Tancredo Loves Him Some Jimmy Lakey

To this point we’ve been generally dismissive of radio host Jimmy Lakey’s hints at running for Congress in CD-7. Radio personalities, like Dan Caplis, often talk about becoming candidates but never actually make the jump.

But it appears as though Lakey is really running, as evidenced by a recent endorsement from former Rep. Tom Tancredo. Take a look at the Tancredo endorsement email after the jump, which warns of illegal immigrants kidnapping your dog, or something, if Lakey’s primary opponents (Ryan Frazier and Lang Sias) win the nomination. “The Republic is at risk!”

We joke about Tancredo’s endorsement, but in a multi-candidate Republican primary, it could actually play a huge role. Lakey only needs about 10,000 votes to win a three-way race, (there are 85,000 active Republican voters in CD-7, and traditionally only about one-third of eligible voters participate in a primary) and we’re guessing there are a lot of anti-immigrant GOP voters who will take Tancredo’s advice on who to vote for this August. If Lakey can do even a decent job of raising money, he’s got a real shot here.

Our Republic is at risk and the 2010 election will be crucial if we are to set our country back on the right course. This is why I am asking you to help Jimmy Lakey, a Republican candidate for U.S. Congress in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District.

No matter where you live in the nation, here is why your help today is so urgent. In the race for the 7th Congressional District, Senator John McCain has endorsed one of Jimmy’s opponents, and now Senator Lindsey Graham has chosen to endorse another opponent.  


The “Amnesty Brothers” are coming to Colorado!

I am pleased to say that Jimmy Lakey is NOT a McCain-Graham Republican.  Jimmy is cut from a different cloth.  He is not one of the “Amnesty Brothers”.  

This is why I am am asking you to help Jimmy today.   Your generous donation today to Jimmy’s campaign will help Jimmy combat the “Amnesty Brothers” as they come to Colorado to wield their influence.

The Republic is at risk and we cannot allow politicians and corporate lobbyists to continue to sell our country out to the highest bidder. From immigration, amnesty, economic reform, and the other key issues of the day, we need to send people to Washington, D.C. who will stand firm & advance the conservative cause.

The “Amnesty Brothers” are working to get their candidates elected in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District, and if they succeed, we will have more of the same in Washington, D.C.  This must not happen!

Here is what you need to know about Jimmy Lakey:

1)  Jimmy Lakey is a consistent conservative.  As a former talk-show host on Denver’s 710KNUS, Jimmy is a known quantity for his conservative views.  He didn’t just paint on conservative stripes for this election.  He has stood with conservatives for years.

2)  Jimmy Lakey gets it.  He is a entrepreneur and business owner who understands the free market and the danger that expansive government poses to our economic future.

3)  Jimmy Lakey is not one of them.   Jimmy Lakey is not a McCain-Graham Republican!  He understands the need to secure our borders and he understands that we cannot reward illegal behavior by granting amnesty.  He will not speak in platitudes and will not obfuscate on such key issues.

I’ve often said that the most important thing to look for in a candidate is a desire to advance a conservative agenda as opposed to simply wanting to BE the elected official.  Look at the candidates in the 7th and tell me which one just wants to be a congressman and will say anything to get there. Then listen and get to know Jimmy Lakey. When you do, you will understand why I have agreed to help him all I can. Hope you will too. He is the real deal.

Would please join me today in supporting Jimmy Lakey For Congress?  

Whether $25, $250, or even $1000 . . . any donation amount will help Jimmy in his fight to represent you!

Would you please make a generous donation today to his campaign so that he can stand up for Colorado and fight “The Amnesty Brothers”?

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  1. JeffcoDemoJeffcoDemo says:

    This is a serious word, which must mean this is a serious candidate.  Seriously, lord…….

    Ed’s folks must be just cracking up at this stuff.

  2. RedGreenRedGreen says:

    who exactly are the “Amnesty Brothers”? McCain and Graham? Is Graham really “working to get [his] candidate elected in Colorado’s 7th Congressional District”? That seems odd.

  3. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    A primary between 3 credible candidates – to decide who gets to lose to Ed Perlmutter.

  4. Ben Stein's $$ says:

    I’m not sure Jimmy wants the help of a narcissistic, xenophobic, flat out racist son of a bitch as his main supporter, but that’s just me.

    I….drink…your milkshake….I drink it up!-Ben Stein’s $$ to Club Twitty

    • BlueCat says:

      doesn’t include C Springs.

      • Colorado PolsColorado Pols says:

        In a 3-way primary in CD-7, roughly 10,000 votes could win it. How many votes does Tancredo’s endorsement earn Lakey? Probably a decent percentage of that total.

        • Danny the Red (hair)Danny the Red (hair) says:

          Multi candidate primaries can have strange results.

          Single issue candidates can win them with regularity if that single issue drives voters.  Immigration is one of those issues.  

          It is a losing GE strategy, but more power to ’em.

          • Colorado PolsColorado Pols says:

            This is all irrelevant in the general election, because people who care about Tancredo’s endorsement weren’t likely to vote for the Democrat no matter who it is.

            The key with all of this is whether Lakey can raise enough money to make sure that primary voters know about Tancredo’s endorsement. As with any endorsement, if voters don’t know about it, then it doesn’t really matter.

    • Arvadonian says:

      to Lakey, you’d know that he also is, “a narcissistic, xenophobic, flat out racist son of a bitch”, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that a fellow traveller would endorse him.

  5. I wonder who Jimmy would caucus for if he were eligible?  Not only did he not meet the deadline to register to be eligible to participate in the caucus; he still hasn’t registered.

    Besides I don’t think Rush Limbaugh polls well in the 7th.

  6. dwyer says:

    I remember the show was on in the place where I was then working.  We had to turn it off.  I found the conversation appalling.  Running that tape and then the Tancredo endorsement could be a real “dusty rhodes” moment, if I had  a tape, which I don’t.

    Didn’t Ted Hagger appear on his show?  I can’t remember.  

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