Nancy Pelosi, Jared Polis…And Colorado Pols?

Earlier this month prominent Republican Ali Hasan switched parties and became a Democrat. According to an interview “InnerView” with the Colorado Statesman, it’s our fault:

CS: Did you talk to anyone in Colorado about your decision before you made it?

MAH: There was – actually (laughs) there was a lot of bloggers on (political website) Colorado Pols. I would say it was Pelosi, Polis and then Colorado Pols, funny enough. [Pols emphasis] Because there were a lot of people in Pols who e-mailed me directly and said, “You know, we would really love to have you.” And a lot of them were very humorous and said, “Look, we’ll get over your fiscal views,” (laughs), but they said, “You know, you’re so good on the immigrant and gay views that you’d have a place here.” So there was a couple of precinct captains in Colorado that I did have close conversations with, and I just said, “You know, when you consider my past history and my fiscal views that I’m not going to give up, do you think there’s a place for me?” And they always came back saying, “Yes.”

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  1. sxp151 says:

    So, uh, you’re welcome and shit.

  2. cybersoul says:

    …in the ColoradoPols comments even if he was wrong (in terms of his fiscally conservative views)!

  3. I met a great handful of Democratic Precinct Captains and activists from this site – the emails and kind comments I got played a HUGE part – especially during the Mosque debate last summer

    I never felt more politically vulnerable in my life, than when that Mosque debate happened (and believe me – between all the mistakes I made during HD56, that’s a pretty big statement!) and this place turned into my home and hiding place during that entire debacle

    I guess I just wanted it to be my permanent home?

    • jpsandscl says:

      about that fiscal conservatism. I’d love to get a dialogue going where we really attack fiscal issues, such as funding and fair taxation and then discuss what social measures are really important. because social change doesn’t come free. It costs money.

      Look forward to it Ali! Asalaam alaikum!

    • Said this already but I want to say it again, because I am so, so excited to have you as a Democrat. I disagree with your fiscal Conservatism but I do believe it has a place in the Democratic party–after all, someone has to bring people like me back to Earth once in a while, and the people like me are here to shake you out of your shell when spending really does need to happen for social change to occur.

      Hope to see you around. You may not live in CO anymore but stop by for a few of our events, please? I’ve been to fundraisers and functions for both major parties, and we Dems are a lot more fun. The most fun I ever had at a Republican event involved a George W. Bush impersonator who was at least worth a chuckle.

      Now, if you just give up the whole “supportive of Michael Vick” thing, I’ll list myself as your official #1 fan 😉  

      • In terms of fiscal conservatism and the Democratic Party, I do believe that every American should have a chance at OPPORTUNITY – but I don’t think that opportunity manifests with mandated healthcare and/or social programs – I believe it manifests when every American can get a decent education, have a GREAT chance of going to college and post-grad schools, and have a chance to open a small business with credit lines available at the bank for those opportunities

        As a Democrat, I plan to champion reform in our K-12 system, encouraging better funding of Higher Ed, and making sure credit lines are open for small businesses – that will be my contribution as an ‘American Dream & Opportunity’ Democrat

        You guys will both definitely see me around – I’m proud to be in California, but I’ll be around here, no doubt!

        And PC – regarding Vick – I’m proud of him for serving his time, not complaining about it, and apologizing – he’s a great example that, when you make mistakes, you can make them better and still be productive to society – I sympathize deeply with his story, which is why I’m cheering for him

        I LOVE YOU ALL!

  4. BlueCat says:

    social justice and compassion makes him a good fit, especially in a state like Colorado where he has plenty of fiscal conservative/social progressive Dems for company.  

  5. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    He likes us, he really really likes us 🙂

    And congrats to the precinct captains – good job!

  6. It was comforting to me to have Ali as a Republican here. Or rather, to have a Republican here such as Ali. I liked and admired him as a Repub.

    You’ve heard “I’m social liberal, but a fiscal conservative.” dozens of times. Sometimes masked as “compassionate conservatism.” (Who was it that claimed that?) It usually meant their committment to social justice was a sham. That’s what I used to spout before I realized I couldn’t dichotomize myself that way: It seems to be impossible to strongly fulfill socially progressive beliefs without, ultimately, supporting them through community, especially through that most powerful of our communities, government.

    Ah, well. Repubs’ loss, Democrats’ gain. For Pols it’s a draw. Ali’s still here. I’m happy for that. Who knows? I was young once too. Death and taxes aren’t the only certitudes in life; another is change.

  7. nancycronknancycronk says:

    We’re not irrelevant after all!  ; )

    Ali — please tell me you don’t support dog-fighting?

