Obama Immigration Policy Change Rallies Colorado Hispanics

That’s the conclusion from the blog for Latino Decisions, discussing their new battleground-state poll out today:

New polling released June 22, 2012 by Latino Decisions and America’s Voice finds President Obama maintaining a wide lead over Republican Mitt Romney among Latino registered voters in five key battleground states…

In the five states combined Obama lead Romney 63% to 27%, however in southwestern battlegrounds of Arizona, Colorado and Nevada Obama performed even better.  In Arizona Obama received 74% to 18% for Romney, in Colorado he was favored by 70% to 22% [Pols emphasis] and in Nevada 69% to 20%.  In Virginia, Obama lead 59% to 28% over Romney among Latino registered voters.

Part of this advantage for President Obama appears to be related to his recent announcement to provide relief to undocumented immigrant youth.  On June 17, two days after his announcement our Latino Decisions/America’s Voice poll first reported that 49% of Latino voters were now more enthusiastic about Obama, while 14% were less enthusiastic (+35).  Over the course of the week, as the DREAMer relief received further attention in the Latino community we found increased support for the announcement…

Here are the full results–we don’t think they will surprise you. There’s no question that President Barack Obama’s new policy on young undocumented students and soldiers will help him with Hispanic voters, inasmuch as Republican recalcitrance and continued hostility on the issue will continue to hurt them. Especially here in Colorado, the GOP has had innumerable opportunities to change this trajectory–and they’ve spurned all of their chances.

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  1. Ed Rollins says:

    They don’t list the sample anywhere in their results. No breakdown by party, ideology or even gender.

    Without that it’s impossible to judge the validity.

    • AristotleAristotle says:

      I’d like to trust the results, but it’s hard without those data.

    • SamCat says:

      “About the Poll

      Full results by state are here and archived with others at our Recent Polls page. Latino Decisions interviewed 2,000 Latino registered voters between June 12-21, 2012 using live telephone callers, sampled across five states, with 400 each in AZ, CO, FL, NV, VA.  A mix of landline and cell phone-only households were called, and up to 5 attempts were made per number. Latino respondents had the opportunity to complete the survey in either English or Spanish, using fully bilingual callers, and overall 38% of Latinos chose to complete the survey in Spanish.  Data are weighted to the state proportion of the Latino population across the five states for a combined battleground sample as well as weighted accurately within each state. Overall, the entire sample has a margin of error of +/- 2.2% and each state sample has a margin of error of +/- 4.9%. Additional survey results, including Congressional vote and policy attitudes will be reported later this month.”


      It seemed to explain sample size etc


    • ajb says:

      5 months from the election Obama has a significant lead among Hispanics. Is that a surprise?

      Romney has to work to blunt that advantage by peeling off some of the social conservatives in the Hispanic community. That’s not a secret.

  2. parsingreality says:

    Most Americans think of all Latinos/Hispanics as a monolithic bloc.  Nothing could be more incorrect.

    In Florida and (oddly)) New Jersey, Cuban expats vote strongly Republican.  It has to do with most non-Cuban Republicans taking a strong stance against Castro. (Even though American grain farmers sell LOTS of product to Cuba.  Fucking Commies, unless I make money from them.)

    After three generations of “Next year, in Havana,” mentality, young Cubans are not voting like dad.  More Dems, more independent thinkers.

    All Cubans are here legally, due to the “One foot touches US soil and you are in” policies.  Deportation policies and the recent Obama ruling are outside their areas of concern.

    I would think that most non-Cuban Latinos either would vote for Obama regardless of almost anything, or certainly would not vote for Mittens on general principles.

    I’m glad Obama did what he did, but I’m not sure he needed to do it from a vote garnering perspective.  

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