too early to talk 2016?

(Well, what else is there to talk about? Between 2016 and the fiscal cliff, 2016 is more fun. – promoted by ProgressiveCowgirl)

“Look, again, it’s way too early to talk about 2016, [Montana Gov. Brian] Schweitzer said on CNN’s “State of The Union.”

“I’m governor of Montana until January. At that point, I will no longer have a governor’s mansion. I won’t have a driver, I won’t have security, so I will have a little time on my hands. I think I did mention that I have a warm regard for the people of Iowa and New Hampshire.”

is the Big Line too short term?  Gotta get an 8 yr plan going on.  Who you see vying in the next go ’round?

I’ve been vocal (err, make that verbal) here talking up a Schweitzer run.  Would love to see how this develops and what he does over the next couple of years.  

National Dems gotta have him in mind — they know a Big West kinda candidate has a good feel, his folksiness is a huge sell, he’s all about fighting Citizens Unites, supporting our troops & veterans, and he has been putting up huge positive polls for yrs.  

All folks wishing on Hick’s dreams of a bigger desk gotta admit Schweitzer is the truer Prog and better candidate than Hick could ever be.

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  1. glasscup says:

    I’m sure his endorsement of Emily Sirota in a random school board race outside of his state will serve him well. Not sure where I stand on him generally but that certainly doesn’t speak to good judgment on his part.  

  2. caroman says:

    Schweitzer gave a red meat speech to the Dems at the Denver DNC which was, of course, enthusiastically received.  So, he’s got that going for him in comparison to Hickenlooper (who gave a ho-hum speech at the 2012 DNC).  But, Schweitzer’s speech was nowhere near the level of Obama’s 2004 DNC speech (which launched Obama’s presidential campaign).

    Bottom line: I don’t see Schweitzer happenin’.

  3. VanDammerVanDammer says:

    while poor old Algernon keeps POSTING away and never gets no attention

  4. CastleMan says:

    1. Schweitzer

    2. Andrew Cuomo

    3. Martin O’Malley

    4. Mark Warner

    5. Kirsten Gillibrand

    6. John Hickenlooper

    If Elizabeth Warren runs, she’d be the odds on favorite because, as you no doubt see, I doubt that either Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden will run.

    If Sen.-elect Warren does not run, then it’s a wide-open race but I think Gillibrand would have the edge. There’s a desire in the party to nominate a woman and Gillibrand is a smart, savvy, and successful pol.

    Keep an eye on Deval Patrick, too. If John Kerry goes to Foggy Bottom then he is the next U.S. Senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If Kerry stays in the capitol building, Patrick could be the Democratic vice presidential candidate in 2016.  

  5. parsingreality says:

    Her looks.  Sad to say, but oh so true, many American voters vote with their evolutionary emotions.  Obama would have gotten another 3-5% if he had the looks of Mitt.

    Hillary has gained a lot of weight in the last four years. (Not throwing stones, I’m dieting. Again.)  

    She would need to find out from Nancy Pelosi who and where to get a lot of bodywork done.  That doctor is good.  Get a boob job whilst at it.

    Suddenly, maybe some of those old white men will start looking forward to HRC for Prez ads and some bathroom time.

    I dislike plastic surgery and even hair coloring.  But, OTOH, I know that being a natural woman in this media age spells election disaster.  

  6. parsingreality says:

    Don’t forget, neither of the last two Dem presidents were on anyone’s radar even a year out from the election.

    If this trend continues, we have no idea who the Dem candidate in 2016 will be.  

  7. …count me as a Gillibrand or Cuomo supporter at this point.

    Fiscal conservative Democrats who support immigrants and gays? My kind of Dems!

  8. By 2016, most Americans will have realized that 2012 was a tragic Mitt-stake.



    . . . he’ll be back.  

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