Tuesday Open Thread

“People who enjoy meetings should not be in charge of anything.”

–Thomas Sowell

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  1. MADCO says:

    Because the R’s want him to be.

    They can dump on him as much as they want- no one is talking about Speaker Bachman or Ryan.

  2. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    It seems like a lot of really iffy stuff is going on these days. Ok, life’s iffy (death not so much). Maybe I just woke up feeling iffy.

    The fiscal negotiation going on in Washington: Looks pretty good from a progressive point of view. Yeah, we’re going to win this one. Or not. Will Obama stay on script? Or will he blow it? If he caves… . If he over-reaches… . Whatever. It’ll eventually blow over.

    The Syrian catastrophe (revolution, if you must): How in hell is that going to turn out? At least we’re not (yet) fully embroiled there. But maybe we should show bolder leadership? Stay the hell out and let other Muslim countries handle it? Are we getting it right? If we get it wrong we (and the world) will be paying a huge price for a generation or more.

    Oh, yeah, the Supreme Court thing. That’s got me filled with absolute dread. I feel strongly that the Colorado legislature should go ahead and legalize gay marriage, get it out of the way, and move on. But that’s on the state level, and it’s not a judicial decision. But the Supreme Court? That’s a whole nother thing. WP’s Charles Lane does a good job this morning laying out the pitfalls. http://www.washingtonpost.com/…  Ok, justice delayed is justice denied. But I sure don’t want it to tear this country apart for decades (and decades, and decades) like Roe v. Wade did, just so I can order gilded invitations. (Like that’s going to happen!) What’s right here? If LGBTs have pushed too hard, too fast… . If the court gets it wrong… .

    Maybe if…I take a quick nap and start this day over.

  3. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    Just gotta share my favorite commentators’ takes on the subject. Here’s an out-loud yuk-yukker by Trudeau: http://wpcomics.washingtonpost… And a wry smiler by Miller: http://wpcomics.washingtonpost

  4. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    Obama Approves Health Insurance Marketplaces in 6 States

    The Obama administration gave conditional approval on Monday to health insurance marketplaces being set up by six states led by Democratic governors eager to carry out President Obama’s health care overhaul.

    The six are Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington.

    Three cheers for Joan Henneberry

  5. Albert J. Nock says:

    Look who is happy at work.  Fiscal reward versus level of responsibility is what makes people enjoy their work.


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