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“Mitt Romney’s out there saying that Obama won the election because he was focused on certain members of his base coalition. He gave them extraordinary financial gifts from the government, and then he worked very aggressively to turn ’em out to vote. So Romney is out saying that Obama was Santa Claus. Where have we heard that before?”

–Rush Limbaugh, yesterday

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  1. VanDammerVanDammer says:

    WashPo “TheFix”:

    “There is no Romney wing in the party that he needs to address,” said Ed Rogers, a longtime Republican strategist. “He never developed an emotional foothold within the GOP so he can exit the stage anytime and no one will mourn.”

    The strong intraparty reaction – just nine days after Romney loss the presidential race – speaks to the desire within the professional political ranks of the Republican party to move on as quickly as possible from an election that badly exposed their weaknesses.

    The prevailing opinion among that group is that there is much work to be done and that Romney will have a hand in almost none of it. Put more simply: Thanks for playing. Now go away

    and Mitt was there best bet?

    did pure power players in the GOP game this out and pushed Mitt in order to take their party to the brink.  Cleanse by fire now after their 2nd huge loss?

  2. Automaticftp says:

    And why do we care what he says?  Because he clearly doesn’t think – unless it’s how to get more drugs, money, or women . . .  

  3. JeffcoDemoJeffcoDemo says:

    News from the overseas/miliatry/provisional counting to date in JeffCo shows Casey Tighe (D) over 200 votes up on Odom (R) (Casey was down 100 on election night) and Evie Hudak increasing her election night lead by another 100 or so votes.  Still over 7,000 more provisional ballots to go and likely a recount, this thing may not be over until mid-December but it’s looking better by the day.

    There hasn’t been a D elected to the JeffCo County Offices (Commissioner, DA, Sheriff, Clerk)since Hartman sneaked in for one term during the commissioner scandal 6 years ago.  This, from a county that went for Bennet and Obama (2X).

  4. ProgressiveCowgirlProgressiveCowgirl says:

    In Israel/Palestine.

    As usual, each side’s supporters are convinced that the other is completely in the wrong and a nation of bloodthirsty terrorists who enjoy murdering children, while “their” side is a nation of peace where joyful singalongs would spontaneously break out in the street and group hugs would become a daily ritual if only those other guys would stop attacking them TOTALLY UNPROVOKED.

    Not sure where the concept that bombing civilian targets is fucked up no matter who is doing it got lost… it’s probably lying buried in the rubble of a house the US bombed in Iraq, if I had to guess.

  5. So for those who aren’t following closely:

    Republican Rep. Dan Lundgren has conceded to Dem. Ami Bera in the Sacremento, California area.

    Republican Rep. Brian Bilbray has conceded to Dem. Scott Peters in the San Diego, California region.

    Rep. Allen West lost a court hearing today and is likely to wind up on the losing side of a vote total certification this weekend, making Patrick Murphy the new Democratic Rep. for the Palm Beach/Fort Lauderdale area along the east coast of Florida.

  6. Albert J. Nock says:

    my bad.

    Called into the Whitehouse out of their homes.

    Ooops, my wife keeps me in the dark.

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