Fun With Frazier!

We joked earlier about Republican Ryan Frazier’s trip to the U.S./Mexico border to prove that he is really on top of the illegal immigration issue. Well, that post got us to start wondering about what else Frazier has been looking at lately.

We’re not done with this joke — not by far. We want to see your submissions, Polsters. Show us your best photoshopping of Ryan Frazier in front of various places that demonstrate his commitment to an important campaign issue. Post your pictures in the comments below, and we’ll compile the best for a Colorado Pols vote! Meanwhile, check out some of our findings:

Here’s Ryan Frazier showing his commitment to the military. Look, a helicopter!

Here’s Ryan Frazier demonstrating his commitment to jobs and the economy, by proving he knows where to find the Colorado Department of Labor building:

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Here’s Ryan Frazier showing that the Democrats’ health care plan is bad. They can’t even build real hospitals! This is just a drawing of a hospital!:

And here’s Ryan Frazier showing that he doesn’t like gay marriage. And he also didn’t like this cake. He hates fruit filling:

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  1. Ben Stein's $$ says:

    We’re 12 years old…he he

  2. With all the heated debate over the last few days, this kind of fun stuff is nice.

    Similar to a few weeks ago when the question was asked how we each came up with our “names” for the site.

    Now if I could only use photoshop I could participate, alas, I can’t.

    Does anybody know a free download program that works like photoshop?

  3. Barron X says:


    Ryan Frazier outside CoPols headquarters, pointing out “tin foil hat” for a roof.


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