“Juan-A-Be The Luchador” Organizes Opening Day Pro-Gun Rally

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Today’s pro-gun rally didn’t live up to the intimidating Facebook bluster, but there were nonetheless a few striking moments, as forwarded to us:

FOX 31’s Eli Stokols reports:

After vowing online to brandish weapons to strike fear into the hearts of politicians contemplating gun control, the group of gun owners who attended a rally near the Capitol Wednesday let their signs and Gadsden flags do most of the talking.

While some admitted they were carrying concealed weapons, protesters were passionate but controlled as they stood alongside Lincoln Avenue across from the Capitol where the legislature opened earlier in the morning.

“This is about freedom, this is about being an American,” said Karen Murray, of Parker.


It’s been our pleasure a few times now to acquaint our readers with Edgar Antillon–as featured in our 2010 “Crooks and Criminals” tour, the former legislative candidate in Colorado House District 35 also known as “Juan-A-Be The Luchador.”

You might remember Antillon’s brief return to the spotlight this past fall as the Adams County chairman of the Mitt Romney campaign’s Latino outreach effort, Juntos con Romney.

During which he presumably was not wearing a luchador mask and packing heat.

Today, Kurtis Lee of the Denver paper directs us to the Facebook event page for tomorrow’s rally in Lincoln Park, organized by Antillon and a group called “Guns For Everyone.”

With increasing talks about gun control in Colorado, Guns for Everyone, a local and somewhat of a newcomer to Colorado’s pro-gun scene, will host a pro-gun rally at the capitol on opening day of the legislative session.

“Evil is a consequence of freedom, the alternative is slavery,” said Isaac Chase, local freedom crusader and friend of Guns for Everyone. “It is a nice theory that we can legislate ourselves into a completely safe world, but we can’t and that is why it is important we fight for the few freedoms we still have.”

The main focus of the rally is gun freedom, but Guns for Everyone is a strong supporter of anything freedom, so this is more about freedom than simply guns.

Edgar Antillon, co-founder of Guns for Everyone and former state house candidate, said this was not just about guns but more importantly about freedom. “We can debate until we’re blue in the face about gun statistics, but gun ownership is more about freedom. I’m not comfortable with all that freedom has to offer – marijuana, alcohol, abortion, but I’d rather be uncomfortable than be a slave to the government.”

As Lee explains and a quick read of the comments on this event makes clear, Antillon and many attendees are bringing legally concealed weapons. But there seems to be some unfortunate confusion about the law: although Colorado is an “open carry” state, Denver municipal ordinance prohibits the open carrying of firearms. Reactions to discovering this…um, vary.

Others appear to want to take the rally’s agenda even further.

It’s also stated on the event page that the rally has been moved from its original location on the west steps of the capitol, across the street into Lincoln Park, for “security reasons.”

Folks, that is possibly the only thing on the whole page that makes any sense.

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  1. PS – someone want to go down there to make sure the DPD provides as much security as they do to liberal rallies? I.e. a full lineup of SWAT and riot police in tactical vehicles…

  2. MADCO says:

    It should be illegal to wear a mask concealing one’s identity when a) claiming 1st Amendment rights to speech and assembly b) carrying a concealed weapon with a concealed carry permit c) openly carrying a weapon d) on parole or e) holding elected office.

  3. Democat says:

    though even internet trolls have a little human decency

  4. mental health is one of the issues.

    • Just want to point out that, you keep leaving out the fact that I endorsed my former opponent this last cycle. I know I sent you the press release, and The Denver Post also wrote an article on my endorsement of a Democrat. Just don’t want you to miss that, I actually read/like your stuff and want you to have all the facts. Thanks for all you do!


      • rocco says:

        Have you fulfilled your military obligation?

        As I’m well aware of, there’s no longer a draft. That’s really non applicable, as hopefully you’ve registered with Selective Service.

        However, what is applicable is the fact that in the last 10 years, 2 million Government Issues have cycled through the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres of war.

        As we speak, 60,000 Personnell are deployed in Afghanistan. Your “right” to carry the Eastern Eupopean 7.62 Assault Rifle and mask up like a mook was bought for your ass by heroes that sometimes don’t come home.

