AP Honors Ivan Moreno For Gessler Deconstruction

A memo to Associated Press employees from Managing Editor for State News, Financial News and Global Training Kristin Gazlay honors Colorado-based AP correspondent Ivan Moreno for his investigative reporting on Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s failed campaign to purge, as it turned out, more or less non-existent noncitizen voters:

Denver’s Ivan Moreno started pursuing the issue of voter fraud in Colorado after nearly 4,000 voters received letters from the secretary of state challenging their citizenship and, therefore, their right to cast ballots. He filed an open records request for the 4,000 names but was stymied by the government saying they were part of an ongoing investigation and should not be made public. But he didn’t stop there…

As weeks passed, Moreno was the only reporter checking in daily for progress on the secretary of state’s investigation. The list of potential noncitizens kept getting smaller and smaller, shrinking from 4,000 to 1,400 to just 141 – and Moreno was the first to report that the authenticity of only 141 voters was being challenged.

He kept asking for the identities of those on the list, and finally got the names of 35 people suspected of being noncitizens who had voted in past elections. Moreno called every one he could find, confirming independently that they were citizens. As a result, the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s office, which had seen the many stories Moreno produced on the issue, sent him their list of voters and said the citizenship of every one had been verified. [Pols emphasis]

Ivan Moreno’s reporting culminated in a broad look at efforts by Republican secretaries of state to purge what they’ve insisted were “thousands” of noncitizens casting ballots in U.S. elections. The laughably small numbers of such voters actually found after so much agitation has severely damaged a key Republican talking point, used to justify draconian suppressive “remedies” and motivate conservative voters. The credibility of everyone involved has been hurt.

All it took was a reporter who didn’t stop asking questions.

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  1. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    I guess as a member of the liberal media, Moreno was doing his.

    • AristotleAristotle says:

      Stealing elections for the Republican Party. Too bad he was so ham-fisted at it, right A-BOT?

    • Lurker19 says:

      say, Sean Hannity, would have buried the story to hide the shenanigans, or given Gessler a consolation prize for at least trying to suppress the vote illegally in a democracy?

      You suck, Gopher.  Totally.  If you can’t win honestly, lie, cheat and steal.  The new motto and battle cry of the GOP.

    • ClubTwitty says:

      Like the Grand Junction Sentinel…

      So liberal they have to be ‘stealthily’ liberal.  I cannot recall if that bit of nonsense was you or that guy who wrote just like you whom we are not allow to reference because he blogged under his own name and thus mentioning such would get one booted

      But its 1) getting tired and 2) has traction only with your fellow mindless Rmoney-bots, you know the ones all breathlessly lined up for that new movie…

      And whom will not be deciding this election in CO.

      Meanwhile the real professionals–rather than the partisan hack fox-in-the-henhouse SoS–are opening investigations into the real voter fraud: that committed by a partisan hack hired by the RNC.

      Sorry you’ll be losing your position in one month.  Don’t bother to stop by for your farewells.

  2. gertie97 says:

    And his boss, who gave him enough time to dog this thing.

    Great shoe-leather reporting.

  3. Finally a reporter deserving of his title. A happy day, no?

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