Thanksgiving Weekend Open Thread

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  1. Gray in Mountains says:

    just finished getting bird ready for oven

  2. Gray in Mountains says:

    at least 50 species of birds. Banana grown in yard. Small and tasty. Green ones are very hard.

  3. parsingreality says:

    The weekends are bad enough!

  4. dwyer says:

    I am one of those who still flinches when the digital clock reads 11.22  

    Here is a link about another 11.22.63.


  5. GalapagoLarryGalapagoLarry says:

    Hope you’re surrounded by family or friends or fond memories. Or all of the above.

    I’m going out to dinner with some neighborhood (D) activists, where we’ll plot to–what else, Pinky–take over the world!

  6. AristotleAristotle says:

    I’ll be spending it trying to avoid the endless Xmas commercials, of which my tolerance has been greatly reduced by the campaign ads.

  7. bullshit!bullshit! says:

    I’m making vegetarian turkey. We’ll have regular turkey too but I’m in charge of the fake stuff.

  8. Gorky PulviczekG Pulviczek says:

    Seems like it would be a good opportunity to take coffee and donuts to the strikers.

  9. BlueCat says:

    a beautiful Thanksgiving.  Events kind of conspired against my extended family and old friends again this year but we still managed to share some great food and greater memories. Hope you all did the same.

  10. BlueCat says:

    that their economic model will lift all boats, that the rich already pay too much, that raising the tax rates slightly from a decades worth of historic lows, will stifle the economy because they are the job creators, never mind the Bush tax cuts have had plenty of time to bring us those jobs and nothing of the kind ever happened, tell them, once and for all, if they aren’t among the corporate elite themselves they are falling for lies.  If they are they are liars. There is only only one  motivation for contemporary conservative economic policy.  Sheer, naked, unadulterated elitist, oligarchic greed:

    WASHINGTON — The corporate CEOs who have made a high-profile foray into deficit negotiations have themselves been substantially responsible for the size of the deficit they now want closed.

    The companies represented by executives working with the Campaign To Fix The Debt have received trillions in federal war contracts, subsidies and bailouts, as well as specialized tax breaks and loopholes that virtually eliminate the companies’ tax bills.

    The CEOs are part of a campaign run by the Peter Peterson-backed Center for a Responsible Federal Budget, which plans to spend at least $30 million pushing for a deficit reduction deal in the lame-duck session and beyond.

    During the past few days, CEOs belonging to what the campaign calls its CEO Fiscal Leadership Council — most visibly, Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein and Honeywell’s David Cote — have barnstormed the media, making the case that the only way to cut the deficit is to severely scale back social safety-net programs — Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security — which would disproportionately impact the poor and the elderly.

    As part of their push, they are advocating a “territorial tax system” that would exempt their companies’ foreign profits from taxation, netting them about $134 billion in tax savings, according to a new report from the Institute for Policy Studies titled “The CEO Campaign to ‘Fix’ the Debt: A Trojan Horse for Massive Corporate Tax Breaks” — money that could help pay off the federal budget deficit.

    Yet the CEOs are not offering to forgo federal money or pay a higher tax rate, on their personal income or corporate profits. Instead, council recommendations include cutting “entitlement” programs, as well as what they call “low-priority spending.”

    Every single American who isn’t in their class and who ever votes for any Republican for any reason in any election is a pathetic dupe.

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