CO Right to Life Leader Vows 2012 Personhood Effort, Despite MS Loss

(Great logic here. It got 30% in Colorado and 42% in Mississippi, so it’s moving up! Nevermind that Mississippi is considerably more conservative than Colorado. This only thing a third Personhood Amendment will do in Colorado is cripple the Republican nominee for President in this state.  – promoted by Colorado Pols)

On Kevin Swanson’s “Generations Radio” show, broadcast Nov. 11 from his basement in eastern Colorado, Colorado Right to Life Vice President Leslie Hanks vowed to press ahead next year with a third try at passing a Personhood Amendment in Colorado.

Hanks sounded mildly disappointed with Mississippi’s rejection Tues. of a Personhood measure by a 58-to-42-percent margin, but she told Swanson that the Personhood movement is “moving in the right direction,” gaining 27% in CO in 2008, 30% 2010, and 42% in Mississippi this week.

Hanks invited Swanson’s listeners to a “March for Life” Jan. 21 at noon on the west steps of the CO Capitol, where the third attempt to pass a Personhood Amendment in Colorado will be officially launched and petitions for gathering signatures to put the measure on the ballot will be available. Mike Adams of conservative and others will speak, Hanks to Swanson, at the “Round Three Personhood Colorado” event.

She told Swanson that Personhood activists in Florida are gathering signitures now, as are supporters in Ohio and Montana. Coloradoans were the first in the country to vote on a Personhood amendment in 2008.

“We won’t quit until justice has been served for all those innocent children who have been killed,” Hanks told Swanson.

“This is the kind of thing that bothers the other side,” Swanson concluded at the end of his broadcast. “They realize, we’re not giving up. And that really irritates them. And I’ll tell ya, to be honest, I kind of enjoy that.”

Swanson, who’s Nov. 11 broadcast was titled “Making Progress on Personhood,” is a pastor, who tells his listeners that his radio show “is trying to put some things back together during the decline of western civilization, the breakdown of faith, family, and freedom, the breakdown of morality, and of course the massive, massive increase in the state, that is statism, tyranny, government tyranny.”

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  1. MADCO says:

    TABOR failed at least 8 times. Yet it is the law now.

    • Gilpin Guy says:

      People learn from past mistakes.

      Pro-life proponents (the real ones who care about a child after delivery and care about the earth and all its life forms) aren’t going to fall asleep on this one.  Not this time.  Not ever.

  2. Mr. Swanson – what bothers us is definitely that you’re not giving up.  You’re wasting space on our ballots, and you’re obviously not listening to the voting public: Colorado isn’t just against your extremist BS, it’s a pro-choice state and has been for a long number of years now.

    Please, go away.  Try to find some more faithful believers before coming back to the ballot box.  Hint: you’ll need a lot – about 20% of the total voting population.

  3. Craig says:

    Mildly disapppointed??? I think not.  You must be devastated.  You pick the most anti-choice state with the poorest and dumbest population and you still get crushed?  If you can’t win there, you can’t win anywhere.  Leslie, I admire your commitment, but your judgment is wrong.  Your movement made a lot of progress nationally by picking around the edges and concentrating on access.  But you here in Colorado, with your all or nothing attitude.  Well, you still haven’t ever had an anti-choice legislature, ever.  Your success rate is pretty low.  Of course, you are dealing in Colorado with one of the most pro-choice states in the country.  Something you have always failed to acknowledge.  Why don’t you join the rest of us from the 70’s and 80’s and retire from politics?

  4. thiokuutoo says:

    It’s a paying gig. Which is pretty good for someone in this Republican anti-American economy.

  5. VanDammerVanDammer says:

    but how about all those attempts just to get them on ballots?  She can’t admit to those failures.  

    Hanks upside is all denial.  MS was supposed to be their best chance in any of the states and it tanked.  They couldn’t get it on the ballots in Oregon, Nevada, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, … and everytime they’re out pushing their peitions in folks faces is just another to further sour the electorate.  

    • DaftPunkDaftPunk says:

      They didn’t have enough sigs at first, the repeat round looked suspect, but the rules regarding a challenge to a petition are so onerous that the money and manpower needed make it almost impossible.

      Maybe our voters will be sick enough of it on the third go-round not to put it back on.

      At this point I think it’s almost a plus to have it on the ballot here.  The fundraising to defeat such nonsense declines each time.  The fundraising effort allows the pro-choice side to recruit new activists.  It makes flip-floppers like the Buck pedaller and switch-hit- Mitt look like tools, and is shows just how extreme and anti-woman the hardcore anti-abortion movement is.

  6. nancycronknancycronk says:

    It motivates women to vote (against it), and when women vote, Dems are elected. Bring it on.

  7. Gypsy Chief says:

    See Mother Jones:

    Note who is not a cosponsor of H.R. 212 ‘Sancity of Life’ Cory Gardner, that’s who.

    Note who is not a cosponsor of H.R. 374 ‘Life at Conception’ Cory Gardner.

    I expect to see stories about Gardner abandons defenseless life forms.  

