Man Arrested for Threats Against Rep. Rhonda Fields


UPDATE #2: More on Franklin Sain's alleged messages to Rep. Rhonda Fields from 9NEWS:

The following is one of seven emails police say Sain sent to Fields:

"THANKS N—– C—! You really think passing nay more laws will stop gun violence? You and that other N—– OBAMA are living in fantasy land. Chicago and DC have the most strict gun laws in the nation and more people die from gun violence than anywhere. You f—ing c—s are pathetic excuse for civil servants. Hell, n—–s love shooting themselves with GATS, isn't that what your people call it. What you have done here is creater [sic] criminals out of law abiding citizens, and put yourself out of a job. You politicians have no idea what you are even doing anyway, do you know how long it takes some to change a magazine, less than a second, so what if some with experience decides to flip out and bring their gun in with 5 or so 10 round magazines, they can do the same amount of damage. Limiting magazine sizes is stupididty, and will not work…"

UPDATE: The Denver Post's Sadie Gurman reports some details from the threats sent to Rep. Rhonda Fields:

Sain admitted sending Fields profanity-laced e-mails and leaving her similar voicemails. Denver police also believe he sent an unsigned, threatening letter that said: "I keep my 30 Round Magazines There Will Be Blood! I'm Coming For You!," according to an affidavit supporting his arrest.

The letter also mentioned Fields' daughter and said: "Death to Both."


The gun violence debate at the State Legislature has taken another ugly turn. From Fox 31:FranklinSain

Police have arrested a man accused of making a death threat against state Rep. Rhonda Fields, the sponsor of two controversial gun control legislation measures at the Capitol, FOX31 Denver is first to report.

Franklin Sain, 42, a Colorado Springs resident, was arrested Friday for allegedly sending harassing voice mails and emails to Fields, said Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson…

…Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrisey will ultimately decide whether to file felony charges against Sain, who has already bonded out of jail. The application filed for Sain’s arrest warrant ties him to six e-mails, one voicemail and one paper letter sent to Fields. The communications are riddled with foul language, spelling errors and racial epithets.

“I guarantee there is not enough law enforcement or military to stop an all-out overthrow of this government if you or that n—– president tries to take our guns,” one e-mail dated Feb. 13 reads. “Guarantee we will make World War I and II look like child’s play, many will die. Be prepared.”

Another e-mail expresses hope that someone would “Giffords” both Fields and Rep. Beth McCann, a reference to the 2011 mass shooting that nearly killed Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords.

Rep. Fields has been a leading voice on legislative efforts to curb gun violence. Her son was shot to death in 2005 by gang members to prevent him from testifying in another criminal case.

This is a sad story all around, and perplexing when it comes to the motives. Issuing death threats to someone because you don't agree with them on measures to curb gun violence is an odd approach to say the least. In fact, this is the kind of thing that can actually do more to attract legislative support for gun violence measures.

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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    Hope he is sterile

  2. ParkHill says:

    Oh no! Just when Marko Moulitsas cancelled his grab-bag-of-hate-mail feature. I was starting to think it was safe to go back in the water, but now they've snagged a live-one.

  3. AristotleAristotle says:

    Throw the book at him.

  4. Gray in Mountains says:

    Dude must have wanted his pic to be all over FB. I expect it will be tomorrow if not already

  5. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    Stay safe Rep Fields. We need you.

  6. MADCO says:

    Clearly this guy wants to own his gun (s) to itimidate and silence.  Oh and to go to war against people and policies with which he disagrees.  Not exactly what the founders had in mind.

    Just saw the story on 9news- no R's commenting on how unacceptable this is.  And in the city newspaper has the story – the comments, while telling and not that suprising are insane.


  7. Danny the Red (hair)Danny the Red (hair) says:

    I do not even know what to say.  I am frankly shocked by this.  I know the debate over guns is heated, but this is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    If the house members to do not condemn this in the strongest possible terms an already posionous session will become unbearable.

  8. BlueCatBlueCat says:

    Of course it's beyond unacceptable and of course it's bull that anyone is being threatened with having their guns taken and of course Sain ought to be prosecuted if he made threats but beyond that it's bull that the President is just Fields' or African Americans' or the commie libruls' President.  He's every American citizen's president because he won a legitimate democratic election. And it wasn't just an electoral college win, though that would be legit.  It was also a decisive popular vote win. Likewise Fields won her legitimate election. 

    What exactly do people like this think they are defending when they threaten democratically elected representatives?  Talk about tyranny, nobody better represents tyranny than those who threaten violence and blood in the streets  unless the people's legitimately elected government does what the minority who lost the election want it to do. They certainly don't love the constitution or their country.

  9. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    I think the politicization of victimhood is tricky (see dueling Columbine families on gun control), so Rep. Fields positions need to be supported by more than sympathy for the loss of her son.

    But besides the obvious racist underpinnings of this nutbag's foaming rants, there is an extreme lack of human decency at the level of contempt for the mother of a murder victim.

  10. allyncooper says:

    The gun issue is polarizing to say the least. I went to a Townhall meeting last week in Aurora put on by Sen. Carroll, and Reps. Ryden and Melton (all Dems). The TH topic announced in advance was on the Colorado court system, but a number of pro-gun advocates showed up somehow thinking the TH was going to be about guns.

