Get Your Tickets Today For Obama’s Big Colorado Tour

UPDATE #2: Corrections made below to some of the pickup times and locations. Our original information came from the Obama campaign’s official blog, which has also been updated.


UPDATE: A long line at the Obama campaign office in Grand Junction, via Twitpic:

Photo by West Slope Frank


As you probably know, President Barack Obama is making a major campaign swing through Colorado this week, with public events in Denver, Grand Junction, Pueblo and Colorado Springs on Wednesday and Thursday. For the Denver and Grand Junction events, get your tickets today starting at 9AM in person at these campaign offices (bring a photo I.D.).

South Denver Office, 77 W. 9th Avenue

Whittier Office, 3100 Downing Street, Suite A

West Denver Office, 3131 W. Alameda Avenue

Grand Junction Office, 546 Main Street, Suite 403

Glenwood Springs Office, 912 Grand Avenue

Montrose Office, 823 E. Main Street

And beginning tonight and tomorrow, you can get tickets for the Pueblo and Springs events–tickets will be available at 5:00PM tonight. Again, all tickets are first-come first-served for in-person pickup at these locations only.

Pueblo Downtown Office, 330 S. Union Avenue

East Pueblo Office, 1402 E. 4th Street

Worner Campus Center, Colorado College

Briargate Office, 7608 N. Union Boulevard, Unit E

Woodland Park Office, 1075 E. Highway 24

Did you know that Obama has this many offices in El Paso County? We actually didn’t.

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  1. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    There are not that many Democrats in Grand Junction 🙂

  2. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    I hope you get a thank you card from OFA for your work publicizing their events.

  3. Barron X says:

    if yes, when can I pick them up at the Briargate location ?  

    Wuz planning to go tom’w at 9 AM, as originally posted.  

    I don’t check the Internet often enuf, I guess.  

  4. Barron X says:


    First, I’m not voting for Obama.  I only care about seeing him because he is my president.  

    But I have to say that there is a huge difference between the 2 campaigns of Romney and Obama.

    When I found out after 10 PM last night that the distribution of tickets in the Springs had been moved up, from 9 AM this morning to 5 PM last night, I figured I had missed my chance.  

    But I posted here and at the OFA blog linked in the diary my questions about whether any tix were left, and if so, when I could get one.  

    Within an hour, James responded to say yes, there are some left, and to come by at 10 AM.  

    Compare that to my experience with the Romney campaign, which I think I posted on this site a couple months back.

    I was carrying a sign saying something like “restore the my Constitution.”  Romneybots accosted me, and demanded that I leave the private property where the rally was being held immediately.  

    When I refused, they called the CSPD, and an officer sort of ordered me to do the same thing.  A bot tried to get the police officer to either throw me off the property or arrest me, but that didn’t happen.  

    They assumed that, if I supported the Constitution, that I was a Ron Paul supporter.

    A similar thing happened at a Santorum rally I attended, except when I told them I was NOT a Paul supporter, they said OK and left me and my sign alone.

    At a Paul rally, there were lots of signs, and nobody got upset about mine.  

    Of those 3, I actually prefer Paul, not my co-religionist, because of foreign policy.  

  5. I have to bring a Photo ID to go see the President, but I don’t need one to vote for him?

    Whats up with that?

    For the Denver and Grand Junction events, get your tickets today starting at 9AM in person at these campaign offices (bring a photo I.D.).

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