Perry Who? Colorado GOP Brass Backs Romney

Tim Hoover of the Denver paper reports that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, recently challenged for his status as frontrunning Republican presidential candidate in this state by the surging Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, will appear in Denver next week in downtown Denver at a $500-a-plate fundraiser for his campaign.

Perry may have shaken Romney’s heretofore lead in Colorado in the most recent polling, but it’s worth noting (as Hoover does) the long list of Colorado GOP luminaries co-hosting Romney’s fundraiser next week–including Bill Owens, Hank Brown, Wayne Allard, and all three statewide Republican officeholders: Treasurer Walker Stapleton, Secretary of State Scott Gessler, and Attorney General John Suthers.

Lead or no lead, it’s a bit more impressive a roster than Marc Holtzman and Scott McInnis.

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  1. Libertad says:

    Interestingly, noted Denver insider Blair Richardson is also hosting for Governor Romney.

  2. The list of Romney supporters is a good sign for his campaign here. Stapleton, Gessler, and Suthers are wise to join the old (really old, in Brown’s case) guard in supporting Mittens.

    Perry still has a lot of work to do if he wants to win over moderate Republicans who look to Brown, and Owens to a lesser extent, as leaders.

  3. ArapaGOPArapaGOP says:

    Owens introduced Gov. Perry recently at the Western Conservative Summit. Because either Romney or Perry can beat Obama, I doubt this will be a big fight within the Colorado GOP. Perry vs. Romney will most likely be decided outside of Colorado, with no opportunity to sow dissent by Democrats.

    • PPP showed Romney as the only candidate with any chance of beating Obama among independents in Colorado–a state Karl Rove said recently would be the crown jewel of the electoral college–so maybe your wish that this will be a quiet, gentlemanly affair is a little fantasy.

      AGOP, just because YOU have a hard-on for Rickles, doesn’t mean every other Republican in Colorado does.

    • RedGreenRedGreen says:

      Owens and Perry are friends, but Owens made it quite clear that introducing Perry didn’t mean endorsing him..

  4. I don’t know why?

    Personally, I think the folks working for Romney in Colorado are kicking every other GOP campaign’s ass – they did that in 2008 and it seems they’re continuing

  5. pistol says:

    and in effect, he has never stopped campaigning.  Perry is the new boy on the block.  AGOP correctly wrote this will be decided elsewhere.  Perry’s base is heavily southern and it’s to be expected the GOP will attack, heavily.  The debates will be a huge factor.

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