Michael Vick wants to own a dog

Ok, so I know after reading the title to this diary your response is probably something akin to, “What the F@$k does Michael Vick wanting to own a dog have to do with Colorado or politics?”

Well I’m glad you asked! You see Vick’s tale is one of redemption and our society loves a good down-and-out come back story (Rocky, the Fighter, the Wrestler, and pretty much any good sports movie comes to mind).

As with any political cycle, we saw some rise and some inevitably fall. The question I wish to pose is:

Of those fallen, who do you believe will rise from the ashes of the 2010 election?  

Now onto the candidates!

Ken Buck – Although Ken Buck might have been the most extreme candidate in Colorado history, there’s no denying he performed considerably well (OK OK, he did well in comparison with Bob Schaffer).

Jane Norton – Let’s be honest, had the GOP nominated Norton, there’s no chance Bennet retains the seat.

John Salazar – This match up has all the makings of a great boxing title match, dare I say a rubber-match? Ding ding round 3!

Betsy Markey – As pols notes, “Markey probably the favorite for Dem nom… if she wants it, and if district lines change.”

Ryan Frazier – A surprising campaign gave Perlmutter a run for his money and was perhaps the biggest surprise this election year (Governor’s race not included, cause that S**t was crazy).Young, dynamic, has the desire to run again, and well liked by Wadhams and Republican leadership.

Cary Kennedy – Smart and only lost due to the “wave”.

Josh Penry – In terms of the phoenix rising from the ashes, Josh Penry is the most intriguing. If he hadn’t exited the race, he’d have won the primary and given Hickenlooper a run for his money. He’s still only 34 years of age, the party loves him and he energizes the base.  

Scott McInnis – Come on… he’s done.

Tom Tancredo – Still wants to prove he can win statewide, doesn’t feel a three way (hehe three way) race proved he cannot win as he notes on his Facebook page.

Dan Maes – Dan Maes is a joke and won’t even rise up from his financial woes.

Bernie Buescher – I really don’t have anything to say. 2nd major loss in as many elections, it might be time to hang it up

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  1. Barron X says:


    Gee, I just hired the guy for a cash management position.  U think I shoulda done a background check on him first ?  


  2. EmeraldKnight76 says:

    It’s was hilarious to watching this guy go from being the darling of the GOP (remember when Beej was his biggest fan?) to a total pariah. Everything Maes did was disastrous. He nearly cost the GOP their major party status. Classic. If at first you don’t succeed…

  3. nancycronknancycronk says:

    like Jack the Ripper should have been a girl scout leader.

    Or Dan Maes should be State Treasurer.

    Or Wade Norris should be Michael Bennet’s PR guy.

    Or Marilou should be Director of Planned Parenthood.

    Or Tom Tancredo should get a job with Teaching Tolerance.

    Or Ken Buck should teach Feminism at CU.


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