New Big Line Next Week

The 2014 campaign season will be two weeks old next Tuesday, so it’s time for us to get moving.

Make your comments, questions, nominations, etc. for what should be a busy cycle in Colorado; 2012 seemed busy, and we didn’t even have a race for a major statewide seat!

Senate, Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer are all up again in 2014.


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  1. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    Diana DeGette (0-10)

    Jared Polis (1-9)

    Ed Perlmutter (2-8)

  2. DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

    60/40 I’d guess.

    They have to try.  Their egos wont let them fail.  Reality might.

  3. Dan WillisDan Willis says:

    Dems possibly looking at it:

    Mitch Morrissey

    Stan Garnett

    Don Quick

    Republicans possibly looking at it:

    Don’t know them as well. I would think some of the DA’s would be interested.

  4. Politically says:

    He could run against Gessler or Stapleton and be a very formidable opponent. CD-6 could also open up if Coffman runs against Udall as some insiders have speculated.

  5. OrangeFreeOrangeFree says:


    Coffman was the presumptive nominee, but he got >50% against an empty shirt. One of the positive sides of the Mikolsi loss was that i took ol’ Mike out of the game for the 2014 senate race against Udall.

    GOP will need to either run Gardner or a woman to even have a shot at Udall, who starts out in front in a race that’s his to lose.


    Hickenlooper’s nearly an automatic lock for re-election. GOP will run a token candidate, probably a self funder so state party money can go to trying to take back at least one chamber of the Legislature and keeping hold of the other two state-wide offices.

    Attorney General

    Buck looks like the early favorite to take the GOP nod – which is great because 2010 foibles will be dredged back up, especially if personhood is back on the ballot.

    Garnett, Morrissey and Quick are all plausible candidates, and two will probably emerge to run in a primary. My guess is Garnett and Quick go for it and Mitch plays kingmaker.

    It’s a horse race either way.

    Secretary of State

    Starting with the obvious: Gessler gets re-nominated.

    As for the Dems, here’s a long shot: Scott Martinez. 1) Up-and-comer in the party 2) Drew the re-districting and reapportionment maps so can call in some chits from party mucky-mucks 3) Private and public sector experience + #2 City Attorney in Denver 4) Latino

    Will also be a horse race. Gessler has pissed off a lot of folks and you can certainly hang “vote suppressor” around his neck. But he’s in front right now of whoever gets the Dem nod, and still probably a slight favorite to win.  


    No idea. Dems don’t really have a deep bench here. Either way, Stapleton has stayed out of the news the past year or so and will continue to do so. Favorite to be re-elected.


    Every member of congress is more than likely assured re-election if they want it. Coffman might be in trouble, but incumbency will always remain a big asset unless the Dems run a Romanoff or Carroll

  6. Duke Coxdukeco1 says:

    there is a rumor (and probably just that) running around Mesa County that State Senator Steve King is considering running for Mesa County Sheriff…anyone have the skinny on that gem…?

  7. …I’d give another good run at State Treasurer or Tipton/CD3 (but this time, as a PROUD DEMOCRAT)… but I’m having way too much fun finding my niche in Los Angeles.

    Don’t worry guys – 2014 will be our year! Plenty of good Democrats out there.

    I will say – I wouldn’t mind seeing one of our well-spoken Latinas (Crisanta Duran, Deb Marquez) run for statewide office… and of course, I’m a Morgan Carroll groupie and I think she walks on water… that’s my 2 cents.  

  8. MADCO says:

    Mostly backward looking- but what no Don Maes comeback?

    No Jane-couldda-won-if-only Norton ?

    No Ryan Frazier comeback? (sorta implies he was already …someplace he never was.)

    I would love to see Coffman v. Udall.  More fun than even Buck, and that guy was fun.

    And everyone picking Hick as a lock- you’re forgetting the happy lessons of Ken Salazar, Janet Napolitano, and Kathy Sebelius.  

    As for CD6 being totally in play- look at the local districts that live in CD6.  Not a lot of blue wave winners. Dave Balmer is apparently as safe as safe can be. No way to explain that one. Spencer Swalm?  McNulty? and a dozen others in state and county seats.

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