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“All philosophies, if you ride them home, are nonsense, but some are greater nonsense than others.”

–Samuel Butler

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  1. Libertad says:

    Clearly the President …. like those service members that tracked Obama for a decade, captured/killed his right hand men, fought against al Qaida members, where killed by terrorists, flew into the compound to get Obama …. put his life at risk just as they did.

    This makes me throw up….

    WASHINGTON (AP) – The killing of Osama bin Laden, first presented as a moment of national unity by President Barack Obama, has become something else: a political weapon.

    Obama’s re-election campaign is portraying his risky decision to go after America’s top enemy as a defining difference with his Republican presidential opponent, suggesting Mitt Romney might not have had the guts to order a mission that put lives and perhaps a presidency at stake.

    Obama himself is opening up on the raid again – and opening the secretive White House Situation Room as an interview stage – to hail the one-year anniversary.

    The broader goal for Obama, whether through campaign web videos or the trappings of the White House, is not to just to remind voters of an enormous victory on his watch. It is to maximize a political narrative that he has the courage to make tough calls that his opponent might not.

    Source AP

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      I have been quick to ping Obama where I think he has done poorly. But in this case Obama was damn close to perfect. It was an incredibly gutsy decision he made. If it had not worked out he would be the one held responsible.

      He deserves credit for this. A lot of credit.

      • Libertad says:

        It however was not a gutsy call and 100% of your average Americans would have done the same thing. Also they’d have pulled the operational trigger on less of a’sure deal’ …. and who knows the President likey had other opportunities where he did pull the trigger. I’ll be interested in reading his historical post Presidential narrative … his ‘decision points’.

        I guess if you’re ok with “opening the secretive White House Situation Room as an interview stage – to hail the one-year anniversary.” then that’s your standard.

        • Mitt criticized him for going in to Pakistan without Pakistani permission, and for spending the money dedicated to tracking down bin Laden.

          That’s what this is about; Romney would have made a different decision.

        • raymond1 says:

          1) Mitt criticized Obama for being willing to enter Pakistan. So let’s be clear: Mitt would’ve let Osama live. I can’t believe that as a Dem I’m saying this, but the R nominee is far too wimpy on terrorists for me, and for America.

          2) Mitt now says Obama making America less safe; Obama is entitled to stress, “I killed the only guy who’s actually successfully attacked us in the past half-century.”

          Simply put, L, you and Mitt are complete and utter hypocrites for saying Obama shouldn’t properly campaign as the dude who killed Osama.  

          • BlueCat says:

            No reason why Dems should buy into the stereotypes of Rs being strong and Dems being wimpy.  For decades the majority of combat vets in congress were Dems, just for starters. Bush is the perfect example of Rs being tough on terrorists: Talk big, swagger big, but mainly use the threat as an excuse to invade a non-involved country for Big Oil.

            Between Obama and Cheney(Bush) it’s pretty clear who talks loudly and carries an itty bitty stick and who does it Teddy Roosevelt style. Of course Teddy, like Lincoln, Eisenhower and even St. Reagan (but especially that wilderness loving, trust busting Teddy), wouldn’t be welcome in today’s GOP.

    • rocco says:

      It signified the end of the false perception that the republican party, the conservative ideology, the “neocon” mindset had anything whatsoever to do with national security.

      Very shortly after his Inauguration, while the partisan hacks on the right were planning to undermine his every effort to return America from the depths of republican caused recession, this President restarted the hunt for Bin Laden.

      All business, no bullshit, he authorized what bush, shooter, and the entire failed prior Cabinet never contemplated, the killing of Bin Laden.

      As a former United States Military combat veteran, Vietnam era, I’m proud of the new muscled up, but pragmatic foreign Policy this President has presided over. Gone is the perception of a weak America the rest of the world held while republicans plundered the Treasury, trashed our international image, sold our values out via Blackwater, and made illegal invasions a corporate cash cow.

      As a person that never cared enough about your country, our values, our standing, to serve your country, you’re hardly in a position to say anything about this with any credibility.

      It’s mooches like you that “make me want to throw up”.

      Enough of this, off to Civic Center.


      Voter registration at the rally today. All day.

      Thanks for your idiotic post, though. Any thoughts of skipping today’s rally disappeared when I read it.

      • Libertad says:

        Now go strap on you camos and grab those voter registration forms, pre-checked for the Democratic Party, and head out to the festival.

        • ‘your people’ were the ones arguing to continue the conflict when our soldiers were getting stressed out because they didn’t know who the enemy was, and our generals didn’t see a path to victory.  They didn’t care for the troops, they cared for their own self-image.

