Happy 8th Birthday to Us!

On this day in 2004, the first words of Colorado Pols squeezed their way through the Internet tubes.

Thank you, loyal Polsters, for coming back here again and again over the years.

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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    several years later. True to form the first born achieves at a higher level. Not even much expected from those twins

  2. Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

    This was the first blog upon which I ever posted a diary, I and while I tried a few others early on..Pols is the only place I post, with rare exceptions.

    The community of people who frequent this site, I consider to be friends. It is a reflection of the high standards set by the Guvs that Pols has become so successful. Although it is typical of the Guvs to give us all the credit, it isn’t true. The gentle editorial hand and encouragement toward “1st Amendment solutions” to our problems has allowed Coloradopols to develop a personality all its own.

    I truly feel honored to be in the company of so many brilliant, funny, and genuinely nice people. I love you all.(well…yeah…even you guys.)

    I look forward to hanging around and talking politics with ya’ll for a long time to come. As I finish this, I am mere moments away from hoisting a frosty, locally brewed, beverage in celebration and honor of Pols 8th!

    Many Happy Returns!!!!

  3. Gray in Mountains says:

    may I borrow some pot? Just enough for some brownies?

  4. BlueCat says:

    but I hope you’re not expecting a gift. Just got back from absolutely, positively completing my Christmas shopping! Not going anywhere near a retail establishment until after the holidays.

  5. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    You done good. Keep it up. And many happy clicks in the future.

  6. VoyageurVoyageur says:

    Happy birthday to you.

    Happy birthday Dear Pols.

    Happy birthday to you.

       Since the song “Happy Birthday” is actually copyrighted, the Internet has just been used to  transmit copyrighted material without payment of a royalty.

      I bet  that’s never happened before;-)

  7. Pam Bennett says:

    2004.  Nah. It does not seem that long.  Original two digit, different user name though.

  8. parsingreality says:

    Wow, like cosmic, dood.

  9. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    Happy Birthday – you’ve created something substantial.

  10. Car 31 says:

    It’s fun watching you get older.


  11. if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you didn’t look a day over five . . .  

  12. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    Loyal reader since 2007.

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