Audio: Mike Coffman Tries To Change The Subject (And Fails)

A truly memorable exchange at the debate Wednesday night between GOP incumbent CD-6 Rep. Mike Coffman and Democratic challenger Joe Miklosi at the Jewish Community Relations Council and National Council of Jewish Women candidate forum. Moderator Marty Meitus, folks–we would suggest that future candidates don’t mess with her.

MEITUS: Domestic policy, fetal personhood. Do you support a fetal personhood policy that grants civil or human rights in protection of fetuses? Why or why not?

MIKLOSI: I’m opposed to the radical Personhood amendment that would outlaw abortion even for victims of rape and incest, and it would even criminalize many forms of abortion. I’ve always believed in a women’s right to choose and in women’s health freedoms. And I don’t understand why any elected official, especially a man, would try to come between a woman and her doctor on birth control decisions. This is something going back to the 1950s. This is a real distinction between my opponent and I, I trust women to be able to make their health care decisions, I’ve got a track record at the state house of representatives, and I’ll be a strong advocate for women’s health freedoms in Congress.

MEITUS: Okay, thank you very much. Congressman Coffman.

COFFMAN: I’m pro-life, I certainly believe in protecting the life of the mother and I believe that that, in looking at the amendment is inconsistent, with, as I’ve learned to interpret that amendment. I’ve never focused on social issues. I’ve always focused on, on jobs and the economy and military issues. And now that I’ve got some time left, let me just talk, let me talk about an issue that I do focus on which is defense cuts, and that I fundamentally believe…

MEITUS: No, no, no, no, no.

COFFMAN: Oh, the balance of the time, you can’t do that?

AUDIENCE: (groans)

MEITUS: Do I look like Jim Lehrer? (laughter, applause)

COFFMAN: Jim Lehrer is a good (unintelligible)

MEITUS: With all apologies, you need to stick to the topic; you’ll have a chance in your two minute statement.

COFFMAN: Well, I answered.

MEITUS: So you’re done, okay.

Ouch! It seems Jim Lehrer’s pushover moderating last week is helping ensure nobody in the future ever repeats it. And as for this audience, or for that matter most any audience with “women” in their group’s name who would have seen this, she’s right–Coffman was done.

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  1. Maybe Jim Lehrer (and Martha Raddatz) have done a favor for future debates. Karl Rove’s opinion aside, I don’t think we want any more debates of the style Lehrer ran.

  2. nancycronknancycronk says:

    Why did she apologize? He’s the one not answering the question

    • nancycronknancycronk says:

      how much Coffman’s pandering to Jewish women disgusts me. Jewish women are overwhelmingly, squarely, and almost completely in favor of a woman’s right to choose. In front of a Tea Party fundamentalist crowd, Coffman only says he is pro-life. In front of a crowd of Jewish women, he says the personhood law is inconsistent with protecting a mother’s life. While I admire his sudden “evolution”, I don’t trust him for a minute… and neither do other Jewish women I know.  

  3. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Coffman fully answered the question. The moderator has a right to keep the conversation on topic, but Coffman’s answer wasn’t bad. He’s right that social issues have never been his focus.

    Just another Colorado Pols mountain out of a molehill…

    • MADCO says:

      I don’t care whether it’s ever been the focus of his campaign…or public persona.

      I care what he thinks.  So do the voters and constituents. And, apparently so does the Aurora Sentinel, his hometown newspaper that endorsed his opponent , Joe MIklosi.

      To be clear- I care what he thinks, not what e wants me to think he thinks. Ad he clearly thinks that a fetus should have the same human, and civil rights as you or I.   I understand the thinking – but I do not agree. And even though he would apparently prefer to talk about something else, and not “focus on this” it’s important to me. And all my friends .

      And if “social issues” have neve been his focus, why does he keep ending p getting quoted…you know, caring about them.

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