    • My puppy dog, Deelya Wildfire, is the LOVE of my life!

      (She’s on my facebook pics)

      I am cheering for Michael Vick – he served his time, he apologized, and now he proves that, even though you’ve made a mistake, you can come back and be a productive member of society – when someone is punished for criminal behavior, I want them to apologize, feel remorse, serve their time, and come back as a great member to society (see – pretty liberal, huh?)

      I also sympathize with Vick, because (while not anywhere near his level) I know what it’s like to eat a lot of humble pie in public — I admire anyone that can bounce back from that, as a better person

      • droll says:

        until I remembered what he did.

        It’s hard to sell that you love and respect something after torturing and killing it.  (Insert political joke here)

        I had examples of situations where we, as a society, don’t let the fox back in the hen house, but deleted them for being overly dramatic.

        Moving on, it’s not like the poor dog gets to know the details and choose, is it?

        I would also suggest that bouncing back from humiliation is a trait shared by good people and giant asses.  Look how well Blago’s doing.  It’s because he doesn’t think he did anything wrong.  He’s not strong, he’s arrogant.

        All that being said, when I asked my landlord for puppy permission he told me that “everyone should have the love of a dog.”  Maybe my heart just doesn’t bleed as easily.

        I know you’re a bit eclectic with your religions.  So if you’re celebrating something, I hope it’s great!

        • I would say that Blago and Vick are two HUGE differences

          Vick plead guilty, apologized, and served his time – Blago did EVERYTHING he could to run away from what turned out to be a slew of guilty charges

          I wish well on Blago and hope that he cleans up – Vick though, is a model for how someone can turn their life around after terrible, criminal behavior

          However – those chances are only possible when one lives in a compassionate society that gives second chances

          Hey – I’m proud to have a BLEEDING heart 😉

  8. IndyNinjaIndyNinja says:

    “…do you think there’s a place for me?” And they always came back saying, “Yes.”

    If I were to ever affiliate with a party (which I have absolutely no intention of ever doing), I would side with the D’s for no other reason than statements like this.

    A couple years ago, I was part of a group of students supporting the repeal of arveschoug-bird. One of the sponsors of that bill (SB09-228) was then Representative Don Marostica (R-Loveland). Rep. Marostica was chided and shunned by his party for his sponsorship of this bill and was assured that his career as a Republican had ended because he disagreed with the party on ONE THING. He eventually was offered a job in Governor Ritter’s administration. Once again proving that it is the Democrats with the big tent.

    I dislike the Democratic Party for a lot of reasons, but I have always appreciated their willingness to accept diversity, including diversity of thought.

    Imagine if I announced that I was going to run for office in Colorado as an anti-TABOR Republican. Do you think I would get a single vote in the primary? Maybe my grandparents would vote for me, that’s about it. Yet there are Democrats who are anti-gay marriage (The President), there are democrats who are anti-immigration, etc.

    If the Republican party is to die or become obsolete, I will attribute the cause of that death to their closed-mindedness and exclusion of those beliefs from their ranks which do not conform and concur with the party line.

    Congratulations Ali, I would have rather seen you as an independent, but I understand the choice even if I don’t agree with it.

  9. bjwilson83 says:

    Basing your political affiliations on a blog? Come on Hasan, you’ve got to have deeper convictions than that.

    • IndyNinjaIndyNinja says:

      There are some people on here that can critisize someone for lack of coviction.

      You are not one of them.

      Unless your definition of conviction includes arrogance, closed-mindedness, and categorical rejection of any and all facts which stand opposed to your predetermined beliefs. Cuz that you have down pat.

      From what I can tell, Ali hasn’t altered any of his beliefs here, nor has he compromised his values in any way. The Grand Old (white guy) Party repelled him with overt racism, religeous zealotry and bigotry, as they have so many others.

      As I said above, I wish he had simply gone independant. But I fully understand that anyone with both political ambition and a realistic viewpoint has to affiliate one way or the other to be succesful. And given the pattern that has developed with Sen. White and Rep. Marostica, its not surprising that more and more republicans are chosing to switch to a party that allows them the right have their own convictions without being ostrisized.

      So, in fact, his choice actually reflects courage of conviction, not lack thereof.

    • EmeraldKnight76 says:

      at the first sign of trouble? The guy who shows no embarrassment over his many hypocrisies? The guy who shows no shame at creating a ridiculous sockpuppet? Who doesn’t even think before insulting our men & women in uniform by comparing what he does in math class to what they do in combat?

      Beej, please spare us your righteous indignation.  

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