Guess Who Hasn’t Voted Yet?

TUESDAY UPDATE: As of this morning, still no returned ballots for the Coffmans or Sen. Gardner.


Congressman Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) once promised to spill the beans on his choice for President “when ballots go out.” Denver Post reporter Jon Murray followed up with Coffman’s campaign recently to see if and when the Congressman would make his choice at the top of the ticket, and we’re still waiting:


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► Got ballot? If you don’t — or if you know someone who still hasn’t received a ballot — then you had better do something about it. Go to to start investigating the problem and contact your county clerk for answers. You can always vote at a polling place as well, whether or not you have received a mail ballot (but only if you haven’t already submitted a completed ballot).

Officials are encouraging voters to drop completed ballots at any number of collection sites rather than putting them in the mail as Election Day nears. Check here for your nearest polling and ballot crop-off locations. The Colorado Independent has more on mail ballots and deadlines.


Early ballot returns still favor Democrats in Colorado by nearly 30,000 votes. As we’ve noted in this space on multiple occasions, it is unprecedented for Democrats to be at all ahead of Republicans in early voting.


► Local postal workers joined with Governor John Hickenlooper on Monday to dispel the notion from Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump that there could be ballot problems in Colorado — specifically the idea that postal workers could somehow see through envelopes and discard ballots that favored the GOP nominee. Colorado’s Republican Secretary of State, meanwhile, continues to publicly challenge Trump’s suggestion of ballot fraud in our state.


► With Election Day just eight days away, campaign surrogates for both major party Presidential candidates continue to make stops in Colorado. Labor Secretary Tom Perez is in Colorado today, along with Chelsea Clinton, to stump on behalf of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will also make another stop in Colorado sometime before Election Day.

On the Republican side of things, Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence will campaign on behalf of Donald Trump in Loveland on Wednesday.


► Can’t wait for the results on Election Day? Check out the Halloween edition of the Get More Smarter Show for a sneak preview of the outcome next week.


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Darryl Glenn Preparing to Declare Victory in Senate Race

Darryl Glenn in his customary position: Wayyyy in the back.

Darryl Glenn in his customary political spot: Wayyyy in the back.

Let’s be clear from the get-go here: Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn is not going to defeat Democratic incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet next week. Not only is Glenn going to lose to Bennet — it’s a good bet that Glenn will lose by more than 20 points, which would exceed the combined margin of victory in the last four U.S. Senate races in Colorado combined.

Reality aside, we fully expect Glenn to declare victory in the 2016 Senate race at some point in the next eight days. Claiming victory against Bennet would be the obvious next step for a candidate who would once again have you believe that a new poll miraculously shows a blowout race to be coming down to the wire.

Here’s an excerpt from another Glenn fundraising email that we received this morning:

BREAKING NONSENSE today from Darryl Glenn

BREAKING NONSENSE today from Darryl Glenn



You may recall that Glenn sent out a similar fundraising pitch just three weeks ago in which he confidently claimed that he was “polling in a virtual tie with Michael Bennet.” Glenn’s campaign appeared to have been pointing toward a Gravis Poll — commissioned by Breitbart — that inexplicably showed the El Paso County Republican with a two-point lead on Bennet (Gravis later showed Bennet ahead by 10). A few days after Glenn’s “virtual tie” claims, Quinnipiac University released new polling data indicating Glenn to be 18 points behind Bennet, which more or less lined up with the rest of the publicly-available polling in Colorado’s Senate race.

Glenn doesn’t actually link to a specific poll in today’s fundraising email, though there is apparently some new data from YouGov indicating a five-point margin between the candidates. We haven’t bothered to look at the methodologies of this new poll because it is so far removed from the trend lines in this race that it defies credibility. According to Real Clear Politics, there are 17 available polls on Colorado’s Senate race dating back to July; 11 of these polls show Bennet with a double-digit lead over Glenn. There were six public polls in this race conducted during the month of October, and even if you include the results of this dubious YouGov poll, Bennet still averages a 12-point advantage over Glenn.

