“Bank Twins” Post Pitiful Numbers

The Colorado Independent’s Scot Kersgaard updates on fundraising in some of the other statewide races–it appears that Attorney General John Suthers has awakened to the threat posed by Democrat Stan Garnett, posting his first decent fundraising numbers since Garnett’s entry into the race. As for Treasurer Cary Kennedy’s opponents, J.J. Ament and Walker Stapleton?

Widely seen as the front-runner for the GOP nomination for Colorado state treasurer, J.J. Ament has fallen badly behind Walker Stapleton in fund raising. As of the end of June, Stapleton had amassed more than $226,000 in cash to spend between now and the August primary. Ament has just $76,000 on hand.

For the month of June, Ament raised just over $7,500, while spending almost $21,000. Stapleton raised just over $11,000 and spent just over $65,000.

In what has already been an unusually combative race, incumbent Democrat Cary Kennedy handily out-raised the pair of Republicans, pulling in $66,000 last month while spending almost $280,000. She ended the month with almost $66,000 in the bank.

We’re particularly surprised to see Stapleton raising so little money, that’s not the reputation he’s established in this race so far. Stapleton still leads the field in cash on hand, and we expect to start seeing that cash spent very soon in hopes of upsetting local favorite Ament, who is in deep trouble at this point. Unless there are third-party ads that are going to help Ament, it’s hard to see how Stapleton doesn’t ultimately win the primary.

And once again, that GOP “momentum” doesn’t seem to extend to the pocketbook.

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  1. 20th Maine says:

    The problem for the Republican candidates is that the money is split up in the primary.  I believe the non-personal funds raised by all three candidates is on par for a GOP treasurer candidate.

    Furthermore, Cary Kennedy has received unprecedented attention and assistance from high profile Dems.  Some of that, of course, has to do with the fact she doesn’t have a primary – but it seems like she really does have the active assistance of those who wouldn’t normally do so in a down-ballot race.

    I expect it will be a close race in November.  The Republican candidate will get some of the money that’s been on the fence.  

    And GOP and Dem dollars are not equal in this environment.  All other things being equal, CK is going to have to outspend the Republican candidate by some factor just to reach parity.

    Generic turnout usually plays an inordinate role in down ballot and/or low budget races where name ID isn’t significant.  If GOP turnout is higher and Dem turnout is depressed, it goes without saying that the Republican has a much higher likelihood of winning.

  2. This is very exaggerated – Walker Stapleton has raised plenty of money already – he’s just done a major media buy and he has a solid message – I wouldn’t take him lightly if I were Treasurer Kennedy, especially if the generic ballot continues to show Republican gains

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