Republicans Dont Want Maes OR McInnis

UPDATE: Dan Maes is claiming victory, Tweets the state’s newspaper of record.

This one (hee hee) might end up (snicker) having to go to a (guffaw) recount before it’s over. You can’t make this stuff up — a potential recount to confirm the candidate that Republicans don’t want anyway. If Republicans could vote on whether they even care who wins, we’d wager ‘NO’ would get more votes than either Maes or McInnis.

Kind of puts a dent in the old vacancy committee scheduling, eh?

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  1. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    It could still go either way, but Maes is holding on to that lead with his fingernails. And if he wins, I think he’ll stay in.

    And really, how much is it worth to the GOP to have someone else lose to Hick. Might as well be Maes.

  2. davebarnesdavebarnes says:

    1300 votes at 2212 10AUG2010.

    I only wish that I had voted multiple times.

  3. fatboy says:

    With a lot of righty blogs calling for an under vote for gov right now the under vote is only a little over 17,000 or about 4%.

  4. ScottP says:

    Best ideas for dealing with a tie:

    Coin toss

    20 paces at dawn

    Bicycle joust

  5. Snead says:

    That Penry will lose twice tonight?

  6. ScottP says:

    Is it something for Dems to worry about in November? Probably.

  7. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    78% and he’s ahead 0.5%. Maes the Magnificent!

  8. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    Ok with 90% reporting he’s up 50.5% to 49.4%. This is a guy with no political experience, no connections, no money. And he just won the primary. Yes the McInnis plagiarism helped him a lot, but Maes made a number of mistakes too. Definitely a weird time.

  9. Half Glass FullHalf Glass Full says:

    I have a strong hunch something will “just happen” and that reimbursement agreement will be canceled.

  10. ohwilleke says:

    suggests that election day voters were less likely to favor McInnis than voters who mailed in their ballots early on (machinations to have McInnis resign by party leaders and certain newspapers notwithstanding).

    Looking at the results on a county by county basis, support for McInnis is heavily concentrated in areas that were in the 3rd Congressional District when he was in Congress, and are much weaker in most other counties.

    It looks like Maes is going to win this!

    Tancredo isn’t going to drop out to let Maes run, Maes has no traction in the campaign finance department at all (even post-scandal, McInnis raised more than he did), and the guy has made national news with his idiocy.

    So, now the big question is whether Maes can, after winning the primary, acknowledge the futility of his efforts.  While he can’t win the general election (and he knows this if he an any shred of sanity), a primary win lets him play kingmaker and earn a lot of GOP good karma if he plays ball and drops out on his own terms.  

    A post-primary deal would leave Maes much better off than he would be as a discredited loser in the general election, and if he can cut a deal with Tancredo on a replacement that is capable of self-funding, these men could put a candidate in place who would never have a shot in a vacancy committee if the party establishment had its way.  

    Indeed, if Maes withdrew and endorsed someone else, and Tancredo also endorsed the same replacement, and Tancredo stayed in the race until the vacancy committee acted, Tancredo could actual help Maes by keeping a vacancy committee from welching on the tacit deal that caused Maes to resign, because unless both Maes and Tancredo get out, the GOP candidate is doomed.

    Alternately, Maes could not resign, fail to campaign, and then endorse Tancredo at the last minute when it is too late to replace him as the GOP nominee.

    Will those things happen?  Beats me.  But, given that it seems likely that McInnis may be out of the game by tomorrow morning, that is the only way that I can see the GOP having any shot in the Governor’s race, and power is a powerful temptress.

    • sandra fish says:

      it’s my understanding that Maes spent the last two days in the springs where he won 55-45, or 5,000 votes, or, the margin of victory…

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      It will tear the Republican party apart. Because it will be a big sign to the party base that their vote is irrelevant. They need to keep Maes in and give him decent support. Any other alternative has a worse outcome.

      Of course, figure Dick Wadhams is always looking for the worst possible outcome…

      • ohwilleke says:

        I’m not at all convinced that the Republican base that won the top line for Maes in the primary loves him anymore.  

        This was a lesser of two evils primary.  GOP voters reluctantly chose a crank over a crook.  But, that doesn’t mean that most of them wouldn’t prefer someone else with the benefit of hindsight.

        Most Republican activists are honest enough with themselves and hungry enough that they would recognize the pragmatic necessity of running someone else.

        There are also a lot of really influential people in the GOP who would like nothing more than to show their tea party wing that they are idiots who need to go back to following orders and stop trying to think for themselves, as the GOP nominee for the U.S. Senate said and a lot of the GOP establishment agrees, “they’re dumbasses.”

        Dick Wadhams has ceased to be relevant.

    • JeffcoDemoJeffcoDemo says:

      Whenever in the past couple of years the idea occured to this political rookie to run, I am sure it was to get a mesage out, to make a statement.

