Shooting The Superintendent, And Other Classy School Board Moments

9NEWS reported Monday night and we wanted to make sure our readers saw:

A Jefferson County School board member has apologized after she agreed with a Denver radio host that the school’s superintendent should be shot.

Radio host Jason Worley, of 560 AM, made the comment about Jefferson County Superintendent Cindy Stevenson in reference to the school’s budget.

Worley said, “If you have a [full-time] Facebook person still in Jefferson County [on staff] your superintendent should be shot.”

Board member Laura Boggs, who was on the radio to talk about a ballot initiative to increase taxes for education, agreed with the statement, but later said she was on her phone at the time and did not fully hear what Worley said.

Laura Boggs has been at the center of a number of controversies on the Jefferson County school board, becoming the first-ever member of that board to be censured for her consistently outrageous conduct. Boggs represents the “Tea Party” minority opposition, was a proud supporter of 2010’s “Bad Three” ballot initiatives after voting to oppose them officially, and is presently working against a mill levy and bond issue campaign for the district she serves.

This is evidently how shooting the superintendent came up.

Incidentally, there is no “full time Facebook person” on staff at Jefferson County Schools. This is just one of many such particularly fact-challenged talking points employed by the campaign against Jefferson County’s Issues 3A and 3B. Ms. Boggs should certainly know better.

But as far as superintendent Cindy Stevenson is concerned, we’re kind of past that.

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  1. IndyNinjaIndyNinja says:

    Apparently, Romanoff is making the rounds and the DCCC is backing his candidacy.

    As for me, I will be the first in line to volunteer for his committee. Except that is probably not true, as I know dozens, if not hundreds of others would say the same thing.

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