Did Mejia Bury the AFSCME Endorsement?

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After glowing praise from Dean Singleton early last week I was really curious to see where the major unions would come down on Mejia – a couple other people were too.

Dean Singleton may very well be the biggest union buster in Colorado. So when the Mejia campaign sent an email gloating Singleton’s backing I figured they could kiss all union endorsements goodbye. This is a logical conclusion, right?

Turns out I was wrong – AFSCME endorsed Mejia late last week. I still didn’t believe it, and so I checked Mejia’s website, Facebook Page, and googled “AFSCME Mejia.” Nothing could be found. But still, the grapevine keeps saying that AFSCME endorsed Mejia. Again, this is weird, right?

When the Teamsters endorsed Hancock it was quickly made public.

Same for when the firefighters endorsed Romer.

Is the AFSCME endorsement being buried, or has the grapevine lead me astray?

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  1. (Cross posted previously on same diary on DenverPols)

    James Mejia and the campaign are proud to have the support of AFSCME among many others. The support of City & Municipal Employees, many of whom know James from his time working for Mayors Webb & Hickenlooper is a welcome addition to the others supporting his campaign for Mayor.

    Regarding the timing of any announcement, AFSCME notified candidates Friday afternoon (late into the day heading into the weekend) and, out of respect for their organization and their intention to notify other candidates prior to a public announcement, our campaign did not think it appropriate to send out a release before they had done so or before it had been confirmed that everybody they wanted to notify had been contacted.

    We were disappointed to learn over the weekend that rather than focus energy on sharing their own vision for creating jobs and bringing people together to solve the challenges Denver faces, some chose to make calls and to send emails attempting to drive a wedge between working families and the business community. James Mejia believes there is a seat at the table for everybody if they are interested in creating jobs in Denver.

    We congratulate Mr. Romer on his endorsement from the firefighters, Mr. Hancock on his endorsement from Teamsters and are proud to have the support of AFSCME along with many business leaders, small business owners and thousands of people from all walks of life across Denver.

    We expect each campaign to continue to work to earn the support of a wide range of people and will be sending out statements and/or holding press conferences over the weeks ahead as James earns the support of additional people and organizations.

  2. MADCO says:

    AFSCME   (303) 355-6504

    • John Tzekara says:

      But not too many sadly.  I guess it’s what happened when the mayoral discussion went over there and there weren’t many posters besides.  It’s mildly entertaining, but I wish either more COPols people went over to talk about the race or it was all just one site so the campaign shills were just a portion of the population (like here)

  3. OK, which Mayoral campaign thinks we can’t tell the difference between a new diarist and a campaign shill?

    I’m guessing Romer, entirely based on the fact that I already dislike him and I prefer to limit the number of people I look upon with that much disdain. Excessive disdain is bad for the digestion.

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