        This nonsensical “I’m not debating my right to run around with a fucking assault rifle” wasn’t what the 2nd Amendment is about, you fuck.

        You and your fellow skintags have bastardized the 2nd Amendment.

        For you, it should read “While We have not the stomach, inclination, or courage to defend our country in the Armed Services, we hold the right to be takers, not makers, and own any weapon of our choosing……..just ’cause.”

        If you’ve served your country, maybe, just maybe, we’ll dialogue.

        Sack up and answer…..when your bullshit rally’s done.  

  5. ArapaGOP’s many local heroes?  This rally might be just the perfect opportunity to meet up and renew old acquaintances with our long lost.

  6. lyjtrpcnf says:

    And no I don’t own a gun.

  7. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    How do you make that cool poop emoticon?

  8. The realistThe realist says:

    “We should be openly carrying our high-capacity capable, semi-automatic rifles and handguns! Let thousands of us show up with loaded weapons!!! Put the fear of God into the police and the legislature, and that scumbag governor!! Let them know what will come next!!!”


    We already know that some crazies do act on their fantasies. . .

  9. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    I hope some there can talk about the freedom of children to attend school without being murdered. The freedom of people to watch a movie without being murdered. The freedom of people to sit quietly at home without being murdered.

    All very important freedoms.

  10. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    Freedom is much more, little girl.

  11. rocco says:

    But at 1:45PM, there were, at most, maybe 70 pro elementary school shooting enthusiasts present.

    Contrary to the bluster, these high capacity magazine/teflon coated bullet worshiping nightcrawlers didn’t really seem ready to “scare the Poop emoticon out of law enforcement” or “ebal guvbmint”.

    I didn’t see this Pashman individual, although I’ve only seen pictures of him on some teabag advertisement, so he could have been there.

    If they plan on scaring anybody with their creepy ideology, they’d better do better than this.

    • Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

      at about 12:30. The dozen or so state cops on the hill in front of the Capitol building didn’t seem threatened to me.

      I was across the street from the NRA dogs at that time with the anti-fracking crowd. It was a little disappointing that the “gun nuts” outnumbered the “clean water nuts” by about 3 to 1. I had stopped by to say hi to the “no fracking” folks after leaving the COGCC hearings. I joined a group of citizens meeting w/ Rep. Fischer about O&G legislation after that.

      I have to say that I really like and admire Rep. Fischer. He has always been supportive of our efforts to protect Colorados’ air, water, people, and wildlife. One of the best electeds at the Capitol, IMHO  

      • rocco says:

        We probably walked by eachother.

        And it’s very disappointing that there aren’t more “clean water nuts”.

        Wrong thread I know, but my wife and I know one of the families in “Gasland”.

        I have to say, the O&G has done an unbelievable job of pulling every lever, buying everybody they have to buy, lowering the perception as to how deadly fracking is to everything that comes in contact with these chemicals.

        When it comes to fracking, the old saying “ignorance is bliss” is perfect.

        If the practice isn’t stopped, eventually everybody will be affected….with an A….and the consequences to our entire society will be devastating.

        Fighting it will be as wrought with political peril as punching the nra in the mouth, maybe more, because there are only 4 million shitbags in the nra.  

        • Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

          in a business suit..I raise a lot of eyebrows in certain crowds.. :)..but I learned years ago, the suits don’t pay you heed unless you wear the uniform.

          There are so many truly committed people in a crowd like that, and I love being a part of it and getting to know people..

          Looking like the corporate type and sounding like their best friend disarms some people…that’s a good thing…I think.

          If the practice isn’t stopped, eventually everybody will be affected….with an A….and the consequences to our entire society will be devastating.

          Amen to that.

  12. MADCO says:

    Free people kill people.

    Murder is freedom.

  13. notaskinnycooknotaskinnycook says:

    Only vaguely on the subject, but what is it with Fox that they can’t tell the difference between Lincoln Street and Lincoln Avenue? NEWSFLASH: There is a Lincoln Avenue, but it’s in Douglas County; a pretty long way from the Capitol Building. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve seen them make this mistake. It makes them sound like they’re out-of-town reporters rather than a station with a studio on Lincoln Street,themselves.Would someone please buy them a Denver Metro Street Guide  so they can learn the difference?

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