Democrats Thank Schultheis For “Keeping It Real”

Really, they are going to miss him once he retires, reports The Spot:

Outspoken social conservative Sen. David Schultheis shows once again that he’s unafraid to cut to the heart of some of the most controversial issues with new legislation that would require school districts to develop religious bills of rights.

Under Senate Bill 89, already winning accolades from conservative groups like Colorado Family Action, school districts would have to draft contracts allowing students and staff to express their religious views in school and at school-sponsored events in the same way secular views are allowed.

Students would be allowed to opt out of classwork that conflicts with those views. And school board members in districts that fail to create or enforce the religious bills of rights could be held personally liable under Schultheis’ legislation…

Well, in addition to the religious right, you’ve got to figure there are thousands of high school students who would love to get out of biology, who cares why. It’s okay for the rest of you to gape in awe of this walking, talking PR disaster, and his one final election season to shine…

And, well, yes, so much for “focusing on what matters,” Sen. Penry.

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  1. allyncooper says:

    I think the time of the legislature would be better spent figuring out where the money is going to come from to keep the schools open.

    As we say in my 12 step group, first things first Dave.  

  2. OneEyedOwl says:

    Schultheis can return to Colorado Springs and help his neighbors mow the parks and pick up trash and provide police and fire protection.

  3. DavidThi808DavidThi808 says:

    allowing students and staff to express their religious views in school and at school-sponsored events in the same way secular views are allowed.

    So when some kid down in Colorado Springs decides he wants a chance to promote Satanism, the religious right will have apolexy.

  4. Gilpin Guy says:

    will report on this proposed school legislation the same way they pounced on the Democratic mascot piece.  Don’t hold your breath on this one.

    This is a continuation of The Culture Wars that conservatives are so fond of.  In contrast Dan Gibbs put out a piece of legislation to alter Forest Improvement Districts in the state so that they don’t have to be county wide.  This helps Nederland residents who need fire mitigation work done but doesn’t impact Niwot residents.  Dan is working on the issues while Dave is working to divide people into “The Saved” and “The Infidels”.  Gee where have I run into that kind of religious extremism before?

  5. Barron X says:


    The email said that Christianity was under attack, or something like that.  

    In my opinion, the teachings of Jesus Christ are under attack, but its not attacks from you “secular humanists” on this site who are the real threat.

    I’m more concerned by the harm done by televangelists teaching heresies in the name of Jesus.  

    If I were capable of distilling those teachings down to one word, I think that word would be “forgiveness.”  Golly, I don’t think most televangelists understand the concept of forgiveness.


    • Froward69 says:

      Christians Desecrate Wiccan Religious Site at Air Force Academy

      Flat out SHAMEFUL!!!

      • Barron X says:


        My favorite comment there:

        Well, that’s unfortunate, perhaps the Wiccans can respond by placing something from a traditional pagan religion in the Christian church? How about an evergreen tree? Or boughs of cedar or pine branches? Maybe burn some incense as a sacrifice? Or pass around a large cup of wine?

        I’m a Catholic, and our rites, rituals and beliefs are rife with symbols and practices lifted from Zoroastrianism, Paganism and Madison Avenue.  

        Farther down, an actual Wiccan clarifies that dumping a “cross” made out of used railroad ties in no way desecrates the site for a Wiccan.  While desecration sure appears to be the intent, … FAIL.


        • Froward69 says:

          should a swastika be placed in a synagogue, or a star of David be spray painted on a church.

          …it would be front page fodder.

          I read the links I also agree with them.

          how about CBS’s running of a FoF commercial while turning down other alternative commercials?

          fact is fundies are paranoid and push their own “morals” upon others.  

  6. peacemonger says:

    he said this flesh-crawling tidbit, “How do you know when a liberal is really dead?”

    “When he stops calling you a racist.”

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