Campaign time is almost up for Glenn, the man we’ve called the “Worst Statewide Candidate in Colorado History.” If he wants to spend his last week as a U.S. Senate candidate pretending to be on the doorstep of victory…well, whatever. Reality will intervene soon enough.

Obama, Clinton Stumping Hard for Congressional Races

Here comes Obama!

Here comes Obama.

As CNN reports, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is increasingly shifting her campaign resources toward helping Democrats in winning close Congressional seats around the country:

After nearly five months of ripping into Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton suddenly has a new list of enemies on the campaign trail: Republican candidates in competitive down-ballot races.

Clinton’s pivot is an unmistakable sign that she and her top aides have never felt more confident about victory on November 8…

…Determined to capitalize on her opponent’s her opponent’s recent struggles, Clinton has picked up her pace of campaigning, and in the final two weeks of the 2016 race, she will crisscross the country to vouch for Democrats in tough congressional races.

Her ultimate goal is to secure a Democratic-controlled Senate — crucial to a Clinton administration’s ability to set an aggressive first-term agenda.

President Barack Obama is also turning up the heat in several competitive Congressional battles around the country. Obama directly criticized Republican Rep. Darrell Issa at a fundraiser in La Jolla, California on Sunday. Here in Colorado today, Obama formally endorsed Democrat Morgan Carroll in CD-6. As the Aurora Sentinel reports, here’s the full statement of Obama’s endorsement:

“I’m proud to endorse Morgan Carroll for the United States House of Representatives,” Obama said. “Over the last eight years, we’ve made tremendous strides towards making our nation safer, stronger, and fairer, but it’s clear that to continue this progress, we need to send more commonsense leaders like Morgan Carroll to Congress to get things done for the middle class. Morgan Carroll is a champion for Colorado families — fighting for good-paying jobs and better wages, and isn’t afraid to take on the tough fights, like defending a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, passing tough campaign finance and lobbying reform laws, making sure we keep our sacred promises to our nation’s veterans and their families, and addressing the crushing burden of student loan debt felt by so many Colorado students. Morgan Carroll is the kind of tough and smart leader who will build on all we’ve accomplished and take our nation forward, and that’s why I know Coloradans can count on Morgan Carroll.”

Coffman is touting  his own list of endorsements, though they are decidedly less interesting than President Obama’s backing:

Coffman rolled out his own partisan praise last week, announcing the endorsement of area Republican mayors and county commissioners.

We wrote last week that the worst-case-scenario for Republicans was that disaffected GOP voters just wouldn’t bother voting at all. But if Obama and Clinton are confident enough about the top of the ticket with two weeks left that they are going to focus their efforts on down-ballot races…well, the worst-case-scenario for Republicans might have changed significantly.

Forget the rabbit hole, Coffman is opposed to a path to citizenship for immigrants

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Rep. Mike Coffman.

Rep. Mike Coffman.

9News anchor Kyle Clark did an excellent job interviewing U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman Tuesday, and his Democratic challenger Morgan Carroll Monday, pressing them on a range of issues.

On immigration, Clark asked Coffman what he’d propose for adult undocumented immigrants:

Coffman: “As long as they haven’t violated criminal laws to give them a legalized status that would allow them to work here without fear of deportation.

Clark: “Not citizenship but legal status?”

Coffman: “Legal status.”

Clark: “Any path to citizenship for those people?”

Coffman: “No. No.”

But without skipping a beat, Coffman kind of contradicted himself, with the camera rolling, saying he could possibly support a path to citizenship.

Coffman: “I don’t want to box myself in. If we get into negotiations, and there’s everything that I like, and it would be a very long path, and very selective. You know, I don’t want to totally back myself—but ideally I would say no.”

If you’re a journalist, what do you do with Coffman’s qualifier? Do you say he’s opposed to a citizenship path? Against it, unless he’s for it?

In a news segment yesterday based on the interview, Clark contrasted Coffman’s stance against a path to citizenship with Carroll’s position in favor of it. He didn’t mention Coffman’s qualifying comments.

In an email, I asked Clark why he apparently concluded that Coffman is against a path to citizenship.

