Norton Rattles Off Empty Talking Points and Turns CD5 Heckles to Cheers

Lynn Bartels at The Spot digs into reports from Loveland Friday where CD5 GOP delegates heckled Jane Norton when she got up to speak. Bartels talks to former Senate minority leader turned campaign manager (?) Josh Penry, who gives a revealing version of events:  

“Jane gets up, waits, then starts speaking over them,” Penry said.

“A couple keep shouting, and Jane presses on. Jane goes into her spiel about what she’s going to do in Washington. Repeal Obama care. Cut discretionary spending by 20 percent. Drill ANWR. Drill the Roan Plateau. No amnesty. Win the War on Terror.

“And by the end of the speech, the whole crowd was cheering.”

What Jane is “going to do” in Washington is almost wholly unrealizable. None of it is a plan and none of it will happen, except maybe “no amnesty,” which beyond working as stump talking point addresses the immigration problem how? This is beyond the Party of No; it is the Party of No Ideas. And the whole crowd was cheering. And the band played on.

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  1. ClubTwitty says:

    Thank God.  The Roan Plateau matter is currently in litigation and settlement talks–either the plaintiffs and defendant/intervenors will agree on the matter (and if they do, none or much less of the Roan’s public lands will be drilled) or the court will decide.

    I mean it ‘sounds good’ to the Drill Baby Drill crowd–whatever shrinking percent they represent as the worst environmental disaster in US history unfolds in slow, horrific motion across the Gulf.  

    The toll increases–polluted water wells in Colorado, illegal pits, contaminated streams, toxic spills, well fires, flaming faucets…and that’s just the daily stuff that barely makes the news, if at all.

    Neither Jane, nor (more likely Ken Buck as the GOP nominee) can decide to drill the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  It would take an Act of Congress and have to make it past Mr. Obama’s desk.

    All bloviation–like leaking methane gushing from an uncapped well, its permitting put in motion by the last Drill Baby Drill GOP Congress.  

    A more accurate speech–not that we any longer expect anything approaching truth to spew forth from the now-despised-in-his-own hometown Penry–would be:

    No Solutions!  Vacuous Talking Point 1-9!

    It’s not gonna work Mr. Penry.  The next time your candidates asks you what her thoughts are you might rethink the spin.  

  2. H-man says:

    As you may recall, Norton did not have time for the asssembly process so she could reach more people.  I am not aware of an independent version of what really happened at CD5 but Josh’s statement that the people who made the rucaus were Ken Buck’s best friends is laughable.  Josh went to law school so he knows that a public official has little remedy for people making up stuff about them because they are public figures.  I know Josh has not been able to pass the bar exam but if he ever made it past that hurdle I suspect he still would not be admitted.  Lying is not a minor character flaw.

    For what really happend at CD3 there is an excellent post at by acmaurerco:

    The CD5 meeting turned out to be very interesting after all. Attorney General Suthers addressed the assembly to thundering applause as he spoke about states’ rights and the need to repeal Obamacare. He entered to a standing ovation, just as he had in the El Paso County Assembly.

    The second most popular candidate-judging by applause-was Ken Buck. He said that were he in a position as senator where a foreign head of state insulted our country as the president of Mexico did, he would get up and walk out. The crowd was with him all the way.

    When a Jane Norton, petitioning on the ballot instead of running through the assembly, was introduced to speak, the floor erupted with calls for “Point of Order” and “Objection.”  The rules generally do not allow a candidate who is not running through the assembly to speak .

    A motion to amend the rules to allow any candidates to speak had been defeated by a voice vote at the end of the regular business and before the candidates began speaking. (The exception was Scott McInnis, who for some reason had been allowed to speak early in the session.) As Ms Norton began speaking, the chair didn’t address any of the points of order and so at least half the 400 delegates walked out.  I was Tweeting; when I looked up all the chairs around me were empty. A complaint is expected to be filed with the Chair of the 5th CD. I was told that Norton was not allowed to speak at CD2 but did speak without incident at CD4

    If the whole crowd was cheering at CD5, I expect the only people left were Cinamon and Josh.

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