Ref C still able to bring emotional punch to talk-radio segment on GOP Senate primary

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There’s a personal quality to talk radio that lends itself to emotion.

Take for example this segment on KVOR’s Jeff Crank Show March 10 about the Senate District 10 primary between Republicans Owen Hill and Rep. Larry Liston.

You can snooze through a lot of talk radio, but not this type of discussion. Crank gets upset, and so do his callers, and you can feel the anger.

When El Paso Country Republicans get mad at each other, Ref C often makes an appearance, as it does here with Crank saying that Hill is falsely acusing Liston of having voted for Ref C. Liston, who was a guest on the show, says he voted against it in the state legislature.

Crank said on air that he was ready to host an on-air debate between Liston and Hill.

But when Crank gave Hill four possible dates for an on air-debate, Hill rejected all of them, Crank told his listeners.  Hill would only debate after the county assembly, he said.

Then this from Crank:

“Last I checked, this is not the Owen Hill show,” said Crank on air. ” This is the Jeff Crank Show, and I decide when you come on and when you don’t come on.  And you don’t call me and demand that, ‘Well, I’ll come on your show but only after this.’  That means you’re forfeiting your right to come on the show.  You come on when I ask.  I decide the topics, not you.

“And what kind of an elected official would that be, by the way, if he’s telling you, ‘Oh, I’m going to call in on this day but not this day.  I’m going to decide when I do this, as opposed to something else.  I’m sorry, that’s just not the way it works here on this show.   When I decide that we’re going to have a debate, that’s when we’re going to have it.  And you either show up, or you don’t show up. Okay?  So, let’s be real clear about that.”

“Second… I gotta tell you, I think there’s an honesty problem here.  Because I have been repeatedly told, and people in our community who I respect, people like Steve Schuck, and many others have asked whether a certain person named John Hoteling was working for Owen Hill, and he tells them, ‘no’.  Because he has a checkered past, you see. He was Doug Lamborn’s campaign manager, ran the slime against me; he and his brother Mark Hoteling, ran the slime against me.  So he doesn’t want everyone to know.”

On the radio, Crank said that Sen. Ted Harvey supports Hill and that Harvey wrote on Facebook that Hoteling is Hill’s camaign guru.

“I was around when Ref C was going,” Crank said on air. “And I was falsely accused of supporting Ref C. So I know what’s it’s like.”

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  1. JeffcoBlueJeffcoBlue says:

    Because it was the Republican Party of Colorado’s last touchstone with reality. Soon all the Referendum C Republicans will be purged, and there will be no one to remind them of the time when they were actually reasonable actors for the good of the state.

    That time is past.

    • harrydobyharrydoby says:

      I didn’t follow Ted Strickland’s career, but according to his Obit, he seemed to be from the rational wing of the rapidly disintegrating GOP.

      • ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

        You lefties live in an incredible bubble of fantasy, do you know that?

        • harrydobyharrydoby says:

          For what it’s worth, I’m not happy with that conclusion either, but neither am I the only one that shares it.

          Google ‘disintegration of republican party’ to see how often the topic is discussed.

          Karl Rove, known as the “Bush Brain’, the man who was able to succeed in electing George W. Bush President twice, is alarmed at what he sees as the coming disintegration of the Republican Party.

          For another, fuller discussion try this one:

          For the last thirty years or so the Republican Party has been engaged in a relentless and effective propaganda campaign designed to secure general assent to certain principles. Government is bad; taxes are bad; elites are contemptible; revealed religion is the only legitimate source of truth and morality; and force is the solution to every foreign policy problem–that list comes pretty close to summing it up.



          Alas, this long-term campaign has had another effect: every Republican under 45–that is, every one too young to have vivid memories of any Republican before Ronald Reagan–really believes all that crap, as one Southern Senator famously said of another during a filibuster against civil rights in the 1950s.

          The poor-to-middling pool of candidates (and elected officials) the party is attracting is symptomatic of the identity crisis the Party is going through.

          The Tea Party is just accelerating the disintegration.  No wonder there is a rising tide of ex-Republicans looking for an alternative.  

          If ever the time was ripe for a new major party, this is it.  

        • BlueCat says:

          presidential line-up, ArapG. Then let’s talk about bubbles of fantasy.

          Or how about your party deciding the way to go is to make the case that women who use contraception are sluts even though almost everybody, including almost everybody on the hypocritical right, uses it and has for decades?  

          I mean if 99% of American women use contraception during their lives you can bet that most of the righties pushing personhood amendments that would outlaw the most common, effective forms have either used them themselves or are married to women who have used or still are using them. Yet this, along with all out assaults on choice and access to routine reproductive healthcare, is the right’s idea of a winning issue?

          Constantly finding ways to stick it to women and Latinos in order to pander to the dying demo of grumpy old white bigots?  Ask Rush how that’s working out for him these days.

          Yeah, I’m sure you know all about fantasy bubbles. Hope you enjoyed 2010. The future is coming for you like a great big fat steam roller, baby.    

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