Clark: “I took Representative Coffman’s answer to mean that he is not in favor of a path to citizenship but stopped short of saying he’d never support it,” wrote Clark.

Clark could have gone down the rabbit hole of trying to figure out, specifically, what Coffman means by theoretically favoring a citizenship path if negotiations produce “everything that I like.”

But it’s a rabbit hole other reporters have tried to go down without coming up with specifics on what Coffman wants for citizenship. And besides, Coffman’s statement, especially with “ideally no” tacked on, is clear enough as it is.

So Clark was right to conclude Coffman opposes a path to citizenship.


Darryl Glenn Holding Onto 18-Point Deficit in Senate Race

Darryl Glenn in his most accurate campaign metaphor.

Darryl Glenn (R-Rear)

If you are a Republican or a supporter of Senate candidate Darryl Glenn, here’s the good news: Glenn isn’t losing by 20 points (yet).

Just one week after Glenn laughably claimed that he was running in a “virtual tie” with Senator Michael Bennet (D-Denver), Quinnipiac University released new polling data on Colorado’s Senate race that pretty much confirms what everyone else already knew:

Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet leads El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn, the Republican challenger 56 – 38 percent, widening a 52 – 43 percent lead September 23…

…Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet has a 62 – 30 percent lead among independent likely voters. He gets Democrats 95 – 1 percent, while Republicans go to Darryl Glenn 90 – 9 percent.

Bennet also leads among men, women, white and non-white voters. [Pols emphasis] 

Sure, Sen. Bennet may have a lead among people of every sex and race, but there’s no indication that Glenn has lost support among asexual reptiles.

Get More Smarter on Tuesday (October 18)

Get More SmarterIf the 2016 election is as rigged as Donald Trump claims, can we just go ahead and declare Hillary Clinton the winner and save everyone a few weeks of yammering? It’s time to Get More Smarter with Colorado Pols. If you think we missed something important, please include the link in the comments below (here’s a good example). If you are more of a visual learner, check out The Get More Smarter Show.


► Your ballot is in the mail (probably). Election officials began mailing out ballots on Monday, which means Coloradans could be casting their 2016 votes as soon as Wednesday. For voting information or to check your registration, go to If you would prefer to vote at a polling place rather than via mail balloting, check here for your nearest polling location. Denver7 also includes a good list of election-related information.


► Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump is in Colorado today, making campaign stops in Colorado Springs and Grand Junction, just as a new poll shows Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton maintaining a healthy lead in our state thanks in part to a big boost from Unaffiliated voters. Trump will have to deal with plenty of questions today about his absurd claims that the election is being rigged against him; election officials (from both political parties) across the state condemned Trump’s fraud allegations in no uncertain terms.

Why is Trump so freaked out? Perhaps because he is on pace for an historic beatdown on Election Day.

Elsewhere on the top stump, Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence will be making a stop in Durango on Wednesday. On Monday, Clinton’s former Primary opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, wrapped up a two-day visit to Colorado aimed at encouraging GOTV and voter registration efforts.


► Democrat Gail Schwartz seems to have the momentum in her CD-3 challenge of incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton (R-Durango). Schwartz doubled Tipton’s fundraising haul in Q3, and has picked up endorsements from the Durango Herald and the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. Here’s an excerpt from today’s Sentinel endorsement:

Republican Scott Tipton wants a fourth term in the U.S. House representing the people of Colorado’s sprawling 3rd Congressional District.

We think Democrat Gail Schwartz is a better alternative.

That should say something. In the past three general elections, we’ve endorsed Tipton twice, along with Mitt Romney for president in 2012 and Cory Gardner for U.S. Senate in 2014 — all Republicans.

But in an era of unprecedented partisanship and gridlock on Capitol Hill, we need lawmakers who can put the needs of the district over party interests — or their own…

…We think Schwartz leans left far less than Tipton leans right. We think it’s time a more moderate representative got a crack at advocating for the interests of the district.



