Pro-Buck Groups Get Ads Pulled in Missouri

Interesting news today from Missouri, via the campaign for Democratic Senate candidate Robin Carnahan:

Missouri media outlets have pulled two misleading attack ads against Robin Carnahan being aired by Congressman Blunt’s corporate special interest allies.  This weekend, a Missouri network including 77 radio stations pulled a false attack ad being run by Americans for Job Security – a group with a long history of campaign related citations and violations. [Anchorage Daily News,  8/17/08;]

In addition, Karl Rove’s special interest group, American Crossroads GPS, had their attack ad pulled down by CableNet while the FEC looks into allegations of illegal coordination between Congressman Blunt’s campaign and Rove’s group.

Both Americans for Job Security and American Crossroads GPS have run ads in Colorado on behalf of Republican Senate candidate Ken Buck, with Americans for Job Security (AJS) spending more than $2 million for Buck in the primary alone.

We’ve long wondered about potential coordination issues with Buck’s campaign and these outside interest groups. The question first came to mind when Buck raised a curiously low $40,000 in the last fundraising quarter of 2009, because normally such a poor effort for a Senate candidate would all but end their campaign; the only way Buck could have remained credible was if his campaign (and high-level supporters) knew that there would be significant outside help available. Buck had raised $1.2 million for his campaign as of the July 21 reporting period, which was less than Republican Cory Gardner had raised in his CD-4 congressional campaign, and about half of what AJS spent just on TV ads on Buck’s behalf.

The connection dug up in Missouri between Republican Rep. Roy Blunt and outside interest groups like AJS may very well end up being made with Buck as well, and if so, it will play a major role in deciding whether Buck can defeat Sen. Michael Bennet in November. If Buck doesn’t have these ads on the air in Colorado, he’s in trouble.

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  1. bjwilson83 says:

    This one’s a bit of a stretch.

  2. droll says:

    a candidate whose only major message is that the incumbent is corrupt?  Assuming it’s even true, or that the reason the ads were pulled is because the candidates these groups support are all corrupt, this may have been one of those times you should wait for someone else to pick up on the story.  Or, if you want to make like real reporters, get a statement from the mystery media outlet.

    Anyway, you also seem to be suggesting that the entire GOP is coordinating with these two groups, but that, if their ads are pulled for an investigation (valid or not), no one else will come up with any money.  In a state that actually could switch.

    Look, I hate these two idiot groups and Buck as much as the next birth control using woman, but maybe wait for a real story?  Please?

  3. H-man says:

    You state:

    The connection dug up in Missouri between Republican Rep. Roy Blunt and outside interest groups like AJS may very well end up being made with Buck as well, and if so, it will play a major role in deciding whether Buck can defeat Sen. Michael Bennet in November.

    Would you have the same factual basis that I would have in claiming:

    Michael Bennet may very well end up having beaten his wife, and if so, it will play a major role in deciding whether Bennet can defeat Buck in November.

    This is one of the few times that I appreciate the British system of libel jurisprudence.  

    • ajb says:

      Groups that support Buck stand accused of coordinating with candidates in other states, in violation of the law.

      Groups that support Buck are running attack that are so flagrantly false that media outlets refuse to run them.

      Buck campaign has no money of its own. Buck’s campaign depends on these same groups.

      Therefore, it’s logical to question whether Buck campaign engages in similar practices.

      • H-man says:

        Groups that support Bennet are accused of criminal activity.

        Bennet is running an ad that has been truth tested as not true but keeps running it.

        Bennet hangs out with crooks and he is a liar.

        Therefore, it’s logical to question whether anyone who supports him is a crook and a liar.

        Seems just as logical?

        • MADCO says:

          Buck raised about $50 in the primary, yet had wayyyy more media than his opponent.

          The claim was made then that he had coordinated with the 527’s  buying all that media.

          Now those 527’s have been bounced form the airwaves in another race.

          If they are bounced here, Buck will have far less media here.

          I get that you don’t like Buck’s opponents. But this article is relevant, timely and evenly presented.

        • ajb says:

          Hypotheticals are all fine and dandy, but they’re just vapor.

          The diary makes substantiated charges. You, on the other hand, got nuthin’.

  4. catpuzzle says:

    People seem to be forgetting, but Buck already stands accused of similar coordination. In fact, there’s a pending FEC complaint against him…

    Buck accused of campaign finance violation

    Ken Buck, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, has been accused of violating federal campaign rules by a Jane Norton fan. Norton, former lieutenant governor, hopes to petition onto the primary ballot to give Buck a run in August.

    The news was reported by and is based on seven-page complaint dated May 18. Buck is expected to sweep the Republican assembly this weekend with backing from tea partiers.

  5. marilou says:

    with no basis in fact.  

    Remember Mike “Rubberstamp” Bennet voted for Obamacare?  Can any of you (or Bennet) tell us with a straight face that medical costs are going to decrease and quality is going to increase?

    Mike “Rubberstamp” Bennet said he’d risk his job to get government to take our health care freedom.  Let’s show him to the door.

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