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It’s not really a political thing, but…

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  1. CaninesCanines says:

    Dave Brubeck:

    In 1958, as part of a State Department program that brought jazz as an offer of good will during the cold war, his quartet traveled in the Middle East and India, and Mr. Brubeck became intrigued by musical languages that didn’t stick to 4/4 time – what he called “march-style jazz,” the meter that had been the music’s bedrock. The result was the album “Time Out,” recorded in 1959. With the hits “Take Five” (composed by Mr. Desmond in 5/4 meter and prominently featuring the quartet’s gifted drummer, Joe Morello) and “Blue Rondo Г  la Turk” (composed by Mr. Brubeck in 9/8), the album propelled Mr. Brubeck onto the pop charts.

  2. harrydobyharrydoby says:

    The video isn’t shareable, so you’ll need to follow this link:

    Here are the lyrics:

    Lunatic Fringe – Red Rider

    Lunatic Fringe – I know you’re out there

    You’re in hiding, and you hold your meetings

    I can hear you coming, and I know what you’re after

    We’re wise to you this time we won’t let you kill the laughter

    wise to you this tiiimmme

    Lunatic Fringe – in the twilight’s last gleaming

    This is open season, but you won’t get too far

    ‘Cause you got to blame someone for your own confusion

    We’re all on guard this time against the Final Solution

    all on guard this time

    We can hear you coming no, you’re not going to win this time

    We can hear you coming not gonna win

    We can hear the footsteps out along the walkway

    We can hear the footsteps out along the walkway

    them play

    Lunatic Fringe – we all know you’re out there

    Can you feel the resistance?

    Can you feel the thunder?


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