Update on COGCC Water Testing and Setbacks Hearings.

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Here is the announcement from the COGCC regarding next weeks’ hearing schedule. The setback hearings have been moved to the end of the docket. We expect those hearings to start late on Tuesday or Wednesday morning…As always, things can change. Even though I will be traveling, I will update again with any news…

Location of January 2013 Rulemaking Hearing.

The hearing on January 7, 2013 will convene following the conclusion of

proceedings under Docket No. 1211-RM-03 and abbreviated general Commission

business (consent agenda only), in the Governor’s Square 15 meeting room on the

lower level of the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel.

The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

1550 Court Place – Lower Level

Governor’s Square 15 Meeting Room

Denver, CO 80202

(303) 893-3333

Information about the testimony expected is below the fold…The first day of hearings (all start at 9:00AM.) will concentrate on water testing rules…setback hearings follow the conclusion of that hearing. As you can see…the environmental community gets to go last.

4. Testimony and Cross Examination.

Witnesses identified in the Parties’ Final Prehearing Statements should give a

brief overview of their testimony and be prepared to answer Commission questions

regarding their testimony. It is not necessary to recite the credentials of expert

witnesses as that information should be included in the submitted materials.

If a Party chooses to cross examine a witness, the time spent cross examining

the witness will be deducted from the cross examiner’s allotted time.

Order of Presentations and Allotment of Time for Witness Testimony.

The Parties are encouraged to group themselves according to common interests

and concerns and allocate their time among witnesses according to the following limits:

A. Commission Staff – 45 minutes

B. Public Comment (continued) – 30 minutes (2 minutes per speaker)

C. Elected Officials – 15 minutes

D. Preliminary motions – 30 minutes

E. Regulated Community and their Associations – 3.5 hours

F. Colorado Cattleman’s Association, Colorado Farm Bureau, and

Colorado Association of Home Builders – 2.0 hours

G. Local Government and Councils of Government – 2.0 hours

H. Community and Environmental Organizations – 3.5 hours

The time limitations set forth above include each group’s direct testimony, as well

as cross examination conducted by any member of a group. Parties are advised that

rebuttal testimony may be limited to written submissions. Any party wishing to preserve

time for rebuttal testimony should do so expressly prior to commencing its direct


Please attend at any time, but note that public comment IS available. You can sign up at the door.

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