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“He who speaks evil only differs from he who does evil in that he lacks opportunity.”

–Marcus Fabius Quintilianus

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  1. SSG_Dan says:

    ….and maybe with a nod to ‘tad, if he’s finished in WoW this morning…

  2. raymond1 says:

    * News is all over Twitter 9:51am that Manning going to Broncos.

    * >20 min later, still zero on DP frontpage, not even a “breaking news” ticker with just a headline and a promise of more to come — you know, as is done by serious news outlets with some hope of adapting to the world of fast-breaking online news.

    * DP’s 1980s mindset: “wow, this is big news — we better have a big spread on the front page of the sports section in tomorrow’s paper!”

    • dwyer says:

      When Tebow is traded, will he take Dan Caplis with him?

      • raymond1 says:

        BTW it’s now been a half-hour, and still: radio silence on the homepage of the DP. You know, because it’s all about getting a well-polished “front-page story” written for the next print issue of the paper, coming to your doorstep tomorrow morning.

      • rocco says:

        I hadn’t listened to the crazed zealot with the exception of a couple minutes at a dose since the President’s speech in Philadelphia on race and Reverend Wright back in the summer of ’08.

        But as the Manning thing’s heated up, I’ve kind of channel surfed to Caplis and boy oh boy, this guy’s lugnuts are as loose as they could be over the whole deal.

        Today I’ll listen for a while.

        So where’s the young evangelist going to wind up?


      • DougcoDemDougcoDem says:

        He will be calling John Elway all kinds of un-christian names today. Should be entertaining to say the least – and I can’t stand the psalm singing SOB – Caplis not Tebow.

      • VanDammerVanDammer says:

        once Elway trades the Mile-high Messiah will Denver feel the wrath of God?  Will it bring about a Denver version on the Bambino’s Curse?

        Wonder how many ticket sales they’ll lose over this (or how many did they actually gain having TT play)?  I’m not a sports fan in any way so not really trying to cause a heap of KOA fanboy  rants with my post.  I love the idea of the true TT believers getting a big raspberry blown in their faces when their chosen one is sacrificed for the dollars & cents in the game.

        • gertie97 says:

          because they’ve sold out the stadium for about 40 years or so. The fannies are already in the seats. The scalpers will make money. The NFL will make money…just think of all those jersey sales!

          The boy minister can take his act elsewhere.

        • BlueCat says:

          Peyton Manning is also Christian. Betting Elway is too.  Not that that should have anything to do with football.  Remind me why it does?

  3. nancycronknancycronk says:

    Hank Eng, former Candidate for CD6 in 2008, posted his opinion of Coffman, Farber and Miklosi on my facebook wall at 3:26am. Check it out  – he let me repost. It’s in the diary list.  

    • Middle of the Road says:

      It’s one thing for Farber to feel that Miklosi isn’t the strongest Dem candidate to run for the seat or to feel that perhaps he has no chance of winning. Fine. He’s entitled to his opinion and I don’t begrudge him that.

      But to hold a fundraiser for his Republican appointment is just a bridge too far for me. I don’t get that decision. That’s going to bring some big, fat donations into Mike’s coffers and it sends an enormous, unspoken message to fellow Democrats about this race–namely, “don’t bother supporting Joe.”

      It’s one thing to decide not to work or donate for someone. It’s a whole other thing to actively work against a candidate. Jeez, with friends like these, who needs friends?  

      • nancycronknancycronk says:

        what behind-the-scenes threats / string-pulling / squeezes could be going on, doesn’t it? Politics is a dirty, slimy business at times.

      • That’s going to bring some big, fat donations into Mike’s coffers and it sends an enormous, unspoken message to fellow Democrats about this race–namely, “don’t bother supporting Joe.”

        by: Middle of the Road

        You “hit the nail on the head.”  Miklosi’s stumbling, aimless campaign inspires very few.  He didn’t even put in an appearance, put up a banner, or send a surrogate to the Adams County Democratic Assembly last Saturday.  Joe is making Hang Eng and John Flerlage look absolutely brilliant as opponents to Mike Coffman.

        The thing with the new 6th CD is that people in it have already made up their minds about two specific candidates… Barack Obama and Mike Coffman.  Both men are too well known already for others to try and tell voters who they “really are.”

  4. Craig says:

    Are you so naive?  While those guys might be nominal Democrats, for them, the only thing that matters is power and they only have power if their guy wins.  I’ve been saying for some time that the line over-estimates Miklosi’s chances.  I still think it does.  Now the power brokers in town agree with me.

    • nancycronknancycronk says:

      And I know Aurora. Unless Gessler somehow throws the election results in the R direction by messing with the laws or purging voters (which he has dilligently attepted), Aurorans will never connect with Coffman in an Obama election year. Coffman is too white, too rich, too Washington, too Tea Party for Aurora, despite his recent pandering to the middle.