      Something strange happened along the way, people started listening to him and out of nowhere he wins the state convention.

      Still against long odds and with the biggest break a candidate could hope for, this guy, who has never held public office, who has no background even suggesting he might make a good govenor,ends up winning his party’s nomination.

      He has no party connections, no party aspirations, got no support form the party leadership, and everyone is expecting him to now, after all he overcame, drop out because those same party hacks decide he’s not good enough??  Because some crank decides he’s bigger then electorate and wants to choose the next Govenor and will Tanc anybody elses chances unless he gets his way??

      No way he drops out, no credible reason he should.

      And for that, thank you Dan Maes, we all look forward to 8 more years with a reasonable Govenor.

      • bigfatgirl says:

        I’m certain that in Maes mind there is absolutely no reason to drop out.  Because a bunch of people say he can’t win? Big deal. At one point a bunch of people said no way could he win the primary. Uh, whoops. Now I just really wish Tanc WOULD drop out so that we could see numbers like Hickenlooper with 80% of the vote. That would be funnier than the Great UN-Bike-Conspiracy Theory.

        • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

          Everyone kept ignoring Maes because there was no way he could do well. And here he is with another win on the road. I think it would be foolish to assume Maes will lose.

          • Laughing Boy says:

            I’d not only assume he’ll lose, I’ll bet my house on it.

            If I were Hick I’d go to Belize for three months, and then come back and do an acceptance speech.

            You guys know what an R I am, and this field for Gov (including Tanc) is the biggest fiasco I’ve ever seen in my life.

            I thought I’d never see a campaign run as poorly as Beauprez’ (who I think would have made a great Governor) but this just eclipsed that by light years.

            Thank God we’re going to kick ass in the Senatorial and some Congressional races, and take back at least the House.

      • CastleMan says:

        but he has earned the chance to convince Colorado voters that he should be the state’s next governor.

        We tell our children that rewards come from hard work. Dan Maes worked hard in his campaign. He worked the state, with no support from his party’s leadership, and he convinced more than half of the Republican primary voters to nominate him.

        Tell me again why he should surrender that nomination? It makes no difference whether someone in Wadhams’ retinue tells him he should. You and I both know that there is no reward for Maes if he, against all reason, gave up an incredible political accomplishment.

        Maes probably doesn’t win in November. The odds against him are very long indeed. But to pressure him out now is to say not only that the voters’ say is irrelevant, but that the effort the man put forth is unworthy of the recognition that it has brought him. No party should send that message.

    • jholston says:

      Seriously, both are running in no small part because they need the income.  Neither drops out unless they’re bought out of the race.  I guess Independence INstitute could bring one or the other back (Tancredo) or onboard.  Or, the Hasans could have one of them write musings on…. oh, never mind.

      Neither walk wihtout cash, IMO….

  11. Thorntondem says:

    187,777 Maes

    184,053 McInnis

    With 91% reporting. Looks like this one is over. No recount. Lead is widening for Maes.

  12. Yokel says:

    From this link, here’s my math.  

    There are 6 counties with uncounted votes.

    County — Precincts — Split

    Boulder — 309/372 — Maes +16%

    Douglas — 226/318 — Maes +6%

    El Paso — 460/611 — Maes +10%

    Jefferson — 480/634 — Maes +6%

    Smaller counties, where percentage doesn’t really work:

    Pitkin — 18/23 — McInnis +141 votes

    Yuma — 7/10 — McInnis +164 votes

    Douglas county and JeffCo could go crazy and flop the results, but it’s not looking like it.  I’m calling it.

    Chairman Dick, I’m reminded of The Operative in Serenity: “in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords.”  

  13. 93% (5085 of 5458)

    Maes     190,880    51%

    McInnis  186,738    49%

    Scooter has gone to bed, no concession, but it looks like this one is over.

    • According to Tom:

      “From now on principle trumps party.”

      A nice laugh before bedtime.

      • Libertad says:

        Creating Jobs:

          1. Restore the business sales tax exemptions that were eliminated by the Ritter “Dirty Dozen” Tax hikes, the Senior Homestead Exemption, and roll back the mill levy freeze.

          2. Repeal the job-killing Business Personal Property Tax

          3. Revisit and revise harmful Ritter-era regulations, including the restrictive new oil and gas regulations

          4. Protect American workers (and help honest employers ensure that their employees are legally in the country) through the use of a mandatory workplace verification system such as E-Verify

        Fiscal Responsibility:

          1. Build a “zero- based” budget.

          2. Restore the limit on state spending.

          3. Achieve cost savings by contracting with the private sector, where appropriate, to carry out certain state services.

          4. Refuse federal dollars that come with unsustainable, long-term state spending commitments or harmful federal mandates.