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Debate Diary: Live-Blogging the U.S. Senate Showdown

Sen. Michael Bennet and GOP challenger Darryl Glenn aren't even close to being tied in the polls -- but they both HAVE ties.

Sen. Michael Bennet and GOP challenger Darryl Glenn aren’t even close to being tied in the polls — but they both sometimes wear ties.

The first — and only — televised debate in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race takes place tonight at the History Colorado Center in downtown Denver (hosted by 9News).

Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet is well on his way to a blowout victory over Republican Senate nominee Darryl Glenn — nevermind Glenn’s ridiculous claim today that the race is a “virtual tie.” But this is the only televised Senate debate of 2016, and we can’t pretend we aren’t interested to see what kind of absurdities come out of Glenn’s mouth as he tries to convince voters that he isn’t actually the worst statewide candidate in Colorado history.

That’s reason enough for us to roll out another Debate Diary. Let’s get ready to bumbllleeee…

*NOTE: The most current update appears at the top of the page. As always, unless it is in direct quotes, consider all statements paraphrased in the interest of time.  

Final Thoughts
This was the Denver Broncos versus Bell Middle School in football. Michael Bennet answered questions directly, provided context and detail, and looked and sounded like…a Senator. Darryl Glenn could not have been more overmatched. He was petulant and silly, insisting on pushing irrelevant points to the detriment of his own time that could have been used to answer questions. Bennet is going to defeat Glenn by a wide margin in November, and as we saw in this debate, he very well should.


Coffman Repeats 2014 Spanish Closing Statement Practically Verbatim

Tom Tancredo y Mike Coffman.

Tom Tancredo y Mike Coffman.

This weekend, the debate between Republican Rep. Mike Coffman and his Democratic opponent Morgan Carroll in Spanish aired after being taped on October 4th. Carroll’s campaign fired off a press release as the debate aired on Saturday that we suspect they could barely wait to send, because it’s a bit of a bombshell:

Coffman Verbatim Recycles Spanish Debate Remarks From 2014 – Two Years Later

Despite claiming to have learned Spanish, Mike Coffman declined to come up with new closing remarks at the Univisión debate this election cycle — failing to respect Spanish-speaking voters to give them a statement that reflects the realities of 2016. Listen and compare Coffman’s 2014 closing to his 2016 closing:

2014 Remarks:

Coffman: Gracias. Para mí, es muy importante poder compartir mis planes e ideas para crear más empleos, y más oportunidades para todos en Colorado. Mis prioridades son ustedes. Las familias. Los trabajadores. La seguridad de nuestro país. Y los jóvenes que serán los líderes de mañana. Yo crecí en una familia de clase trabajadora en la cuidad de Aurora, ganando el salario mínimo. Obtuve mi diploma de secundaria mientras estaba en el servicio de militar. Después, empecé un pequeño negocio en Aurora. Entiendo lo que es pagar impuestos como trabajador y también mantener abiertas las puertas de un negocio. Sé lo que es trabajar duro, y por muchas horas, para lograr el sueño americano al igual que ustedes. Yo quiero que Washington trabaje para el pueblo, no al revés. Debemos prosperar y asegurar que las políticas de Washington den oportunidad y ayuden a las familias obtener a su sueño Americano. Sería un honor tener su voto. Que dios los bendiga a ustedes y a los Estados Unidos. Gracias y buenas noches…

2016 Remarks:

Primero, muchas gracias a Univision por organizar este debate. Tambien le doy las gracias a todos los que estan[?] en casa y por tenerle paciencia a mi espanol. Mis prioridades son ustedes. Las familias. Los trabajadores. La seguridad de nuestro país. Y los jóvenes que serán los líderes de mañana. Yo crecí en una familia de clase trabajadora en Aurora, ganando el salario mínimo. Obtuve mi diploma de secundaria mientras serví en el ejercito. Después, empecé un pequeño negocio en Aurora. Entiendo lo que es pagar impuestos como trabajador y también mantener abiertas las puertas de un negocio. Sé lo que es trabajar duro, y por muchas horas, para lograr el sueño americano al igual que ustedes. Yo quiero que Washington trabaje para el pueblo, no al revés. Debemos prosperar y asegurar que las políticas de Washington den oportunidad y ayuden a las familias obtener a su sueño Americano. Sería un honor contar con su apoyo y su voto. Que dios los bendiga a ustedes y a los Estados Unidos. Gracias y buenas noches.

