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"The way the Republicans are looking at it, is that they think that Hispanic immigrants are made-to-order conservatives. For some reason, culturally, they think that they're invested in hard work and using the Cuban exile model, they're exactly right. But the Hispanic demographic, if you will, or population, has shifted. And the Cuban exile model is no longer the dominant model. The Mexican immigrant model is. They arrive with an entirely different view of America. I'm sorry if this is offensive, but it's true."

–Rush Limbaugh, Wednesday

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  1. La Libertad says:

    More Green Crony Capitalism

    "F" the kids, this is about the green. In addition to having the media pursue this felonious behavior and management of taxpayer assets, I'd like to know just what % of time the administration spends trying to impact classroom outcomes vs board infighting and corruption such as this?

    • As usual, you spew words without any evidence you know what they mean.  "Felonious" – really?  What felony do you assert has been committed?  "Corruption" – other than them royally screwing up public outreach – what do you assert is corrupt about this?

      I'm not defending the district's "fly under the radar" approach here, but the 7News report indicates nothing corrupt or felonious.

      And, if it saves the district money (from lower electric bills) that can be put back into the classroom – why, then, yes – it's for the kids.  The 7news report, of course, does not delve into that aspect, probably because it is not sensational enough.

  2. ElliotFladenElliotFladen says:

    Immigration reform will not guarantee the GOP hispanic votes.  But stomping on immigrants will ensure that the GOP does not get them. 

    • BlueCatBlueCat says:

      Hi Eliot and you're right.  For one thing, when were Cuban immigrants ever dominant outside of Florida? And where are conservatives getting their "facts" about how, as opposed to  nice Cuban Republicans, Mexicans are a bunch of welfare and social service moochers. That's simply one of the many things that isn't  true no matter how many times the conservative bloviators say so. 

      Mexican nationals come here to work and earn money and have very strong family values and support systems.  A more common situation than sponging off the government is working by using a phony social security number and paying in with no hope of ever getting any benfits in return while supporting today's retirees. If anything, grumpy old white people, not Mexicans, are the ones who benefit most. Not to mention our entire economy.  I'd love to see someone go under cover to see how many undocumented workers are providing Rush Limbaugh with various services

      Besides that, they keep forgetting that their supposed to be against illegal immigrants, not Latinos or Mexicans in general.  Naturally when it comes to attracting votes, you're talking about Latino citizens, not undocumented workers who can't vote, whether or not you think they're here for the government benfits. Rs protest that they aren't bigots but their inability to keep just what they're talking about straight says otherwise.

      The GOP is definitely caught between a rock and a hard place on this issue.  They can't survive as a national party wthout a bigger slice of Latinos and they can't afford to alienate their wacko base to the extent of losing ther votes to a break away third party. Gee.  Too f—–g bad.

  3. Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

    Why would it be offensive to believe that people from Mexico would have a different world view than those from Cuba? It would be offensive to believe otherwise…that all spanish speaking people are alike. That would be racist.

  4. harrydobyharrydoby says:

    Rush lied again.  He's not sorry.  For $40 million a year, he's laughing all the way to the bank.

    • Early WormEarly Worm says:

      What is most disheartening about Rush's comments are not whether he believes his own bs or not.  I agree with you, he knows he is lying. But the fact that his listeners' racist views are fortified by his bile is really depressing.  Every major immigrant population, (German, Irish, Chinese) has been derided as lazy, inferior, criminal, hishonest, and a burden on society.  Nonetheless the immigrants are uniformly the hardest working segment of society. Not because they are genetically or culturally superior, but because they are poor.  They have no choice.  They either work hard or starve to death. I am not sure it was possible, but I hate Rush just a little bit more this morning.

  5. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    Lots of good diaries in the last 24 hours. I'm heading over to those posts to give them some love.

    BTW, in the new layout, I've been using the Recent Diaries page as my homepage. Some of you might like it better:

    Recent Diaries

    Just a suggestion….

  6. MADCO says:

    or no particular reason, other than the obvious, I've spent a lot more time this week thinking about Monica Goodling (resigned in scandal, now and media consultant) , Harriet Miers (resigned in controversy, now lobbyist for Pakistan) and Alberto Gonzalez (resigned in scandal, later indicted and now adjunct faculty and consultatnt). Oh, and Scooter LIbby and Karl Rove.

    See- I shouldda gone to Pat Robertson Regent College.

    Whatthehell was I thinking


  7. Gray in Mountains says:

    Christine Scanlan should be the choice for LtGov if/when Garcia goes to DC. Former legislator, former educator, from the mountains.

    There is no overwhelming need to appoint another Latino. Morgan Carroll has large in her future but she is front range.

    But, if Duke wants it we ought start a campaign

    • Duke CoxDuke Cox says:

      You are far too kind…:) . I can only imagine Gov. Frackenlooper welcoming me to the state government. I wonder what he would say?….

    • The realistThe realist says:

      I wonder if Scanlan is too much of a Governor's Office insider – got a job with the Guv before she was re-elected to the State House in 2010 then promptly resigned her newly-won seat to go to work for the Guv.  I suggest someone much farther away from the inner circle, someone who can provide a broader range of skills and appeal in areas that the Guv is not skilled and doesn't appeal (i.e. most things outside of Denver).  Many, many good possibilities all over the state – and would be good to look at the particular responsibilities of the Lt Guv's Office to make this decision.


    • harrydobyharrydoby says:

      I was kind of thinking Cary Kennedy would be a great choice for Lt. Guv.  Currently Denver's Deputy Mayor and CFO.

      While I understand your point about getting someone not from the Front Range, she nevertheless would make a great governor someday.

  8. Albert J. Nock says:

    Many governments require that you shovel snow from sidewalk and go so far as require you pay for sidewalk replacement.  Does GWV have similar laws? If so, will they start paying for snow removal and sidewalk repair of "their" property?  Heck, maybe they shoud be paying some property tax while they are at it.


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