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  1. PitaPita says:

    “Horse manure”

  2. MADCO says:

    Debt/GDP ratio is “high” and rising. Deficits contribute to growing debt.

    Let’s do what we know works to make it shrink:  grow GDP and decrease the deficit.

    Deficit reduction: increase revenue constrained spending.

    President Eisenhower did it.

    President Clinton did too.

    Debt financed wars that do not result in acquisition are historically a bad deal for the country that tries it.  We didn’t acquire Iraq or Afghanistan. (Or Bosnia, Somalia, Grenada, Nicaragua, Panama, Lebanon, Viet Nam, or any other place where we’ve debt financed war. Desert Storm was coalition paid for- we probably showed a small profit.)

    Next up: private, universal single payer healthcare.

    C’mon people- it aint that hard.

  3. MADCO says:

    Is  almost exactly what I want in the SOS for now.

    Our “special” friends (UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Japan, Germany, Puerto Rico, Panama, Phillipines, and Antarctica) will understand.

    The rest can suck it.

    I cannot post this where it was in context because an adsense ad appeared over the preview/cancel buttons and I couldn’t get rid of it.  What’s my world coming to?

  4. (((JADodd)))jadodd says:

    Here is a link to a humorous if somewhat simplistic explanation of why the whole “debt crisis” is nothing short of a scam.  I commend the last paragraph in particular.


  5. parsingreality says:

    Yeah, Obama is going to kick some backward looking ass, just as the young Pharoah did in the first recorded battle in history at Megiddo in what is now Israel.

    Funny how something so secular has taken on religious portent. Well, that’s religion for ya.  

  6. parsingreality says:

    The NYT did a lot of research into the costs of local and state governments giving away the tax farm to corporations.  Often without even a promise of job creation, little to no accounting, all the while shutting down schools and parks.

    So, not only are corporations paying less and less in taxes, they are gobbling up local and state taxes while said entities are sucking it up.

    Anyone remember Denver losing out on Continental’s maintainence hub to ??? Cincinatti?  Turned out good for Denver, as Continental pulled out after not many years.

    It should just be outlawed.  I know that’s not practical on many levels, but it should!

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