Colorado Labor Leaders Push Social Security, Medicare Protection

A press release this morning from the Colorado AFL-CIO:

Colorado labor leaders are in Washington D.C. today to discuss the severe impacts to Colorado of a Congressional deal from the lame duck Congress. According to a new report released by the AFL-CIO, 693,000 Coloradans could be negatively impacted if Congress attempts cuts to Social Security, including 94,000 people with disabilities and 47,000 children. Of the 619,000 who get their health care coverage from Medicaid, 374,000 children and 49,000 seniors could be affected if the lame duck Congress makes cuts to Medicaid benefits. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid combined deliver $17.8 billion per year into Colorado’s economy.

“We are in Washington today to let our Congressional delegation know the importance of protecting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security and other vital services that support our working families,” said Mike Cerbo, executive director of the Colorado AFL-CIO. “Retirees, people with disabilities and children shouldn’t have to suffer because some in Congress want to give more tax breaks to the very richest. We need to create an economy that works for everyone and rebuild the middle class-and that doesn’t start with balancing the budget on their backs.”

As the so-called “fiscal cliff” approaches, members of Congress have suggested cuts to benefits for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid even while calling for renewing tax cuts for the richest 2%. If those tax cuts are renewed, the richest 2% in Colorado would receive an average of $31,650 in tax cuts, while the rest of Coloradans would receive an average of $1,340. The 2012 House Republican budget plan would cut federal support to Colorado’s Medicaid program by at least $7.1 billion (22 percent) over 10 years.

Read AFL’s one-pager of facts on Colorado and the fiscal debate in Washington here.

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  1. Barron X says:

    picture a Bankster holding a gun to his head, warning:

    “Fork over the dough (TARP, Bailout, ARRA, &tc.) or the banker gets it.”  

    So we bail out AIG, Wall Street, the derivatives guys in Westport, and what happens ?

    The economy tanks anyways.  

    I say, let’s go over the cliff.  

    Let the tax cuts expire.

    Let sequestration cut a little of the fat from the Pentagon budget.


  2. rafaelsmall94 says:

    Always getting and making the common public go in the deeper trouble than anyone. Tax cuts is never going to fade off soon. “Hope” is just the misnomer here. classic trucks for sale

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