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"I walk slowly, but I never walk backward."

–Abraham Lincoln

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  1. PitaPita says:

    So I opened to Feb 1st and had to scroll down two diaries to the week-end thread which is Feb. 2nd.  Now in the great cosmic scheme of things it really doesn't matter – just thought I would mention the glitch.

    Have a fun filled Super Bowl week-end and may the best team win!

  2. PitaPita says:

    Way to go – of course the small glitch was corrected as soon as I mentioned. it.yes

  3. TimothyTribbett says:

    Official AR running in 6. He will have my full support. 

    • La Libertad says:

      Where's the link to the presses?

      Also, is he still with his "cousin", not that it's illegal or anything +++ IIRC she's quite a blonde hottie.

      ?Any lawyers out there care to opine in opposition to my understanding that cousins can marry?

      • roccoprahn says:

        So were Regina Peruggi and her husband second cousins that thought they were first cousins when they got married in 1968, or 3rd cousins that thought they were 2nd?

        I know Giuliani needed to get married quick to get out of the draft, but I can't remember if the judge he was clerking fo got him that particular deferrment, (one of many for the future "kill 'em all" pinko) or if it was because he got his cousin pregnant

        You should ask your mom when she gets back from the store.

      • BlueCatBlueCat says:

        Not a lawyer but it depends on the state and the degree of cousinship.  Don't know a thing about Andrew and cousin but I blieve that in most states it's not illegal if it isn't a simple first degree cousin,  your blood uncle or aunt's child.

        • harrydobyharrydoby says:

          BC, sorry that you dignified La Loser Liberturd's pathetic attempt at starting a false rumor (that violates this site's usage policy, btw).

          Andrew's real-life cousin helped run his 2010 Senate campaign.  End of story.

          Libby will continue to leave a brown smelly trail where ever he/she goes.  I didn't read the original post until I saw your reply.  A complete waste of innocent electrons.

  4. ClubTwitty says:

    Phil calls for early Spring.  Ph U Phil.  Twitty calls for more snow.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      The answer is 'yes.'  You really are that stupid. 

      • La Libertad says:

        Fantastic and IIRC knives and fire were used on the 5 victims from that bar off S Colorado Blvd last year.

        Therefore I'm with the CO Sherrifs Associationthis year and support a year of debate on further fire arms restrictions

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      You know that kind of argument is really dumb.  For one thing, nobody says any laws will prevent all violent crime, including gun control laws.  For another, how many more would have been killed with an assualt rifle and large capacity clip in the same amount of time? 

      This is llike saying that since traffic lights and stop signs don't stop all traffic fatalities at intersections we should just do away with them.  After all, only the law abiding will obey traffic signs and speed limits. Law breakers will still run lights and stop signs and people will still be killed so it just doesn't work and we may as well have every intersection be a free for all. 

      High capacity magazines kill more people in less time than lower capacity clips or knives or hammers or jaw bones of an ass. Universal background checks will help keep guns out of the hands of the type of killer who makes mass assaults on children. True,  the Sandy Hook killer stole his weapons of mass destruction from his mom but if she had not been allowed to have a military style assault weapon and high capacity clips in her home her wackon son wouldn't have been able to steal them from her and might have used something much less efficient and been stopped before 20 little kids were shot to unidentifiable pieces in seconds. 

      It's just as stupid not to take measures that will reduce the carnage just because they won't end it completely as it is to do way with all other laws and regulations because criminals don't obey them.  The lib'rul straw man who thinks sensible gun control measures will end all  violent crime doesn't exist so your silly arguments about knives, etc are just a lame waste of every rational person's time.



  5. La Libertad says:



    Africa Slave Trader or Master Getting Oral Sex from Slave Unvailed

    After convincing community leaders, library workers and likely articulating some PC story to tell kids … government executives have revealed a historical lifestyle artwork depicting a man getting delicious full throated blow job from a naked woman.

    I'm just intrigued … will next months historical art display picture other oral sex scenes such as:

    -The Clinton Administration, President Clinton getting a Luinski

    -Germany circa WWII, Hitler getting head from Ann Frank

    -Catholic history, Jesus or the Pope getting a BJ from a boy or an Affrican or Latin Bishop in a three way with teenage girls

    -US Public Education, a teacher instructing her student lover with a lip DATY

    -Bob Menendez, getting him some love from an underage Dominican

    -Barney Frank, getting a boy on boy throat job 


    just imagine the possibilities……




  6. MADCO says:

    Save CAROMAN


    Caroman only gets an error when accessing CoPols.


  7. Albert J. Nock says:

    If you look at the recoil pad, you will see it is about 2 " above his shoulder.  Basically he did not place the stock in his pocket.  This usually leaves bruising.  Additionally the grip and stance is awkward.



    He could use some practice…







    • roccoprahn says:

      So when are you going to divulge whether you're former United States Military? This was asked of you when you were challenged to present President Truman's uranium vs. plutonium quote.

      Stay up or don't play.

      FYI, "shooting skills", "weapon safety" and CCW classes taught to the low bar level of the nra cannot and never should be confused with training given in a professional scenario. These classes are purely for revenue to the hucksters giving them, and are certainly not professional grade.

      The scariest  words in the English language are "don't worry, the nra trained me to shoot". Upon hearing such nonsense, immediately vacate the area, as the odds are very good Cletis is going to take somebody's foot off with his accidental discharge.

      Better his than yours.

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      So what? He simply said that they enjoy skeet shooting at Camp David and was accused of lying by the entire wacko rightie spin machine, including many GOP congress members.  So what if he's good at it or a novice?  Maybe he never engaged in the hobby before becoming president and having access to the cool woodsy get away. The only salient point is that the picture was taken in August so he wasn't lying nor did he quickly get a photo taken after making the statement. Those who claimed he was lying owe him and all of us an apology regardless of your interpretation of his skill level.   I'm waiting.

      Contrast this with Mitten's claims about hunting "varmints". At least that's how I think it's spelled and don't feel like going through a multi-step process to check.

  8. Gray in Mountains says:

    We have a poster here that is currently residing in Maryland. Can she verify that right now the trees at Camp David are bare of leaves? If so then we have documentation that President Obama fired a gun at least once last fall

  9. Albert J. Nock says:

    Cali tax rates are far too low.

    Soon this Youtuber will be arrested for illegal wire tap and copyright violation,lol.




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