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“Virtue cannot separate itself from reality without becoming a principle of evil.”

–Albert Camus

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  1. PitaPita says:

    “If something doesn’t break here, I am going to recommend to the president he recess appoint all these people, every one of them. It’s not unique. The power to recess appoint is in our Constitution,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “These are the president’s nominations and he should have the right to have these people working in his administration.”


  2. droll says:

    Of course we all knew it, but did you see recently?


    It’s amazing what a non-existent shot at being VP will do to people. Is it just me, or is the referendum crap crap? The people did vote. I’m sure the governor remembers; it was the night with the balloons and liquor. There may have even been cake. Mmm, cake!

    Here’s hoping the legislature pulls of the override. For the sake of equal rights anyway. An override has the odd benefit of being two things for Christie, an out and an in. Of course, so, potential, does a referendum. That’s gotta be dumb luck, right? No way is Christie that politically smart. (Impotent rage! and **Shakes fist**)

  3. BlueCat says:

    If you were a Dem you could run openly as who you are, get married, have a kid; think Jared Polis…

    One of Arizona’s rising Republican stars is facing allegations he threatened to deport a Mexican resident who claims to have been his gay ex-lover.

    The Phoenix New Times is reporting that Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, who has become one of the faces of the anti-illegal immigration fight in Arizona and nationwide, threatened a 34-year-old man identified only as Jose with deportation if he disclosed details of their years-long affair. Jose had previously been asked to sign paperwork that he would never breathe a word about the affair.

    This isn’t going to help his ambition to run for congress as a repug, is it? Doesn’t it bother these closet cases that if their R buddies really knew them they’d despise them?


    • Yes. That’s the best way to stay in the closet. Post pictures of your distinctive tattoo on the best-known gay male dating site in the country.

      Here’s the Phoenix New Times piece, if anyone’s interested in going there directly.

      I’m not comfortable with the involuntary outing of gay politicians in general, but in this case? Yeah. Threaten someone to the point he has to seek legal protection from you? That sacrifices the right to privacy.

      • BlueCat says:

        he can’t complain about outing while posting on a famous male dating site and he can’t complain about anything while threatening to use his power to punish a former lover. Self loathing and a bad job of living a lie tend not to do a lot for one’s integrity. Guess there won’t be any movement ip the GOP political ladder for this moron.

  4. We gotta keep the good ones. Westminsterites, don’t be surprised to find me at your door this afternoon!

  5. Whiskey Lima JulietWhiskey Lima Juliet says:

    The joke Foster Friess told was no big deal, kids hear worse on TV.

    What?  Lou Dobbs and old white conservative men are so confused and out of touch they don’t even know what IS offensive!  DeeDee Myers set him straight.

    Why is America going to back to 1950?  Is the next thing coming from the GOP going to be fighting for segragation in schools? And all boy clubs for Executives at major corporations?  

  6. RedGreenRedGreen says:

    Part of this clip played this morning on Up with Chris Hayes. It’s an eerily prescient 1995 look at the 2010 Class of Republican members of Congress.

  7. ScottP says:

    It only used footage that was recorded during WWII. It was very powerful seeing actual footage and not reenactments. It also made me realize just how completely fucking stupid and wrong it is to compare anyone’s current political stance with what the Nazis did in Europe.

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