Hard-Hitting New Ad Rips Coffman on Stem Cell Research

An emotionally gripping new spot hits incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman on an issue you haven’t heard much about this election cycle: opposition to embryonic stem cell research.

From House Majority PAC’s release:

House Majority PAC announced that it would begin airing a 60-second spot to highlight Mike Coffman’s opposition to potential treatments for debilitating illnesses and previously untreatable diseases offered by embryonic stem cell research.

The spot, entitled “Decides,” begins running today and will run for two weeks in Denver as part of a six-figure buy…

“Mike Coffman’s priorities couldn’t be further from Colorado’s priorities,” said Alixandria Lapp, Executive Director of House Majority PAC. “The bottom line is that with an agenda that includes gutting Medicare, defunding Planned Parenthood, redefining rape and opposing the promise of embryonic stem cell research, Mike Coffman is dangerously out of touch.”

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  1. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    What is this, 2006? Nobody cares. This is fighting yesterday’s war.

  2. parsingreality says:

    A dozen years ago at the height of Bush’s stem cell witch burning, a friend’s son got his PhD in the field, or something allied.  

    He couldn’t get a job, found one in Germany, and he’s been there since.

    Nice way to increase the US’s influence in cutting edge technologies.  A-bot, if we don’t do the cutting, another country will.

    As an aside, I remember when Coffman became SoS.  He seemed so much more moderate then.  Is he becoming a cantankerous old fart?  

  3. Libertad says:

    IIRC stem cells from babies (born live or otherwise aborted at any stage) can be harvested.

    Wasn’t the issue that Bush led a ban on federal funds for these types of stem cells? IIRC private businesses can grow, harvest and manipulate any stems cells they wish … that is SCs from cord blood or dead baby brains or wherever they get harvested from the dead ones.

    I’ll go to wiki and see what they say.

  4. Something Is Brewing says:

    House Majority PAC and DCCC are spending a lot of money in CD 6.  But, I see no evidence that they are spending any money in CD 3.  

  5. An emotionally gripping new spot hits incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman on an issue you haven’t heard much about this election cycle: opposition to embryonic stem cell research.

    The reason why voters haven’t heard much about this is because it’s not an issue foremost in anyone’s minds, if it is even an issue at all. This is last year’s news… actually news from two years ago.  

    Embryonic stem cell research was never blocked, even by George W. Bush.  The federal funding was permitted on existing lines and individual states and private entities were allowed to explore new lines, if they found the funding for it.  Barack Obama lifted the federal funding ban in 2010.  

    So… this is a last minute manufactured campaign issue that lacks real substance.  Just wait until the Truth Tests on KCNC and KUSA get a hold of it.  They’ll spell it out for their large TV audiences.

    By the way, the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2012 was awarded jointly to Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka “for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent.”  This really removes embryonic stem cell research from the equation.

    As I see it, this particular ad met the threshold of “vile and disgusting.”  It raised false hopes in people on an issue that has become obselete and never actually proved to be a cure for anything.


    • nancycronknancycronk says:

      Seems like they use the exact same talking points… Why not just scan the PDF as an image?

      Is the work that was done by Yamanaka and Gurdon practical and being used by scientists in the field, or is it still cost-efficient for more researchers to use embryonic stem cells? I don’t know. I am wondering if someone who is in the field can comment on this.

      Question for you (both?). Where does Coffman stand on stem cell research, and from which source (if any) would he approve? Please provide links to back up your claim.

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