ass after zimmerman cornered him) pull the pistol from his waist band holster, get his hands together to pull the slide back then fire it into the kid's chest?

          When you get back to me with this one, then, and only then, you'll be required to authenticate the "history of violence" accusation, as well as tell me when, according to your expertise, the kid had last smoked pot.

          But first things first, dick cheney. I need that info on when your crusader of goon rights pulled back that slide.

          Get crackin', you're on the clock.

          Tick tock.

          • BruceKrafft says:


            Sorry, I didn't realize I was davey crockett. I will try to answer your questions, although they are not tremendously coherent.

            First the weapon is actually a PF-9 manufactured by Kel-Tec (I have their earlier version, the P9). I imagine the slide went back after George fired it, since the shell casing was found nearby (altghough initial reports suggested that it had failed to eject, indicating that Trayvon might have been gripping the slide).

            You are correct, there is no external safety, it has a hammer block safety (to prevent an AD if it is dropped) which means you can safely carry it with a round in the chamber.

            Stalking: unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. George was not stalking the Trayvon, he was trying to figure out where he had gone so he could give the information to the cops when they arrived.

            George did not "corner" Trayvon, he was on his way back to his car when Trayvon confronted him, used a racial slur, and punched him in the nose (according to Trayvon's texts and social media posts he liked to punch people in the nose because he enjoyed making them bleed) knocking him down. And it was not just George's "story" that the "child" had him down on the ground; his injuries, other forensic evidence and witness testimony all corroborate that "story".

            Um, so, racking the slide; as I said George was almost certainly carrying with a round chambered so all he needed to do (as his head was being pounded against the concrete) was pull his weapon and pull the trigger.

            Well, you could just Bing <I>Trayvon Martin history of violence</i> but I'll save you some trouble; you can go to where the <I>Sentinel</i> talks about the texts and pix from his phone.

            As for the last time he smoked pot I really have no expertise in that subject (it's been a couple of decades since I last partook of the Goddess's good green herb) so I have to rely on people like medical examiners (

            As I said, he probably cycled the slide when he loaded the weapon, although if he is the cautious sort he will have done a partial rack before holstering it to make sure a round was chambered.

            • roccoprahn says:

              You're kidding me, right?

              No criminal record, no idea when he last smoked, the stuff  (minute traces) can be in a system a month, (per your references) but he's a "thug".

              Zimmerman defied instructions, followed this 17 year old kid with a loaded, cocked weapon, and picked a fight. There is zero evidence showing he was"going back to his car". west and o'meara got away with that one.

              Zimmerman wisely did not take the stand and Trayvon Martin couldn't. but you say zimmerman's right to defend himself supercedes the kid's.

              Had he not stalked him, he wouldn't have had the opportunity to shoot him. He hunted him. The power he must have felt knowing he was strapped must have been intoxicating to him. For once, justice would be meted out. He would humiliate the kid, show him who's boss. But when the kid didn't kiss his ass, but rather kicked it, the whole thing went south.

              Imagine the fear the shooter felt…….the hunter being beaten, and it's his own fault.

              He shot an unarmed boy walking home.

              He couldn't have been more wrong in his every move that night.. But…..the bully did get away with it, I'll give you that.

              You gun nuts just can't see that. Never will. So, it is what it is.

              Oh, libertarians can indeed be racist. I read you and your blog. The "militia" stuff's "interesting".

              • BruceKrafft says:


                Given your apparent reluctance to actually read the supporting evidence I provided links to (in which Trayvon refers to himself as a thug and "gangsta"), your ad hominem attacks (like your statement that I am an anarchist and a white supremacist) and your dismissal of other facts you find inconvenient (like Trayvon's drug use) I have to conclude that A) you aren't interested in rational debate and 2) I shouldn't waste my time here.

                Enjoy your close-minded echo chanber.


                Bruce Krafft

                • roccoprahn says:

                  No, that's not it.

                  Where and when the wheels come off the goon grift clown car is the moment zimmerman got out of HIS car.

                  In that instant, he became a hunter. Loaded weapon. Ready to roll.

                  You know that. No amount if impuning the child's character and blaming the victim changes the fact a teen age kid walking home from the 7/11 got shot in cold blood by a guy with serious issues.

                  You're giving up this easily because you know it.

                  This is TOOOOOOOOOOO easy.

                  See ya.


        • roccoprahn says:

          Holy shit!!!!!!!!!! I just read the blog you pimped. First, how far back do I have to go to read you? Is bruce krafft the alias you post under?

          But more importantly, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're a fucking survivalist/anarchist/white supremacist, and you BRAG aout it?

