Republican talk-radio host should explain why he thinks gays kissing on CNN was “disgusting”

(Jeff Crank of Americans for Prosperity stays classy – promoted by Colorado Pols)

KVOR talk-radio host Jeff Crank and his producer were chatting Jan. 5 about how horribly trashy CNN’s New Year’s Eve special was.

Crank was hating CNN’s Cathy Griffin, whom he called a “liberal, leftist scumbag,” and he had nothing kind to say about anchor Anderson Cooper. I don’t love them either, and it sounds like there was plenty to criticize about CNN’s silly New Year’s broadcast.

But one thing that really pissed off Crank, who lost in a vicious GOP primary to Rep. Doug Lamborn in 2008, was CNN’s first on-air kiss of 2013. Here’s what Crank had to say about it:

CRANK:  … You know what they did?  The very first thing, right at the stroke of midnight, you know, all the confetti drops, it’s, “Oh, it’s such a wonderful thing!”  And she turns around and she looks at a guy who is standing there, and I’ve got to tell you , he was a freaky-looking dude,  and she goes, “Isn’t this just wonderful? Happy New Year!” to him.  And he turns around, and his quote-unquote partner turns around, and they kiss each other!

PRODUCER: [inaudible]

CRANK:  Right there!  And [sarcastically] oh, yeah, this was just a heartwarming moment that just happened to come about.  I mean, they just try and push this stuff.  I mean, isn’t that disgusting?

PRODUCER:  That is disgusting.  But we’re in new times now.  It’s good to do that.  It’s cool to do that.  It’s okay to do that.

CRANK:  [laughing]  It’s okay, yeah, yeah, because the President thinks it’s okay.

PRODUCER:  [sarcastically] Yeah.

CRANK:  Look.  But who wants to see – I just don’t want  to see that!  And I don’t want to explain –.  You know, not that the kids are up at midnight, but they are sometimes up at midnight on New Year’s Eve.  It’s maddening, that they get away with this stuff.  And it’s this constant push to change the mores of society.  And yet, somehow we’re the ones that are the social – you know [affecting a curmudgeonly voice] “We’re always pushing our social values on everybody else!”  No.  They are the ones pushing their social values on everybody else.

I tweeted Crank, who’s also a national staffer at Americans for Prosperity, to find out if he gets as upset about heteros kissing on CNN. What, specifically, is the problem with a kiss?

And what to do about it? In Tunisia, kissing in public can allegedly land you in jail for months. Who knows what would happen to gays.

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  1. BlueCat says:

    New Years Eve  coverage on righty channels. His personal problem solved without making on anyone else’s problem. And why do I question whether he was even watching CNN at the time? It was probably brought to his attention by righties in the first place in order to manufacture some outrage.

  2. lyjtrpcnf says:

    But I have no issue with people drinking responsibly.  

  3. Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

    because the President thinks it’s okay

    of terminal dumbfuckery.


  4. ProgressiveCowgirlProgressiveCowgirl says:

    That’s why there aren’t any gay people anymore, because of all the straight people kissing on TV…


  5. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    Over the new year and my four year old was playing with his new toys in the living room as I watched the game.  I stepped out to get a snack and came back to hear the end of an ad for the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.  This was at ~2 in the afternoon when it can be assumed a general audience is watching.

    That’s disgusting.

  6. thiokuutoo says:

    Is he having a hairball reaction because he does not like how scratchy a beard is?  I think he doth protest too much.

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