  8. sickofit says:

    So Leslie Hanks, the Jesus-hating “sidewalk counselor” terrorist extremist, is going to try this “egg as a person” personhood crap again in 2012?  So, Leslie, you and your horrible cronies truly believe that a ZYGOTE is a PERSON? ‘Personhood’ would make women who have a miscarriage subject to a criminal investigation, ban most forms of birth control (which means most women who take the pill could be charged with MURDER!), ban life-saving stem-cell research, and ban in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for people who are trying desperately to have a baby!

    So Leslie, when a woman has a life threatening ectopic pregnancy, who decides which “person” gets to live and which “person” gets to die?  YOU?

    Well it is all indeed shocking, but it’s no surprise, and it’s personal for me.  I live just off of Olive Street here in Denver, about two blocks away from where Leslie Hanks comes out regularly to loudly bully and harass anyone going into or coming out of a health clinic that is near here.

    We all know exactly who Leslie Hanks is and almost every time I drive by there, Leslie is out there with her cohorts trying to videotape everyone as they come and go and violating everyone’s right to privacy. At least 30 of my neighbors (and a couple of ex-protesters who gave us info) have researched these people and almost all of them are criminals and low-lifes!

    Leslie is joined out there every week by her friends.  Here are some facts about these psychopaths:

    Jo Anne Scott (Kreipel) was convicted on federal felony charges of conspiring to bomb a clinic!

    Ken Tyler Scott (Jo’s husband) is a convicted deadbeat dad who didn’t even support his own daughters and has been committed to a mental hospital before because of his actions related to health clinics!

    Bob Adolph Enyart (“Pastor” of Denver Bible Church in Arvada) was sentenced to 60 days in jail for beating a 7 year old boy so hard with a belt that he bled!  Bob is apparently paying many of these people to be there.  

    Other terrorist names include: Scott Melvin Evans, Tony Massey, Cliff Powell and Beau Ballentine.  They all stand out there and continually videotape, bully and harass!  

    They all try to claim to be “sidewalk counselors” and have disgusting, photo-shopped signs, bloody plastic children’s baby dolls, morbid “baby caskets”, and fake ‘abortion’ posters of bloody babies, and these are ALL OVER the streets in our neighborhood.  They have giant signs of miscarriages and knowingly falsely present them as “abortions”.  They even stand on giant ladders so they can videotape, bully and harass people over the clinic privacy fence!  Their tactics are awful and even anti-human.    

    They know no boundaries, are very loud, obnoxious and aggressive and I can hear them yelling and making noise from my back yard every week!  NONE of my neighbors want to drive near these horrible images and activities, especially when we have our young children in the car.  Everyone reading this take a minute and imagine how you would feel if you had these grotesque signs lining the streets in your neighborhood!  We are sick of it.  These “protestors” all seem to try to video tape and intimidate anyone who drives down Pontiac street here in Denver and will lie to and mislead ANYONE who they can get to stop to listen, or otherwise is within earshot.  

    I have two daughters, both on birth control until they are ready to have my grandchildren (hopefully soon!), and if they harassed them like that, I would call the police on them.  Leslie and her cronies need to go away!  Our neighbors are currently discussing a possible class-action lawsuit or other action against these people in order to try to take our neighborhood back.  This used to be a nice place to live until Leslie Hanks and her cronies started coming around.

    They are all blasphemous towards the sacred Christian Bible and are harassing many REAL Christians, most whom are going into a clinic for birth control and other needed medical services (many from our surrounding neighborhood!).  There have been several incidents where young women from our church were having miscarriages or other pregnancy complications and these people actually yelled at them “don’t kill your baby!” and “baby killer!”


    I used to consider myself more “pro-life” than pro-choice, but not any longer. These people do so much harm to the anti-abortion cause, which should be peaceful. I personally would like to see us get to the point where abortion is rare or non-existent because of effective family planning.

    GOD will be the judge of all of us one way or another, NOT these terrible bullies!  Jesus was peaceful and would have never done any of this and would not have approved in any way.  These “sidewalk counselors” are doing the devil’s work and are the new Westboro Baptist Church of our community and their arrogant ignorance is so sad and pathetic that it sickens me.

    These are the worst of the worst of anti-abortion (and anti-gay, anti-religious freedom) extremists. Anyone that associates with these people will be judged the same way by the public and by God (as mentally ill, sadistic and psychopathic!) There is a special place in Hell for all of these people, but it’s just as well, since these “sidewalk counselors” hate Jesus and are doing the devil’s work.

    I am a member of a very large and REAL Christian Church south of Denver and our Pastor gave a wonderful sermon on Sunday about how these “sidewalk counselor” bullies blaspheme the name of the Lord.  Our Pastor encouraged us to contact Voice of Choice ( to help attempt to get the protesters to see that this should not be about anyone’s stance on abortion, but to NOT BULLY and NOT HARRASS your fellow human beings.

    Hundreds of the Denver parishioners and their family members have contacted Voice of Choice and offered their services to do what they could do to help.  I hope you will do the same.  Please pray for the protesters!  

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