          Any way, get me that assignment, nugent!

          • BruceKrafft says:


            No, Bruce Krafft is my name, and you do have to go back a few months (probably December or November) as I have had some serious health problems which have kept me from doing much blogging.

            In answer to your second paragraph; yes, no, no, and no. I am something of a survivalist (that is I believe in being prepared for natural and other-than-natural disasters; canned food, spare water, generator, Bug-Out plan) I am not an anarchist but I am a libertarian (people often confuse the two). I believe that governments legitimate sphere is enforcing contracts and protecting property rights; essentially preventing force and fraud. As a libertarian it is impossible for me to be a racists since I look at individuals not classifications. (I am a little curious as to what makes you think I'm a white supremacist, though, care to share?) And since I am niether an anarchists nor w WS I can hardly brag about it.

            Finally, the name is Bruce; not davey, dick or nugent.

            • roccoprahn says:

              I'll leave it to anyone that reads "the truth about guns', in general, and you, in particular, to come to their own conclusion.

              It's a pretty easy connecting the dots excercise. Lots of "code words", implications, you know pretty standard southern strategy demonization. Klukkers are admittedly more "subtle" than in the '50's.

              But oh yeah, you are.

              I will say this……….the doctored photos of zimmerman's "head wounds" that were admitted to be exaggerated in court are still in the goony blog. Really blood boiling, provocative, intended to incite anger, effective.

              Just not true.

              Funny how that works.

            • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

              oh…a Milton Friedman acolyte. That explains a lot.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    It's not different from Westboro. Guppy is apparently one of the multitude of gentle GOP souls who gets off on hate. Go figure.

    • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

      That's ridiculous. This is not an official memorial service. This is a political event put on my Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Progress Now Colorado. If anything, liberal groups are hiding behind Aurora victims to push gun control.

      And RMGO has every right to stand up to them. Show me where RMGO is protesting an official memorial, and I'll condemn them. If not, you're engaging in hypocritical smear tactics.

      • AndyjunctionAndyjunction says:

        Yes, you have every right to be a despicable human being on the same level as the WBC protesters. Are you planning to go armed?


        • ajb says:

          Maybe he'll hand out Brophy family portraits.

        • DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

          "liberal groups are hiding behind Aurora victims to push gun control."

          Yes, innocent people being killed by a crazy person does tend to make some want to change the laws to make it harder for crazy people to get guns and ammo and kill innocents.

          That's what you're protesting.  I'm glad to see that you stand for the freedom of crazy people to have all the guns and ammo they want.

  3. roccoprahn says:

    No you won't.

    More bluster, hot air, bullshit.

    But I'm glad you posted the crap from RMGO.  The outright lie about the Boston bomber is so typical of the over the top rhetoric the firearms lobbyists like brown engage in.

    But JB's right.  Representative Fields is ho;ding a vigil, at which the gun diaperstains hoop and holler about rights that haven't even been taken away.

    It would be priceless to tape the gooberfest. Q&A, "Name the 5 Bills passed by the Legislature". How many goonies could name 1? 2?, odds of 3 or more, say a million to 1? Ho many goonies think "confiscation" is in the legislation? 9 out of 10? No more ammo 'cause the guvbmint took it all? 7-8?  The guy eing recalled's name is Morrisey? 10-10?

    But, no, agop, you won't be there. Too much effort required.

    • Curmudgeon says:

      Yeah, on second thought, I think you're right, rocco. I think he's trolling, and I have to confess that I fell for it. There's no way he'd have the guts to face an opposition group, even if they were unarmed mourners.



  4. mamajama55mamajama55 says:

    Where are the  Angels when you need them?

  5. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Attention smear merchants, the Bloomberg political stunt Friday is NOT a "memorial service." It is a political event hosted by liberal Democrats including Progress Now Colorado. RMGO has every right to protest a Bloomberg political rally, and Democrats should be ashamed for trying to make a political rally look like a memorial service.

  6. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    Hope no one minds if we skip both rallies. The 20th is our 27th wedding anniversary so we'll be away for the weekend. Hell of a present we got last year, though. sad And to put the cherry on it, our nephew went to high scool with one of the boys who was killed. He was actually invited to go with that group to the movie, but fortunately, had to work the next day.

  7. Not Dame Edna says:

    Why does the right go on and on about Bloomberg? What about the money and propaganda flowing into this state from the NRA?

    i think the NRA interference from out of state coffers is an egregious intrusion into Colorado.

    I pray for a peaceful and meaningful service remembering the victims of the Aurora shooting. This is about them. Not the agenda of an outside of state influence group. Be it the NRA or Mayor Bloomberg.

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