        Secure Colorado:

          1. Implement tough new Arizona-style interior and employer enforcement laws.

          2. Withhold state funds from local governments that enact so-called “sanctuary policies”

          3. Oppose providing taxpayer subsidized in-state tuition benefits to illegal immigrants.

          4. Audit state and local government compliance with state immigration laws.

        • Thorntondem says:

          This thread is all about Maes. He is the Man!

          94% reporting

          Maes 51%  194,021

          McInnis 49% 188,918

          • Barron X says:


            but he won, fair & square.  

            Now it’s time for the GOP to unite behind him and march off the cliff.

            His campaign finance irregularities are minor, like parking tickets.  As he said.

            But since he ran based on his business acumen, and since he hasn’t actually demonstrated business acumen, he’s got nothing to campaign on.  He is as smart as any other pol, but doesn’t have an angle.


        • Automaticftp says:


          1.  The mandated use of an accurate and effective workplace verification system.

          2.  Audit state and local government compliance with state immigration laws.

          I’ve not yet made up my mind on the the idea of allowing illegal immigrants in-state tuition.

          On the other hand, anyone familiar with the state budget who does not believe we need to raise taxes is using too much of their local dispensary’s product.  

          Back to Dan Maes–he did what you’re supposed to do when you have zero history–work your tail off, talk to anyone and everyone, and see how it goes.  And, of course, hope that your opponent is caught in a huge scandal.  He’s probably in a bit of a daze at everything that has happened–that “Wow, I can’t quite believe what has happened.”

          BarronX hit the nail on the head: “Now it’s time for the GOP to unite behind him and march off the cliff.”  To do otherwise is to destroy whatever bond remains between party leadership and the party rank and file.

          • Go Raiders* says:

            That nothing remains of the bond between the leadership and the rank and file.

            Most of us R’s have come to the realization what complete and inglorious fuck-up’s our leadership is comprised of.

            From Dickwad all the way down to many of the county party officials, their leadership “is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

      • ScottP says:

        Unless tancredo said it too

  14. Ralphie says:

    I tuned into the last hour of Jon Caldara.

    He had Dean Singleton on.

    Singleton said of Maes, “He’s not qualified to be dogcatcher.”

    • ClubTwitty says:

      and a fun stretch on youtube…

      Bikes, certainly, will be a big Maes (anti-527, etc.) theme.  Just the general ‘crazy’, ‘incompetent’, ‘unfit’ stink will follow him everywhere.  He will have to work really hard to shake it now–only he can’t be outflanked too badly on the nutjob side, with ‘Loose Cannon’ Tanc crashing about the countryside.  As a friend noted to me: ‘Hick should just stay home on the couch with some of the product.’  I wouldn’t recommend that, of course, but the GOP’s only hope is that Maes explodes quickly enough to get him off the ballot.  

  15. Mark G. says:

    I do not understand what the big deal is? Is Colorado Pols missing the point? The Republican party  now consist of 2 factions, Old School Republicans and the libertarians. Eventually the libertarians will take over the entire party and the old school republicans can join the Democrats where they belong.

    Authoritarians v. Libertarians.

    This is really simple if you truly understand freedom.

    My only concern is that the libertarians may indeed be disappointed with Dan Maes as I am not sure if he has the foundation and gumption to stand up to the establishment.

    • DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

      I think it’s more anarchists on the Republican side. And people who want government to provide, but don’t want to pay for it – call them the spoiled children contingent.

      • ….for the Liberterians to take over, and they never seem to

        I’m very afraid of where fiscal conservatism lies within the current Republican Party – and it’s simply increasing the chances of an Independent Fiscal Conservative movement rising…

      • Mark G. says:

        Yes the Republican Party has quite few, who want but yet do not want to pay.  I hate to reference Karl Marks, because he was generally wrong, however he did note what he called “The great contradiction”.  This was people who wanted but yet did not want to pay and thought that government would magically operate.  These types of people drive me crazy because they make the least amount of sense. I am fairly certain these types reside in both parties, no?

        Now let’s disagree. I have never met any anarchist on the Republican side. They all want some type of government. They want the gov to take away your weed, control your cervix, regulate the internet, and quite a few want the gov involved in quality of life issues. Anarchists are rare, especially in the Republican Party.  Maybe we should define anarchist?

        Now regarding libertarians in the Democratic party? There is no liberty absent economic freedom. Show me one Democrat who does not think the government should not tax heavily, and micro manage the economy?

        Republicans want to control your morals and be in state of perpetual war, Democrats want to control the purse strings, and they are both authoritarians of one flavor or another. Libertarians on the other hand don not want to control your morals or your purse strings. They have a very strict interpretation of the limited areas the government should be involved with. Basically only items that the people want, yet the market is not capable of providing. There are very few items the market cannot deliver more efficiently than government delivery.

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