    The pro-gunners did respectfully sit through the TH, but at the conclusion a pro gun woman demanded a TH meeting on guns and got into a shouting match with Sen. Carroll on the subject. Basically the pro gun advocates are frustrated ( perhaps a charitable description) that in their view the Democratically controlled legislature and a Democratic governor are railroading legislation and are going to take away their gun rights if not their guns themselves.

    A very devisive issue which obviously is getting very ugly. Let's hope it doesn't get even worse.

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      They should do a town hall on guns. The votes have been decided by and large but people do feel better if they at least get to speak their point of view to their legislators. And facing unhappy constituents is part of democracy.

      • The realistThe realist says:

        The problem is, there are a few gun-toting folks who are so angry that they would act on their anger and harm an elected official and others. From the attack on Giffords in AZ, we already know how vulnerable elected officials and the general public are from gun-toting idiots who can't restrain their violent desires.  If you have not yet attended a town hall meeting with an elected official in which some in the crowd were on the verge of being out of control, try it some time – it's genuinely frightening for the audience and no doubt more so for the elected officials.


        • Gray in Mountains says:

          some of the freaks may be encouraged by Nugent, et al to martyr themselves for their made up, fantasy Constitution

          • Gray in Mountains says:

            amend the above… Freaks ARE being encouraged to respond to legislation with deadly violence and told that they are the true Americans willing to defend the Constitution.

        • roccoprahn says:

          That's well said. First to admit, I have not. Ed does Government in the Grocreriy events all the time, but Saturdays aren't "good" for me. It's an excuse, and I'll attend his next.

          But I know what you're saying. When some asshole's screaming that gun goon 2nd Amenment bastardization bullshit, foaming up, veins popping, face commie red, arms everywhere, threats, fist pumping, chest thumping, boasting, predicting, who knows what he/she'll do? Is the skin tag packing? Who knows on a cold night, everybody in a jacket?

          Right after Gabby got shot down in Arizona, Ed held one at the Natural Food Store on Wads and 77th. Police presence was very visible. One Officer, right outside the door. Luckily it was warm, so a heavy jacket would have stood out to the Policeman, who was very observant. And intense. I thanked him as I left, and he actually said to me he'd been briefed to expect the unexpected.

          Law enforcement knows about these stool samples.

          There was no bullshit gun goon talk at that one, and you had to sign up and wait your turn to face with Ed. It was smart. I remember it really well, Jay Marvin was there. It was really cool to meet him. He was suffering, it wasn't that long after his operation that nearly killed him.

          But I agree. I need to see this first hand. We all do.

    • Craig says:

      You"re way to charitable.  "Republican" gun nuts are just nuts.  They are stupid and all they read is what that asshole Dudley Brown sends to them.  Just in case you didn't know, Dudley Brown has been bullying for a very long time in this state.  He is doing it again because he knows that these measures are very popular with the public, but he thinks he can bully legislators.  Well, it's about time someone stood up to him and his co-horts.  Please Dudley, make sure that all the "Republican" candidates next time meet your standards for positions and bullying.  The Dems will pick up even more seats in the next election.

  11. Craig says:

    You know what just dawned on me.  "Republican " Gun Nuts are pussies.  They don't think Americans and Coloradoans have any balls or will take any action.  In the second that the shooter takes to re-load, I believe the brave people of this state and country can and will take action, even at the risk of their own lives.  "Republicans" think Americans and Coloradoans are wimps who need a gun to take heroic action.  Well, I say they are wrong.  Here's to Flight 93.  Let's roll.

    • roccoprahn says:

      WOW! Well said Craig, and spot on.

      In this "pussy's" case, most notable was the part where he "admitted to the emails and threats…………and APOLOGIZED"!

      Thinking ahead in his own gun goonerized, cowardly way, he's figuring "remorse" into the equation. As in lighter sentence. As in "time served". Like nugent. Cowers when confronted.

      Any gun goon worth his salt would have "proudly" proclaimed his guilt, signalling the beginning of the "revolution against the ".tyranny that is the "evil guvbmint's" opposition to my right or any other gun nut's right to mass murder 6 year olds in a school setting"

      I saw some Youtube footage of the "day of resistance" gaggle at the Capitol on the 23rd. 75 goons, max at 125, billed as "400", It tells us what we need to know about these cowards. This was billed on some facebook account that one of the local gun shops use, which you can easily reference on google, as an open carry event. That didn't happen, but the intimidation motivation was there.

      These people are sissies, just as you said, Craig. All bullies are sissies, no exceptions. They hope no one will stand up to them.

      This time they're wrong. If they had the strength of their disgusting convictions, they'd be hailing this shitbag as a "hero". They're not, and they have no more courage in the moment than sain.

  12. Gray in Mountains says:

    Hmmm… Frankl Insain likely to be convicted of a felony. He'll lose his right to firearms. He'll likely also lose his govt contracts. See Westword, CEO at SofTec

  13. Gray in Mountains says:

    Regardless of this dude's behavior I am NOT in favor of disallowing the mentally ill from having computers

  14. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Even if everything printed is true, and a court needs to determine that, this one idiot does not excuse Democrat overreach in passing draconian gun control against Colorado. No one should make threats, and that includes threats against 2nd Amendment rights.

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