Romney To Appear In Fort Lupton, BFE Tomorrow

Somewhere near Ft. Lupton, CO.

FOX 31’s Eli Stokols:

Mitt Romney, who’s now a sure bet to be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee this fall, will speak on energy issues at a drill site in Fort Lupton on Wednesday.

The speech is set for 10 a.m. at K.P. Kauffman Company.

It’s Romney’s first visit to Colorado since Feb. 5, when he gave a short speech to supporters on the Auraria Campus after a disappointing second-place finish behind Rick Santorum in Colorado’s GOP caucuses that night.

We didn’t exactly know this but apparently, if you take I-25 up to Exit 240, head east on Colorado Highway 119 to Weld County Road 24, then make a right onto Weld County Road 19, you’ll find yourself…in the middle of nowhere! But that’s not all: there in the middle of nowhere, you’ll also find the KPK Production Division field office and staging yard, and that’s where GOP presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney will give his Colorado speech tomorrow at 10AM.

In attendance out in the middle of nowhere will be oil industry workers and executives, most of whom it’s a safe bet will not need much convincing to vote Romney. There will also be television cameras, and for those of us unable to drive to the middle of nowhere tomorrow morning to find out what Mitt Romney is doing there, that’s probably a good thing! FOX 31 reports that Romney will fly from there to Oklahoma for another event, so that’s all the Mitt love Colorado gets.

After Barack Obama’s CU tour de force, it’s a study in contrasts to say the least.

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  1. rocco says:

    one of the six or eight attendees will fill us in on how mittens saved Detroit. Surely he’ll supply details at this massive rally.

    And an update on those “treason” charges would be helpful.

    At this point, there’s more anticipation as to what kook’s going to make what insane accusation about the President, followed by what flaccid, cowardly, feckless reaction by our “auto industry savior”  than anything else at these idiot fests.  

  2. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    Romney is the first presidential candidate in history to be ineligible to adopt a dog in two separate states due to animal cruelty charges.

    Even worse is the way he absolutely refuses to acknowledge his cruel behavior years ago. Instead he doubles down and lies like crazy, claiming that his dog “loved” riding on the roof and was in an “airtight” container. (In June. For 12 hours.) That shows dishonesty and cowardice.

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