Breaking — Steve King to speak at Loveland rally Saturday

(In your face, Cory Gardner! – promoted by Colorado Pols)

Iowa Rep. Steve King, who was disinvited to a Cory Gardner fundraiser and Loveland tea party rally after remarks earlier this week on G. Gordon Liddy’s radio show, will appear at a different event in Loveland Saturday, his office confirmed to me a short while ago.

The event is put on by a newly formed 9-12 group, and will focus on the new Arizona immigration law.

Early details at the Coloradoan here (Note: story has been updated with quotes):…

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  1. Real patriots revere Rep. King’s courageous stand against the Hispano-Islamic tyranny that’s taking over this country.

  2. Barron X says:


    Looks like I moved too slow.  I wanted him to headline an ACP rally at the same exact time.


  3. Arvadonian says:

    development….for Besty Markey!  

    She couldn’t have scripted a better scenero than this…

  4. JeffcoDemoJeffcoDemo says:

    Kind of like a glorified houseparty, kind of pathetic that he would travel at all for this.  Must have Red Rocks tickets or something.

  5. or, for that matter, any other month, but . . .

    . . . is this just Steve’s way of getting his Colorado vacation paid for?

    Why the hell is this clown so hot to speak in Colorado?

  6. jobu says:

    As a bleeding-heart, nut-job, commie-liberal, I have to tell you this warms my heart.  I explain…

    In the open source software world, we have these battles all the time.  One group loves a project, but doesn’t like some minor decision that the rest of the group working on that software has made.  So they decide to create a copy of the project, which they then take in their, better (it’s always better) direction.

    Sniping and bitterness ensue.  Later, but not much later, development of both parts stagnates.  Project dies, but it’s web page lives on.

    Fork 9-12, fork!


  7. dwyer says:

    King said on the gorden Liddy (covicted felon) show that the black panthers standing outside a voting place  in Phila was “hands down the worst case of voter intimidation in US history.”  He is erasing a 100 years of Jim Crow law, poll taxes; literacy tests, and people losing jobs for attempting to vote, to say nothing of the murders. He is attempting to rewrite African American struggles to say nothing of our real history.  That is racist in the extreme.  

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