Reading the statements is one thing, but you’ve really got to see this spliced together to understand how bad it is–whether or not you speak Spanish. Here’s an excerpted mashup we were forwarded, but the original video is no less damning:

So yeah, that’s pretty painful to watch! Frankly, since it’s evident that in both cases Coffman was merely reading a prepared statement, requiring no actual knowledge of the language, we’re baffled at how his campaign let this happen. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have given him a different statement to close this debate than the one he gave in 2014. Did they really think no one would compare the two?

“Mike Coffman can lie to the voters in any language he wants — but the fact that he repeated the same lies at the same debate is a direct insult to Spanish-speaking voters,” said Carroll for Colorado spokesman Drew Godinich. “Despite trying to distance himself from the Trump campaign, Mike Coffman took a page directly from the Melania Trump handbook. If Mike Coffman’s goal was to insult Colorado Latinos, then he should consider this debate a resounding success.” [Pols emphasis]

For a campaign that has invested so much in putting its best foot forward to Latino voters in this diverse and competitive district–and especially in light of Coffman’s long anti-immigrant record that invites basic questions about his honesty–it’s an unbelievable gift to his opponent. It is sloppy and lazy and contemptuous of a vital bloc of voters, at a moment when Coffman simply can’t afford that.

If Carroll’s campaign or Democrats up the food chain have any sense, this will be an ad by the weekend.

In every language they can.

Bennet Trending Toward Historic Blowout in U.S. Senate Race

History may be made in Colorado's U.S. Senate race.

History may be made in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race (Michael Bennet, left, and Darryl Glenn).

As we mentioned today in writing about the new Monmouth University poll, Senator Michael Bennet (D-Denver) continues to widen his polling lead over Republican challenger Darryl Glenn.

According to Monmouth, Bennet now leads Glenn by an eye-popping 18-point margin (53-35), with Bennet picking up five more points since the last Monmouth poll in July. To put this in perspective, the total margin of victory in the last four Colorado Senate races works out to 18 points.

In other words, polling numbers show Bennet beating Glenn by at least as much as the margin in the last four Senate races combined.

That’s absolutely ridiculous…for Darryl Glenn.

Everybody’s Trying So Hard To Save Mike Coffman

coffmanpushupThe recent story of national conservative “astroturf” organizing behemoth Americans For Prosperity’s single-minded fixation with Colorado’s Sixth Congressional District, where the organization’s president Tim Phillips was personally knocking on doors last week with literature attacking incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman’s Democratic opponent Morgan Carroll, has made political outsiders more aware of something we’ve known for months: this is one of the most important congressional races in the entire nation, and the threat Coffman faces is a bellwether for the GOP’s ability to function in a post-Donald Trump political landscape.

This year in Colorado, Americans for Prosperity is targeting Democrat Morgan Carroll, who is challenging Republican incumbent Mike Coffman in the 6th Congressional District. The organization is not making a play in the presidential race to help Donald Trump, nor Colorado’s U.S. Senate race to boost Republican Darryl Glenn, who AFP strategists don’t consider competitive.

The Carroll-Coffman contest is the only U.S. House race in the nation this year to draw attention from the organization backed by the billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch…

George Will, y'all.

George Will, y’all.

AFP may be singularly focused on Coffman’s race in Colorado due to the lack of any decent prospects higher up the ticket, but they’re not the only big guns on the right side of the aisle jumping into the fight to save him. In the Washington Post this weekend, iconic conservative columnist George Will himself devoted an entire column to talking up Coffman’s “reinvention” into…well, something most conservatives oppose:

After he was reelected with 66 percent of the vote in 2010, his district was gerrymandered to make it more Democratic — 20 percent Hispanic, with a generous salting of other minorities. He won in 2012 with just 48 percent of the vote. In 2014, national Democrats recruited a formidable opponent, a Yale University graduate who had taught, in Spanish, in Central American schools. So, Coffman learned Spanish well enough to do an entire debate in the language, and today banters in Spanish with the children at Roca Fuerte Academy…

Will goes on to describe how Coffman, who once called the DREAM Act a “nightmare” and told bilingual voters to “pull out a dictionary,” has switched positions on immigration and sponsored various stillborn efforts to pass at least part of the DREAM Act in recent years.

