On Radio, Renfroe Calls All Gun Control “Un-American” and “Crazy”

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If you listened Tuesday to KLZ’s Grassroots Radio Colorado (560 AM), you got to hear Republican State Sen. Scott Renfroe say that all potential gun-control legislation is so “crazy” and “un-American” that he won’t compromise on it at all, even though he later said Republicans always want to reach across the aisle.

Un-American? You’d think Renfroe was talking about an effort to wipe out the constitutional right to bear arms.

But no. He was referring to bills affecting “high capacity magazines, a “waiting period of up to 30 days to buy a gun,” “private sales,” and an unspecified “list of things we’ve heard as potential bills.”

Renfroe said he’d kill all gun-control legislation, if he had his way.

Renfroe: You know, the NRA has been at the table making compromises. So, unfortunately, we don’t put the best people forward from the Republican Party to stand for liberty, either. And we need to do a better job at that.  And this issue is going to be at the forefront, and I’d rather try to kill everything we have and move forward, as opposed to rely on the next generation of elected officials to fix something that we do now.

Renfroe won’t compromise on gun legislation at all, but that didn’t stop him from saying later on the same radio show that Republicans are always ready to compromise.

Bemoaning potential Democratic opposition to his bill regarding photo radar and photo enforcement, Renfroe said Republicans are the ones who “always try and reach across the aisle.”

You’d think the good folks at Grassroots Radio Colorado, even if they don’t always do their homework before their show, would call out a guest when he completely contradicts himself during the course of one short interview.

Read a transcript of the segment and hear audio here.

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  1. harrydobyharrydoby says:

    So in Renfroe-world, unrestricted access to all guns is “Patriotic and Sane”.  And Republicans reach across the aisle to compromise…  I’d love it if he gave some examples of his own.

    Still waiting to hear about those NRA compromises he’s talking about, too.  Did they finally agree to ban soapy water in water pistols, unless it’s “no tears” baby shampoo?

  2. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    That is why we need the Gun Owners of America to protect our ability to fight the UN when they come to take our weapons.

  3. BlueCat says:

    explains this:

    For the first time, a majority of Americans now say the Republican Party is too extreme, according to a poll released Thursday by CNN/ORC.

    Fifty-three percent of people, including 22 percent of Republicans, said the GOP’s views and policies have pushed them beyond the mainstream. The number is up dramatically from previous years. In 2010, fewer than 40 percent thought the party was too extreme.

    Democrats were considered to be a “generally mainstream” party by 57 percent in the new poll.


    So much for the old saw about the Democratic Party being too liberal for center right America. Even if the majority of America is center right, center anything is a much more valid description of the Dem Party, according to a solid majority, than it is of today’s GOP.  Even 22% of the Republicans who haven’t already left to become indies agree.

    And since the only real roadblock for the majority is those pesky southern red state congressional districts and legislatures (without them there wouldn’t be enough northern ones to stand so completely in the people’s way) wouldn’t it be nice if we could just send Texas and friends an engraved invitation to secede?  Maybe we could treat Austen like we used to treat West Berlin, with airlifts, etc.

  4. jaytee says:

    The American people have been outrageously snowed. Members of the media and lawmakers most of all. Most of us because we pay so little attention to everything. The Renfroes of the world because they have been put on this earth to be nothing other than snowed.  

    There is no constitutional right stating individuals can bear arms. The Second Amendment has been the subject of think-tank bullshittery for 50 years. That individuals would own guns was taken for granted in the 18th century. The Second Amendment guarantees the right of states to set up arms depots or arsenals and the right of citizens trained as part of “well regulated” volunteer militias to access the arms held at the depots. Further, it does not grant individuals or militias the right to arm themselves against the government but against threats to the peace and foreign aggressors and… to suppress insurrections! The drafters made treason a high offense. Their point wasn’t to undercut that language in the Bill of Rights.

    That Americans could rise up against an oppressive govt was also taken for granted, a right come from heaven. It was not viewed as something the documents establishing the govt had to guarantee or enumerate or bestow in any way.

    There is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting laws regulating gun ownership, like there is nothing in the Constitution prohibiting laws that regulate every other kind of consumer product.


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