          And, for reality’s sake, past political activism doesn’t always equate to current political affiliation.

          Finally, your comment on registration forms comes way close to an accusation of criminal activity, and the last few times I’d actually heard of that kind of activity, it was Republicans instigating it.

          • rocco says:

            Any form of electioneering at a voter registration by a worker or volunteer, which I am, in any way, is strictly illegal. And not practiced by me or anyone I know.


            The Democratic position on voter registration is to register every eligible voter, regardless of political affiliation.

            The Democratic position is that the more eligible voters that vote, the healthier our American form of Representative Democratic Republic.

            The Democratic position is that it’s every eligible voter’s right to be registered and responsibility to vote.

            Regardless of political affiliation.

            The Democratic position is that no State should make it difficult for an eligible voter to vote. Or to suppress the vote. Or to impede the vote.


            58,000 American Military personnel died in Vietnam representing our Representative form of Democratic Republic. Half a million were permanantly damaged.

            For life.

            The politics of Vietnam doesn’t, didn’t diminish their sacrifices.

            God Bless Them.

            Our young yellow elephant troll chose to change the subject, away from my points that our current Commander in Chief is a successful wartime President and reminding the Nation is appropriate and fair and that libertad’s comment, as a non contributor, as a spectator, disrespects the Office of the President with an opinion that is uninformed and ignorant.

            But, thanks to the men and women in our Military, protecting the Constitutional 1st Amendment, sometimes giving the ultimate sacrifice, his right.

            But clearly, no thanks to him.      

        • VanDammerVanDammer says:

          and your people murder healthcare providers and bomb clinics

          and your people are the ones playing target practice with pictures of Obama

          and your people run ads with scope sites on Dem politicians

          and your people crash planes into IRS buildings

          and your people kill police officers because of unfounded fears of a black President

          Hold your head high ‘turd in pride for your people

    • SSG_Dan says:

      Let’s set the way-back machine for 2004 –

      Bush defends record: ‘I’m a war president’

      Bush’s strategy in the interview (taped Saturday and broadcast Sunday) was underscored by his repeated emphasis on war, terrorism and national security — issues that he said have shaped his presidency and his leadership. He mentioned the word “war” no less than two dozen times and said, “I’m a war president.”


      Just wondering – did this statement make you throw up? Because, honestly, I think that feeling is from all the Red Bull you’ve been drinking while playing World of Warcraft.

  2. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

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  3. HamborJenny15 says:

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  4. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    I’m not sure what I need from it (seems to be plastic only). But it sure looks like fun – 1.3K for a home 3D printer

    And here’s a fun political question as these do start making it in to homes. Let’s say I buy a thousand dollar design from a website outside the U.S., then print up the device here in Colorado. Do I owe use tax on that purchase since the only bits that came to Colorado were instructions to my printer? What if I am just “renting” the design?

    Of course Colorado will get right on top of addressing how to handle sales tax for situations like this. Ha ha ha – just kidding.

  5. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    Here’s an example of the downside. http://www.kickstarter.com/pro… is a total scam. Kickstarter is slightly different from what the JOBS act allows, but they are very similar.

    What’s going to be a problem is the ones that aren’t as obviously a scam.

  6. Libertad says:

    What’s driving Bill, as usual it’s women, Hillary and others to be exact. Bill’s ability to go commando wordwide without Hillary in tow is motivating Bill.

    The back story is this, he’s a former POTUS, you know trips to India with GHWB, his son, Secret Service, etc….

    With Hillary working 247 out of an AirForce 757 he’s free to expand his work projects. He needs Obama elected badly. If the Freshman loses, that is 4 more years + the 2016 campaign that Hillary will be engaging him on her issues. If you don’t think Bill is motivated you don’t know what motivates Bill.

    Published: April 29, 2012

    WASHINGTON – Four years ago, Barack Obama wrested control of the Democratic Party after portraying Bill Clinton as a symbol of small-ball ambition and outdated politics. Now, as president, Mr. Obama is turning to his Democratic predecessor for help as Republicans breathe down his neck.

    Doug Mills/The New York Times

    President Obama, with former President Bill Clinton in December, has enlisted Mr. Clinton’s help in his bid for re-election. On Sunday, the two appeared at a Virginia fund-raiser that took in more than $2 million.

    The 44th president is enlisting the 42nd president, both as a historical validator of his own leadership and as a pin code to one of the richest A.T.M.’s in American politics. Rather than viewing him as a relic of the past, Mr. Obama is embracing Mr. Clinton as a party wise man who can reassure both the general public and the well-heeled benefactors needed to win re-election.


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