As we’ve discussed in this space many times, the question of Coffman’s “reinvention” since 2011 comes down to whether you find it believable, or merely shrewd politics. After all, Coffman’s Republicans majority leadership in the House has consistently ensured that none of these newer reforms Coffman has proposed go anywhere–and Coffman’s would-be change of heart of immigration has never motivated him to go after John Boehner or now Paul Ryan for killing them.

Setting that question aside though, we think the best explanation for so much attention being focused on Coffman’s race is that Republicans nationally are genuinely afraid of the consequences of losing, viewing CD-6 and Coffman’s political reinvention as a model for their whole party’s increasingly likely retreat from the wreckage Trump leaves behind after his own defeat in November. You don’t see this kind of fixation on a race they’re comfortable about. But if New Coffman® can triangulate his way through this election with the damage Trump is doing to the Republican brand, he blazes a trail for how other Republicans can do the same thing–now and in the difficult years that lie ahead.

That or Coffman goes down, and Republicans learn that not even abandoning their principles can save them.

Darryl Glenn Just (Awkwardly) Talking to the People

Republican Senate candidate Darryl Glenn is not the most accessible candidate in Colorado. Glenn easily (and surprisingly) won the June Republican Primary for the U.S. Senate nomination, but since then he’s been harder to track down than an Hispanic female supporter of Donald Trump.

Glenn likes to spend his campaign time speaking only in front of friendly audiences, which is why he has shunned most Colorado reporters and is rarely seen outside of highly-partisan right-wing events. With just a few weeks left until ballots drop in Colorado, Glenn is turning to Facebook to spread his anti-collaboration message.

Glenn is answering questions during a “live” town hall event on Facebook that was scheduled to begin at 3:00 today. Glenn has been in Washington D.C. this week, and he took some time during his travels to shoot an incredibly-awkward video promoting his Facebook outreach.

Here’s Glenn standing in front of The Capitol Hill Club (?) in Washington D.C., pretending not to be reading off of a script or teleprompter or something. Enjoy!

“I look forward to being your next Senator…[pause]…In Colorado.”

DO NOT Mess With Lily Tang Williams

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Lily Tang Williams.

Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Lily Tang Williams.

As the Grand Junction Sentinel’s Charles Ashby reports, they’ll have three podiums on stage for next Saturday’s Club 20 U.S. Senate debate in Grand Junction–a development that might make the night’s nominal marquee event, well, more interesting than it was:

Thanks to a slight increase in the number of registered Libertarians statewide last month, the party’s candidate for U.S. Senate reached the threshold to qualify to participate in this weekend’s Club 20 debates.

Lily Tang Williams, who’s running against Democratic U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet and GOP rival Darryl Glenn, will be on stage at Two Rivers Convention Center on Saturday…

Williams’ appearance at the debates won’t mark the first time a third-party candidate was allowed to participate, but the first for a statewide race in recent memory.

Even in 2010, when Democrat John Hickenlooper was running against Republican Dan Maes for governor, the third-party candidate, former GOP congressman Tom Tancredo, didn’t qualify because he had joined the American Constitution Party, which didn’t meet the 1 percent threshold.

Lily Tang Williams’ inclusion in Saturday’s U.S. Senate debate is very good news for her campaign and Libertarians in general–a minor party enjoying some added support this year as Donald Trump renders the Republican ticket toxic for a substantial number of voters who would otherwise trend GOP. But it’s also more good news for incumbent Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, since whatever support Williams attracts to her campaign will logically be subtracted from GOP nominee Darryl Glenn.