      • BlueCat says:

        he’s going to keep his seat. No problem. Miklosi? You mean Miklosi Who?  Just like Flerlage Who, Eng Who and Winter Who, newly more competitive district not nearly enough to get it done this time around. You see any national money men pouring big bucks into Mikliosi coffers?  Didn’t think so.

  5. VanDammerVanDammer says:

    with State GOPs pushing strident anti-immigrant bills and calls for “build the damn fence” to repel the hordes of border-crossers and denial of basic human rights & justice in AL, AZ, … you’d think the GOP’s fear of diminishing Latino support would be valid.  But look at R-Money basking in his Puerto Rican win today:

    “Those people who don’t think Latinos will vote for a Republican need to take a look at Puerto Rico,” he said.

    “I intend to become our nominee, and I intend to get Latino voters to vote for a Republican and take back the White House,” he added.

    About 132,000 of 3.7 million Puerto Ricans decided to play in the primary and how many of those do ya think are Hispanic?  Who is fuck-all stupid enough to trot out Hispanic turnout from a Caribbean island territory as proof of Hispanic support for your campaign or the GOP as a whole?  R-Money, that’s who!

  6. VanDammerVanDammer says:

    Rise of the Single-Woman Voter (from Slate) The fight to win over the nation’s fastest-growing voting group-and the most misunderstood.

    “Swingles” now a voting bloc of 55 million and growing by almost 1 million a year.  A large percentage of these swingles are young, college-educated snobs women.  They get married later in life and have few kids.  They are more likely to be working, living in cities, and they trend Progressive in their views.  Hmmm, not likely up & coming GOP’rs.

    Now couple that with Rushbo’s attack on Fluke, conservadumbs attack on Planned Parenthood, the white-old-men attacking contraception & uteruses and it all sounds a death knell for yer old GOP.  

    • BlueCat says:

       Another valentine to women voters, this time from the Tennessee legislature:

      The Life Defense Act of 2012, sponsored by state Rep. Matthew Hill (R-Jonesboro), mandates that the Tennessee Department of Health make detailed demographic information about every woman who has an abortion available to the public, including her age, race, county, marital status, education level, number of children, the location of the procedure and how many times she has been pregnant. Each report would also have to include the name of the doctor who performed the procedure.

      Not exactly “jobs, jobs, jobs”.  Just more persecution directed toward those who seek or provide a perfectly legal medical procedure which shouldn’t involve being forced to relinquish privacy anymore than having or performing any other perfectly legal medical procedure. What possible justification other than persecution and intimidation could there possibly be for this?

  7. SSG_Dan says:

    Al-Qaida documents show Obama was right about targeting Islam, and Gingrich and Santorum were wrong.

    Two years ago, President Obama changed the way the U.S. government talked about its conflict with Osama Bin Laden. The administration announced that we were at war not with “jihadists,” “Islamists,” or even “terror.” Instead, our enemy was al-Qaida, and al-Qaida’s Muslim victims were our friends. Republicans denounced this reframing of the war as a capitulation to radical Islam and political correctness. But now we know, from Bin Laden’s own hand, that the reframing hurt al-Qaida. Obama was right, and his critics were wrong.

    On May 2, 2011, Obama, in a fit of political correctness, sent a SEAL team to kill Bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The SEALs, upon entering Bin Laden’s compound, inexcusably failed to call him a radical Islamist. They did, however, shoot him dead and make off with a haul of al-Qaida documents. Some of these documents have now been declassified, and David Ignatius of the Washington Post has just published the first eyewitness account of them. He writes:

    Bin Laden’s biggest concern was al-Qaeda’s media image among Muslims. He worried that it was so tarnished that, in a draft letter … he argued that the organization should find a new name. The al-Qaeda brand had become a problem, bin Laden explained, because Obama administration officials “have largely stopped using the phrase ‘the war on terror’ in the context of not wanting to provoke Muslims,” and instead promoted a war against al-Qaeda. The organization’s full name was “Qaeda al-Jihad,” bin Laden noted, but in its shorthand version, “this name reduces the feeling of Muslims that we belong to them.” … Bin Laden ruminated about “mistakes” and “miscalculations” by affiliates in Iraq and elsewhere that had killed Muslims, even in mosques. He told Atiyah to warn every emir, or regional leader, to avoid these “unnecessary civilian casualties,” which were hurting the organization. “Making these mistakes is a great issue,” he stressed, arguing that spilling “Muslim blood” had resulted in “the alienation of most of the nation [of Islam] from the [Mujaheddin].”

  8. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    Sen. Taylor sent box of excrement by mining bill supporter – political disagreement should never go into actions like this.

  9. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    Officer suspended after being caught having sex in his squad car while on duty (and it was broadcast over police radio)

    ‘Our job is to make sure all officers follow procedures. In this instance it’s possible he didn’t follow proper procedure.’

  10. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    I have Twitter in my day job*, now I can Tweet to all of you. I’m so excited!

    *My day job is sex worker for the Denver political elite. For more information, see Scottie Ewing.

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