In terms of what to expect from Williams in Saturday night’s debate, she has a reputation as a fiery witness in testimony on legislation at the Colorado state capitol–especially gun legislation, which generally sees Williams testifying with room-silencing passion and intensity about growing up in communist China. The story is not always very relevant to, you know, the legislation being debated, but don’t even try to interrupt her.

Anyway, look for Williams to liven up Saturday night’s big debate in Grand Junction. Considerably.

Meet The “Ralph Carr Republicans”

Gov. Ralph Carr (R).

Gov. Ralph Carr (R).

A press release from Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s Colorado campaign announces a new group of Republican advocates for her election over Donald Trump–the “Ralph Carr Republicans,” named after a Colorado Republican governor whose compassion made him a hero long after his political career was over:

Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 7, Hillary for Colorado will launch Together for America: Ralph Carr Republicans. Invoking the spirit of Colorado’s 29th Governor, a Republican who opposed the internment of Japanese-Americans despite popular sentiment at the time, Ralph Carr Republicans is a core group of everyday Colorado GOPers who are putting country before party and backing Hillary Clinton for President.

Ralph Carr Republicans will lead the Hillary for Colorado campaign’s recruitment and outreach to the growing number of Republican and independent voters in the Centennial State who believe that Donald Trump is too dangerous and unfit to be commander in chief. Ralph Carr Republicans recognize that Hillary Clinton understands the complex and volatile world we live in and has the experience and temperament to be president, while Trump does not…

Also on hand at tomorrow’s press conference to speak about Governor Ralph Carr’s legacy will be Terie Miyamoto, a Japanese-American from Centennial whose mother was interned during WWII and whose father was a WWII veteran born in Denver.

The story of Gov. Ralph Carr’s profound decency in response to the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II was not fully understood during Carr’s own lifetime. Carr’s political career ended after his defense of Japanese-American evacuees relocated to Colorado, losing his bid for election to the U.S. Senate in 1942 to Democrat Edwin “Big Ed” Johnson. Johnson derided Carr as a “Jap lover,” and proposed (sound familiar?) closing the borders of the state with National Guardsmen to prevent their relocation.

Today, history has decided who won that debate–and it’s not the man who won the 1942 U.S. Senate race.

Given the extreme state of the debate over immigration in the United States today, and the rhetoric coming from one political party in particular on the issue–Ralph Carr’s party, at least nominally–we think Gov. Carr would approve of the “Ralph Carr Republicans.”

Jason Munoz Takes Aim At Clarice Navarro Over Trump

Donald Trump, Rep. Clarice Navarro.

Donald Trump, Rep. Clarice Navarro.

The Pueblo Chieftain’s Jon Pompia reports from this weekend’s Chicanos Against Trump rally in Pueblo–a story that steadfast Donald Trump supporter Rep. Clarice Navarro has to find at least a little troubling:

The day’s list of speakers included elected Democratic officials — City Councilman Larry Atencio, state Reps. Daneya Esgar and Joe Salazar — as well as political hopefuls, including Jason Munoz (Colorado House of Representatives for District 47) and Garrison Ortiz (board of Pueblo County commissioners, District 2.)

…As the challenger to incumbent Clarice Navarro, Munoz — a fifth-generation Coloradan — was critical of her support for Trump.

“My opponent is too busy flying to New York City to help Donald Trump get elected than to stay in the district to help solve the issues and problems our people face,” Munoz said. [Pols emphasis]

“I hope to encourage all of you to talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, talk to everyone you can, and ask them to observe: who’s the better candidate, myself or my opponent?”

Ever since she emerged as one of Trump’s national go-to Latino apologistas, Rep. Clarice Navarro has done as much or more to put her House seat in play as anything her underdog opponent Jason Munoz has done. Munoz got off to a slow enough start in this race that he wasn’t really considered a serious challenger to Navarro until she raised her own profile by defending Trump on a national stage–but then outraised Navarro in the July reporting period. Navarro’s continued support for Trump, even after last week’s highly controversial address on immigration, is politically very hard to understand.

But if it proves to be her undoing on Election Day, there will be no denying that.